Razia Sultan 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Razia and Chanda being dragged into Kabran mandi. They see girls pleading to save from the butchers and get afraid.

Althunia takes back saved children to their village. Their parents get happy seeing them and thank Althunia. One of them ask how is he. Althunia asks him to give him water and jaggery. He gets it. Althunia enjoys jaggery and water, keeps some for his journey and says he will leave now. Man asks him to stay here for some time. He says he cannot and he has to go wherever his fate takes. A girl requests him to save her savior. He asks who is it. She says a girl with red thread saved everyone. Razia sees ladies being sold for just 3 hen and other goods. Althunia on the other side tosses coin and says if he gets head, he will save the girl, if tail,

he will walk towards his destiny.

Theives’ boss tells Razia that a girl opposed them, so mandi kabran’s chief beheaded her and shows another girl. Mandi chief comes and people chant his name Sardar Maroof. Maroof says mandi kabran is a live grave for ladies and this lady cursed him, so she will not be even buried here. He beheads that lady. People chant his name again. Razia panics and vomits.

A dirty unhygeinic man says he needs this girl pointing at Razia. Thief says he has already bought girls in exchange of horse and if he needs this girl, he needs 1 more horse. Dirty man throws old lady and exchanges Razia and Chand saying he will make Razia his wife. Althunia on the other side gets tail and says girl that he cannot save savior and only god will save her now.

Maroof asks thief where are the small girls. Thief says they fled away. Maroof gets irked and orders to cut thief into 4 pieces. Thief points at Razia and says she fled girls. Maroof buys Razia and chanda from dirty man and says he will kill Razia and chanda along with other ladies.

In palace, Ruknuddin joker tells his ugly pr*stitute mother Turkan that Jangaru is a ruthless killer, but he made a mistake by hitting him, so he will not spare him. pr*stitute tells once Jangaru kills Razia, he can take his revenge from Jangaru. He sees her writing letter to Qutub and writes himself that Razia reached Delhi safely. Turkan says straight letter does not create any sensation, so she will send a letter to Qutub that sultan is marrying her and ruknuddin is being given delhi sultanate as reward.

Razia is thrown between slaves and she falls on them. She asks if they did not get hurt, but nobody responds. She tries to wake up everyone, but to no avail. She says they are looking alive, but look like already dead due to fear of dead. A lady speaks and says everyone will die here.

Precap: Althunia saves Razia from being beheaded by Maroof.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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