Razia Sultan 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sultan Altamash coughs,Turkan comes and tells its the occasion and its the right time to announce the contender of Competition..Altamash coughs and says that Sometimes Turkan speaks good..Sultan Altamash says in this occasion he wanted to announce the new King of Delhi,
Altamash says Iqbal,Moizuddin,and Ruknuddin and the other contender who has all qualities is his favourite Princess Razia..Everyone is shocked….Turkan sees Altamash,Uzma and Nadira too is shocked Razia goes near Altamash,Nadira laughs loudly Altamash gets angry..Nadira tells to repeat,Altamash tells that the fourth contender is Razia,One lady says that till now its has been history that no women ruled Delhi,Turkan says that she agrees the decision but Delhi people will accept??All crowd shouts and says its not possible,Ruknuddin tells that women is never equal to men,Shamshad says Altamash that she cannot see him insult and to change the decision,Altamash says that no one can change his decision..One Person From Crowd says that Sultan has taken this decision because Princess Razia is Favourite,Razia shouts and says enough,Razia says that she is also shocked with the decision If she would known before then would have rejected,But now is shocked to learn the truth that all believe women is weaker than boys..Razia asks the people what is wrong If women become Sultan and says that everyone born from women..Turkan tells that all have said their decision,Razia says she accept this decision to bring a change for the people who think that women are weaker than Men and openly welcomes a new change on the land of India..Moizuddin tells that this is a insult and he will not take part in this competition,Altamash says to think and say otherwise Razia will win automatically and the competition will finish,Ruknuddin says that he dont have any objection..Iqbal and Moizuddin agrees,Altamash announces that they are four contender and the competition will start soon who wins will become the SULTAN of Delhi,Everyone is quiet..Altamash goes..Razia calls Mirza But he ignores and goes..

Precap::Ruknuddin tells Razia that she will suffer and Mirza will never agree

Update Credit to: Ansari

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