Razia Sultan 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Turkan shouting to kill Altamash’s killer. People beat him to death. Razia helplessly watches it. Ruknuddin boasts that this killer must be Khwacha’s man and he will kill traitor Khwacha now. He beheads Khwacha and Raziya helplessly watches it. Turkan smirks and says her usual one-liner.

Turkan and Ruknuddin enjoy alcohol for executing their plan successfully. Razia comes there with sword and points it at Turkan’s head. Turkan says she must have forgotten that kingdom is under her control and if she misbehaves, she will put her behind bars. Razia refers to them as dirty drainage worms and asks how can they celebrate her family’s death. She says she knows they are the killers and she will punish them. She raises sword to behead her, but Shamshad stops her and asks her to drop sword down. She apologizes Turkan on Razia’s behalf and says she is in deep shock of her family’s death. She says she cannot believe Turkan can kill her husband. Turkan starts acting and says she is explaining Razia the same, but she is adamant. Razia says she will cut her into pieces right away. Shamshad forcefully takes her from there.

Razia asks Shamshaand why did she stop her. Shamshad says time is in their favor and they killed Khwacha ruthlessly. She wants her to wait until Altamash gets well and take back the kingdom in hands. She requests her to promise that she will not hold sword in her hands again. Razia promises. Shamshad hugs and pampers her. Althunia surprisingly looks the incident.

Fathima comes to dargah. He friend tells that she is very young and needs a companion. Soldier shouts that prince Ruknuddin is coming and asks everyone to bend their heads. Ruknuddin comes, asks soldiers to kidnap girls and says he is taking girls to his harem to polish them. Fathima asks her friend to run, but Ruknuddin sees them and asks his men to take Fathima and friend to his harem.

A masked warrior attacks Razia with sword, but she does not confront him. He overpowers her and then removes his mask. Razia is shocked to see Althunia who asks her to stop promising and get back to her senses.

Precap: Razia wears a night hawk’s dress and thinks Razia cannot pick sword, but a night hawk can.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Althunia n Razia’s Fyt momenr ws nice! 🙂

  2. Althunia n Razia’s Fyt moment ws nice! 🙂

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