Razia Sultan 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episodes starts at Palace Razia gives money to Servant,But they don’t take..Razia tells that today is her special day and she is very happy..Shamshad comes..Razia tells Shamshad that she is very happy,.Shamshad says she is missing Qutub very much As she must be very happy to see this day,Razia hugs and tells that she still remember her mother and cries..Shamshad tells she will check whether Sultan is ready or not.Fathima tells Razia that Mirza is uncomfortable just to take one glimpse,Razia smiles and tells let him..Mirza tells that once anyone got married means will be trapped,And he is very concerned about Razia as she will leave her palace and come to Bhatinda,,Mirza says Zaroon that Razia would be looking very beautiful If he took one glimpse he will be happy,Zaroon tells no as its Shamshad order,,Another side Sultan Altamash sees Naser picture and cries,He coughs,,Servant comes and asks he should disclose everyone about his disease..Altamash says at right time.
Razia and Fathima laughs,Razia tells that after the Wedding Mirza will Suffer to see her,Fathima says that Razia is too cruel..Razia laughs..Turkan asks where Mirror??Nadira too gets ready and finds out there is no mirror..Uzma tells all mirror has disappeared…Razia comes in room and is very shocked to see all mirror’s,,Mirza comes wearing blue sherwani and sees Razia,,Mirza asks is this his punishment or meeting??Razia smiles and says both..Shamshad and Sultan Altamash sees Razia,Shamashad tells that Razia is perfect but every girl have to make home,Sultan tells that making home is very difficult and Razia has all qualities of a Sultan and can fight enemies better than males…Turkan and Ruknuddin comes,,Shah turkan tells Ruknuddin to behave well..Sultan Altamash comes along with Razia..Sultan says “ASALAMWALIKUM” and is very happy to announce her daughter’s “NIKAH”,,Razia’s soon to be husband is subedar of Bhatinda ‘s whose name is “MALIK ALTUNIA”..Altamash says that next week of Friday the wedding is fixed,Altunia comes and stands near Sultan Altmash..Everyone congratulates..

Precap::Altamash announces along with Ruknuddin,Iqbal,Moizuddin the other contender is Razia,Everyone is shocked

Update Credit to:Ansari

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