RAY OH HOPE: Swasan oneshot by Japnaaz Gill

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Sanskar is driving car rashly..he is very much upset with the news of eloping of his girlfriend Kavita Deshmukh on the day of their marriage…Kavita was his fiance who got ready to marry sanskar so that she can help her lover Mr. Samrat Khanna ,who is also biggest Rival of sanskar by revealing details about sanskar’s business contracts and deals…Sanskar met kavita in a business party from where their friendship starts and last month they decided to get marry…but in today morning sanskar got to know kavita’s real face, her dirty plans..and how she trapped sanskar..

Sanskar is hell frustrted with all this..so he called his friend Ankit to accompany him in a bar…later, in bar both are drinking wine sitting on the bar counter..sanskar tells ankit all about kavita and her plans to ruin sanskar business…

sanskar is not able to forget this insult because he is the most successful business man of the city and most eligible bachelor too..All news related to Sanskar Maheshwari are covered on the first page of every newspaper n magazine..and after today’s incident media is not gonna leave big chance to cover this news too..

After listening all from Sanskar,Ankit takes sanskar along with him to an unknown place.

Ankit: Sanskar..come with me..i will help you to remove your pain and frustration.

Sanskar is under wine effect so agree with all what ankit told.

After few minutes they reach in a Chawl..Where after knocking a door ,a man in his mid fifties opened the door and welcome ankit.Ankit talked everything with that man.

Ankit(pointing sanskar): he required a girl for a night.

Man after observing sanskar left from there and after discussing with his wife comes back..

Man: I agree with this deal.but i need Rs.50,000 for that.

Ankit:Okay..we are ready.

Man:Chalo..let’s come..i will show you the girl.

Sanskar,ankit left with that man to another house within the chawl.

After knocking the door , a girl in mid twenties opens the door.She is the niece of that man..

She is swara,who lost her parents in childhood..after that she is living with his chacha chachi…who just used her beauty to earn money..they sell swara to random men for spending nights,who satisfy their lust by abusing swara.In return they get good amount of money…They never cared about swara’s will and respect…swara always agrees to her chacha chachi demands to safe herself from their beatings..

Swara(standing on the door): yes chacha ji.

Sanskar is spellbound to see swara’s beauty and innocence.he is mesmerized after listening her melodious voice.

he is mesmerized after listening her melodious voice

Man: swara..today you have to spend night with this man(indicating sanskar).they have given good amount for you.

Swara(looking down):okay

Man(to swara): Enjoy sir.

Ankit and that man left from there leaving sanskarat swara’s house.Swara close the door whem sanskarenters inside.sanskarkeenly observe the environment of swara’s room.Sanskarafter removing his coat sits on the bed..swara is wearing a simple red ghaghra choli having deep neck.

Sanskar: why are you standing there?come near me.

Swara(nervously): ji

Sanskar(taking swara hand in his hand): you are so beautiful.

Sanskar(taking swara hand in his hand): you are so beautiful

Swara feels uncomfortable listening sanskar’s compliment.

Sanskarthen keep his head on swara’s lap and starts telling her about his pains and sorrows.

Sanskar: I don’t know why i am sharing with you all my pains..but i want to share.

Swara starts caressing his hairs and deeply listen his all pains.

Swara: In this world we cannot trust anyone…everyone use us from their own benefits.

Sanskar keep staring in swara’s eyes..they share beautiful eyelock.which swara broke.

Swara(removing dupatta from her neck): you can do for which you came here.

Sanskarsees sincerity in swara eyes.he picks swara in bridal style and make her lay on the bed and lay beside her taking her in his embrace.

Sanskar (staring into her eyes):i want peaceful sleep.please stay near me.you can share your sorrows with me swara.

Swara looks into eyes..she feels to share her all fears pain n sorrow with sanskar.

Swara: after my parents death.chacha chachi brought me here..they care for me like their child..but i never known about their hidden motives…when i was 15 years old my chacha ra**d me in drunken state when i told chachi about this she told me to never share this matter with anyone..they stopped my education too.After 3 years of that when i was 18 she starts selling me to random mans who satisfy their lust torchering me whole night.I tried to commit suicide one day then they both beaten me with iron rod..after that i accept my be its my destiny.

Telling this swara starts crying loudly..sanskar also have tears in his eyes feeling swara’s pain..he tightly hugged swara..

Sanskar: hey shona…plz stop crying..i will take you out from this hell..thats my promise…now sleep.

Swara nodes.and both slept in each other arms peacefully…tonight swara get good sleep after long time…swara feels good seeing sanskar’s gentlemen behaviour..in past every man who came to spend night with swara never show any emotion and sympathy for her..they ruined her dignity.but after seeing sanskar behaviour swara felt that some goodness also remains in this world.

Next morning swara wake up first..after seeing sanskarsleeping peacefully a beautiful smile crept on her lips …she slightly pecked his forehead.

Swara(to herself):what is happening to me.why i kissed him.

She tried to come out from sanskar’s strong grip..sanskargets up feeling movements.

