Razia Sultan 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Ruknuddin entering prison and asking guards to bend his heads in front of him as he is their future sultan. He says if they don’t obey him, he will behead them. Once he leaves, Mirza Althunia enters and says Ruknuddin sent him to check if they are obeying him. He says human becomes dog just to live. Razia enters next. He says she does not need dagger to kill her enemies and points it to her. Razia reaches khwacha and says she knows he is innocent but to prove it, he has to speak up. Ruknuddin enters, forces khwacha to open his mouth and says they have cut his tongue and fingers, so he cannot speak or write all. Razia says she knows he is behind this and once she gets proof, she will not spare him.

Razia goes to Yaldos’ room and pleads him to get her

to real killer to prove Khawacha innocent. He says she is his mallika and should order him instead of pleading. She thinks if she did not have to meet killer, she would not have listened to this old joker.

Razia reaches prison but does not find killer there. She asks guards where is he. They say they don’t know anything. A servant informs her that ruknuddin’s puppet soldiers took him to kill. Razia reaches on time and takes killer along with her. She asks him to tell who hired him. He says he promised not to reveal anything and will not break his promise even if she kills him. She angrily takes out dagger and is about to kill him when Mirza enters and stops her. He tells killer that they both are professional killers and sell themselves for money, but if he tells truth, an innocent man can be saved. Just then, Fathima comes running and informs Razia that Khwacha will be beheaded tonight instead of tomorrow. Althunia tells killer that nobody has seen heaven or hell, but if he razia curses him, he will go to hell for sure.

Sultan khwacha is brought to be headed into market and ruknuddin’s puppet says Khwacha killed royal family in lieu of power and Ruknuddin caught him. People shout Ruknuddin’s name. Razia reaches there with killer and asks him to go on stage and inform that Khwacha is not killer. He walks towards stage when Ruknuddin shows hi to turkan and says Razia brought him here. Turkan starts shouting that Altamash’s killer is roaming freely and asks people to beat him. People start beating him and Razia tries to rescue him, but Mirza stops her. Turkan and ruknuddin smirk.

Precap: Razia holds swords on turkan’s neck and says she will kill her right now for killing her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The track is goin dull! :'(

  2. c’mon Razia go for it!! so excited to watch turkan beheaded…! she deserves it after organising the killing spree which took lifes of innocents..
    n I miss u a lot Nasir bhaijaan

  3. It is not now that turkan will be beheaded…Now if the writers go by actual data.. Rukuddin will be the sultan and later he will be overthrow by RAZIA … And she will become the SULTAN and it only then she will order turkan and rukudin to be beheaded…

  4. it is completly one sided plot of devil vs infant,
    what boring one side always smart and other side always stupid
    and very few characters
    no strong and smart character that one will look upto

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