Razia Sultan 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Ruknuddin’s goon soldiers capturing Mirza Althunia with a net. Mirza asks them to kill him, else if he is escaped he will not spare them. They tie him to a pole and are about to kill him when Razia comes wearing a mask on horse as a savior and beats all goon soldiers. Mirza enjoys her bravery and starts chanting poem. He thinks savior is fighting like him. Goon’s head asks them to kill Razia, but Razia beats them all. Head then provokes Razia that he will kill her. Razia starts sword fight with him. He slits Razia’s shoulder, but she continues fighting with him bravely and overpowers him. He runs with soldiers from there. Razia shouts that this is Altamash’s kingdom and nobody should dare to harm his people. People thank Razia and she says she

will protect them in Altamash’s absence. People say she is their sultan now and chants sultan loudly.

Razia is about to leave when Mirza stops her and asks to come near him. He says he is sure she is his mohtarama/Razia.

Shamshad sees Shazia hiding kajal box under her veil and asks her to keep it back. Shazia says this is her mom’s kajal dibbi. Shamshad lets her keep it. pr*stitute turkan comes there and slaps servant for serving Shamshad. She asks Shazia to go to the kitchen and learn cooking as she will also be married soon. She asks where is Razia. Shamshad says she must be somewhere around and will also be sent to kitchen. Turkan asks Shazia to hurry to the kitchen. Shamshad picks her jewelry box, chants shayari/poem in her mind and leaves, while Turkan stands smirking there.

Servant bring a big box to Ruknuddin’s room and he asks them to be careful. He opens it while sipping alcohol and smiles looking a python in it. He calls it as his brother and says they will enjoy beauty today. Turkan comes there and boasts how she sent Shamshad and Shazia out of their room. Ruknuddin’s puppet soldiers come there injured and inform him about a masked savior.

Razia walks near Mirza, but stops thinking he will identify her, so she walks back. Mirza shouts to free him first. Razia in male disguised voice says she knows he has freed himself and to stop acting. She leaves in her horse and he thinks she is sharper than him. He thinks he will follow this savior and find out who she is behind mask.

Precap: Razia enters palace hiding from Ruknuddin and his puppet soldier. Turkan sees her anc calls her name. Mirza thinks his fear came true and now Razia is identified by her enemies first.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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