Sanskar(sleeply): what are you trying to do?

Swara(stammering): wo..i have to get up.

Later after hearing a knock on door both get up from bed..swara wearing her dupatta around her neck opens the door.and finds his chacha on door.

Chacha(to sanskar): hope you enjoyed last night..now you can go.

Swara feels bad listening this…

Sanskar: i want to take swara with me.

Chacha and swara gets shocked for what sanskar said.

Chacha: No i can’t give swara to you ..she is the our only source of income.

Sanskar(sternly): how much money u want ??

Chacha(thinking): 10 lacs

Sanskarcalls to his pa to come with 10 lacs rupees..later Pa arrived at chawl with suitcase full of 10 lacs rupees.

Sanskar(throwing suitcase on chacha): Now can i take her with me?dont even dare to come near her in future otherwise you will see the worst of me.

Chacha gets scared listening sanskar’s warning.sanskar holds swara hands and left from chawl in his car.

Swara is very happy after coming out from the hell..where she lost her dignity, happiness etc.

In Car

Sanskar: Now you are a free bird .can do anything you want.

Swara(happily): yes…thanks for everything you done for me..but now where will i live? I don’t have anyone in this city.

Sanskar( hesitantly): if you don’t mind you can stay at my house.

Swara nodes because she don’t have any other place to live and after observing sanskar’s care last night, she is sure that she can live with him at his house.

At maheshwari mansion

Both reach maheshwari mansion..all servents are confused to see an unknown girl with sanskar.ignoring all gazes both enters in the mansion.

Sanskar(shouts): Shilpa ! Shilpa!

Later a lady worker comes there hurriedly.

Shilpa : yes sir

Sanskar: she is swara…she will stay here in this house.show ger guest room.

Shilpa takes swara with her.and make her comfortable in the house.

Sanskarleaves for the office after getting fresh ..in full day swara spend her day roaming at maheshwari mansion and talking shilpa about sanskar.

At night sanskarcomes back to house..where swara welcomes him smilingly…later both had their dinner.

At dinning table

Sanskar:whats your future plans? How wanna continue your studies?

Swara: yes..i wanna join fashion designing course.but i dont have money now.

Sanskar: you can trust me .we are like friends.tomorrow i will talk in college for your course.

Later both left for sleeping.both have peaceful smile at their lips.

Next day sanskar joins swara in good college.

Days passing ….their friendship grows into love…both start loving each other .but never confessed.

One fine day, one of the old friend of sanskar visits maheshwari mansion

One fine day, one of the old friend of sanskar visits maheshwari mansion.after watching swara at sanskar’s house.he asked sanskar.

Sanskar Frnd: what this pr*stitute doing at your home…have you hired the paid mistress sanskar?

Sanskartightly slapped his friend.and hold his collars and throw him out of the maheshwari mansion.

Sanskarinstantly goes to swara’s room.where swara is crying vigoursly..sanskartightly hugged her..and starts patting her back to calm her.

Swara(crying): why my past is not leaving me?

Swara(crying): why my past is not leaving me?

Sanskar: dont think about your past.think about our future.

Sanskar deeply looks into her eyes..now its time to confess his love.

Sanskar(lovingly): I love you swara

Sanskar(lovingly): I love you swara ..i want to spent my whole life with you…can u accept to be Mrs SanskarMaheshwari?

Swara: I love you too sanskar..but i dont deserve this love and happiness..afterall i am a pros….

Sanskar puts his fingers on her lips and stop her to say further..

Sanskar puts ring on her finger to give answers to all her questions…swara happily hugs sanskar.

swara happily hugs sanskar

After few months they both get married

After few months they both get married..it is a private affair with only few guest.

it is a private affair with only few guest

At wedding night.

Swara nervously sitting on the bed in her bridal attire..later sanskarcomes into the room.and sits near swara.

Sanskar(taking her hand in his hand): You can take your time swara .we will take this relation ahead only with your approval.

After telling this sanskar tries to move from there but swara holds his hand.

Swara: I am really happy to get lifepartner like you..but i want to spend my wedding night with my husband…i want to forget my past..please mark me yours.

Sanskaris happy after listening swara …he takes her lips in passionate kiss…both are kissing each other slowly..later both starts kissing each other wildly.That night both made passionate love.sanskarleaves his marks on swara’s body..swara feels blessed to love by her husband..Sanskar marked swara as his forever..

Later both blessed with baby girl Sanyara Maheshwari

Later both blessed with baby girl Sanyara Maheshwari…Swara starts her fashion designing business.In these years Sanskar supports swara to overcome her fears and helped her to forget her painful past.

Sanyara Maheshwari

___________The end_________


The end_________

In this story Sanskar is the ray of hope in Swara’s life n filled her life with happiness & love..

Every lady in this society deserve respect, happiness and love..whether she is a pr*stitute, a rape victim or anyone else….A woman is a mother, sister, daughter, wife..who plays various important roles in anyones life..So do respect women!!!


Love Japnaaz

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