Razia Sultan 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Razia tells Old lady that she don’t care If she is dead as she cannot leave Mirza ,Razia sits on knees and gives Mirza’s mother sword to kill her..Yaqut tells that Razia cannot die..He tries to go but Turkan stops her…Ruknuddin gets happy..Old lady try to kill Razia but suddenly Mirza comes and tells to stop..Mirza request his mother and tells to leave Razia and kill him..And to End this love ..Mother throws the Sword,Yaqut is shocked..Razia and Mirza is shocked..Old lady tells that she will not come between their love but will never accept Razia..Razia cries..Soldier comes and tells Razia that Altamash is very Serious…Razia goes..Mirza pleases mother to return back Palace..
Hakim tells Razia that Altamash can survive only few days to take care of him and..Altamash tells Mirza that he wanted to See Razia married..Mirza tells He will marry today only,Altamash tells that his mother will not accept this marriage,Mirza tells that he had already convinced.,Altamash coughs and bless Both of them..
Mirza tells Razia to be ready for Compedition as he will not feel pity,Razia tells Altamash that she will fulfill all his wishes..Shamshad tells Mirza to leave Razia’s hand as have to give measurements for wedding outfit..Later Razia tells Mirza that she brought a special outfit for his mother from Lucknow,Mirza tells its waste of time as his mother will never agree..She tells its very easy task..Mirza sees Moon and tells not to see Razia and laugh,,Razia tells that he is stone hearted,Mirza tells he will never melt..Razia and Mirza pushes each other,,Mirza falls..Razia forwards her hand,Mirza pushes her..She falls..Both looks at each other…Mirza tells that he dont like Insult,Both looks at each other…Yaqut sees angrily

Precap::Yaqut angrily throws all things,Turkan sees and tells that Yaqut is gone.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. waiting from one hour thank God written update came

  2. emotional episode now yaaqoot deewanapan will start waiting for more razia and mirza scenes thanks for updating

  3. Thanku for UPDATE ANSARI

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