Razia Sultan 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with thieves capturing Razia and Chanda and make them slaves. Ruknuddin on the other side tells his pr*stitute mother Turkan that Razia did not reach Delhi at all and whenver she reaches, she will be killed. pr*stitute says Razia is not so dumb, she must have gone to seek help from some chiefs and thinks whom Sultan Atlamash respect more and reminisces Sultan yaldos. She says Razia is sure going to seek help from sultan Yaldos. She says she will never let her go to Ghazni.

Captivated Razia is taken by thieves with troupe. Razia asks where are they going. He says he is taking her to mandi/bazaar where he will sell her and get good money. Razia reminisces mad man telling about mandi and death valley and says chanda he must be warning them against mandi. Chanda panics.

Ruknuddin starts laughing seeing a short warrior hired by turkan. Turkan says he should not evaluate him based on his height, in the surrounding area, Jangura is the most fierce fighter. Ruknuddin continues laughing. Jangura says if he had met him before, he would have shown him his true place. Ruknuddin gets irked and stabs Jangura, but his sword bends. He then takes huge stone and throws on him, but stone breaks. He then hits him, but gets hurt instead. Jangura then hits Ruknuddin and he falls down. He then increases his height more than Ruknuddin and tells pr*stitute not to worry, Razia will never reach Ghazni.

Razia tired while walking and falls down. Boss throws water on her and says if she again falls down, he will throw dirty water on her. Razia tells chanda that even with this trouble, she is feeling happy about freeing innocent children.

Freed children hide in jungle. Thief follows them and shouts that if they are found, he will kill them,so they should come out themselves. He sees Althunia on horse there and asks if he saw some children. Althunia says they went in the wrong direction. Once thief leaves, childrens come out. Althunia asks why their dad was searching them. A girl says he was a thief and was going to sell them in Kabran mandi to some rich man, but some good lady saved them like a savior. Altunia asks them to stop crying and gives them snacks to eat and asks them to show the route to their houses. Children get afraid. Althunia gives them knives and says if they doubt him anytime, they can kill him.

Razia is taken to Kabran mandi. Boss says she should get fresh, else he will get less amount and throws water on her. chanda tries to protect her, but she is also thrown water along with everyone. Boss then asks everyone to bend their heads, but Razia does not. He gets irked and asks her to bend. Chanda asks Razia to bend her eyes until they find out their intentions.

Precap: A child requests Althunia to save her savior lady. Althunia tosses coin saying if he gets head, he will save savior,else will move on. He gets head and just when Razia is about to be beheaded saves her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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