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The episode starts Mirza seeing Fathima running tensely and asks what happened. She says she has to meet princess Razia right away and runs again. Razia is busy feeding soup to her dad Altamash. Shamshad checks soup first to make sure it is not poisoned. Fathima comes running and requests her to save her sister Sana from Ruknuddin as he kidnapped her and other girls for his harem. Razia asks how dare he is to kidnap girls and says she will confront him. Shamshad reminds her of the promise she made and says she cannot go as time in not in their favor. Razia says she cannot see her abbu’s kingdom people being tortured like this and wants to show that Razia is still there to protect them. Shamshad insists and warns her not to do anything.

Razia goes to Yaldos’ room and says

she wants to talk to him for some time. He says she is his would be mallika/queen and his whole life is hers. She runs from there. Mirza sees her coming and tells Yasir about wearing a mask if one cannot confront himself/herself and makes him wear tiger’s mask. He fights with Yasir with sword and gets defeated purposefully. Yasir calps and even Razia. Fathima comes there and Razia says she is helpless. Fathima says she heard Shamshad’s words and is not complaining. Mirza asks why is she crying. Fathima resists but tells about her sister Sanam being kidnapped. Mirza asks Razia why is she not helping Fathima. She ignores him and locks herself in room. He continues that she is not the princess he knows. She says he is right. Their confrontation and counter-confrontation continues.

Shamshad cries looking at Qutub’s clothes. Shazia comes running and worriedly says she feels someone is spying on her. Shamshad asks her to stop worrying as she has to take care of others. Shazia requests if she can stay in her room as it is very peaceful here. Just then, pr*stitute Turkan enters chanting poetry. Shamshad asks if she is so shameless to enter her room without her permission. Turkan says she is asking her same and asks why did she enter her room. Shazia says it is her mom’s room. Turkan says she is queen now and it is her room her. She asks them to get out of her room. Shazia tries to confront her, but Shamshad stops her and says time in pr*stitute’s favor and they have to keep silent.

Razia sees Yasir practicing sword wearing mask and thinks shamshad too promise from princess, but not from a common girl. She wears a superwoman (savior)’s clothes and goes out of palace to protect kingdom people.

Ruknuddin’s goons kidnap girls and a woman stops them. One of them warns her that Ruknuddin will punish her if she stops them. She says Ruknuddin is not even a shoe dust of kind sultan Altamash, soon some savior will come to protect them from wicked ruknuddin. A savior is seen just then coming on horse wearing savior’s clothes with mask. Mirza comes there wearing mask and beats Ruknuddin’s goons. Goon asks if he is not afraid of Ruknuddin. He says he is only afraid of god and continues beating them. Goon holds knife on a small boy and says if he tries to beat him, he will kill child. Mirza helpessly drops his sword.

Precap: Razia comes in savior’s clothes and beats Ruknuddin’s soldier goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. time is in her favour

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