Ravika a khatti meethi love story (intro continues)


Hi guys. This is a fan fiction on kalash. It is the intro part. It is my own story. Hope u like it.

Devika: a beautiful sweet girl who loves her family a lot especially her re kha chachi and her both sisters sakshi and pallavi. She wants to to fulfill her late mother’s dream to build a school. She is in 12th grade. She has a best friend Dania. She is devotee of goddess ambi.

Ravi : he is a handsome hot and dashing guy. He loves hi mother a lot. He dream is to become a designer. He has two bro. He loves them a lot. He does not believe in God. He is also in 12th grade.

Sakshi: a beautiful cute girl who loves her mother and sisters a lot. She wants to become a heroine. But her family is against her dreams. She is in 11th grade.

Monty: a cute charming guy who loves his family a lot especially his brother ravi. He thinks him his hero and wants to become like him. He is in 11th grade.

Pallavi: a lovely and beautiful girl who loves her family a lot. Her dream is to become a singer. She is also in 11th grade.

Hope u like the intro and u will comment. So guys plzzzzzzzzz comment. Tell me with whom should I paid month? With sakshi or with pallavi? Plz give votes. I hope u will give votes and comments.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Pair monty with pallavi

  2. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    I m so happy finally someone wrote a ff on kalash I used to love this show like crazy only for Ravika but after Monti track I don’t watch this show anymore

    1. Plz vote fatarajo.

      1. Ok, if I have to chose one my vote goes for monti-pallavi

  3. Pair monty with pallavi

  4. Thanks for voting.

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