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Ruknuddin sees Moizuddin fighting and appreciates him,Mirza Altunia comes..Ruknuddin tells its seems Mirza came to fight,Iqbal taunts and says that came to take revenge..Mirza says that Small people have Small thinking,Razia comes,Mirza tells that Razia can fight this chicks very easily,Razia says that she will fight alone with three of them,,One of the Minister says Altamash that Yaqut, a rebel is very wise and challenged the Authority.Altamsh tells that this is the right time to check all contender’s abilities.
Razia fights with Moizuddin,Iqbal and Ruknuddin,Mirza tells to show all of them that women is not weaker than Men..Razia fights fearless..Moizuddin tries to attack Razia from backside,Mirza pushes Moizuddin,Ruknuddin and Iqbal attack Mirza,Altamsah tells his minister to send all the four contender to bring Yaqut,,Mirza falls,,Razia holds Mirza and scolds all of them,Iqbal tells that everything is fair in love and War,Three of them goes..Mirza faints,Uzma,Turkan and Nadira comes to talk to Shamashad,Nadira says that she came to show documents Shamshad asks what is written in these documents,Nadira says that once Nasir grow up will become the SULTAN,Turkan says against Mirza that once his kids are born will forget Nasir,Shamshad thinks about that,Razia sees Mirza’s injury,Mirza says that he is fine now,Fathima comes and tells that Shamshad has called her,Shamshad tells Razia that she will permission at one condition,Razia asks what??Shamshad tells that Razia should not have children,Razia is shocked..Fathima comes and says that the first round of competition is about to start and Altamash has called Razia,,Razia gets tensed and goes..Fathima says Razia to concentrate on Competition,Razia search Mirza..Moizuddin says that Razia looks very tensed,Ruknuddin tells that its his mother conspiracy..Mirza tells Razia its important for her to win otherwise Delhi will go in wrong hands..Razia thinks..

Precap::Altamash announces that the four contender’s have to suffer a lot..

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