Rate Life Ok’s Baazigar by its start?

Life Ok’s Baazigar started this Monday, 20th June 2016. The show has much suspense around the love story of Aarav and Arundhati. Aarav is super rich and holds a great image in the media. Aarav believes in giving surprises to his love Arundhati. He shocks Arundhati by making a temple on her name and placing her idol calling her his Goddess of love. He is called a Casanova, who plays with many hearts. But he decides to get married to the perfect Arundhati.

Aarav falls for Arundhati by seeing her virtues. He always surprises Arundhati. She loves Aarav a lot and is hoping to get married to him. Aarav takes Arundhati to the heights of their love. He seems like breaking her heart once he wins her trust completely. Aarav’s take on love is very different. Arundhati’s world is colored in love. Aarav’s love is very strong which influences Arundhati a lot. But there is much behind Aarav’s love.

Aarav is shown as a perfectionist. He can’t bear any mismatch or incompleteness in his life. More of Aarav’s character will be shown in upcoming episodes. There are many hurdles in Aarav and Arundhati’s marriage. Aarav’s Bua Dadi plans to get Arundhati killed before the bride reaches the mandap. The suspense would be breaking in Friday’s episode. The truth of Aarav Tridevi’s love, whether he truly loves Arundhati or has any secret motive behind his deceive will be out. Rate Life Ok’s Baazigar by its start. You may leave a comment too.

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  1. Nishaanth Nishu

    Poll option is not der y ?

    1. Nishaanth Nishu

      Sorry mistakenly said due to network prob, nw its available

  2. Nishaanth Nishu

    Aarav (Vatsal Seth) am a big fan of ur acting
    Olready I have seen u as a villain in Ek Haseena Thi
    Bt pls again don do the same negative role
    I need to see u as a hero
    Bt pls in this serial cum as a hero pls don turn as a negative ?

    1. i Agree. i also wanna see him in a positive role but the probability seems really low

      1. Nishaanth Nishu

        Yaa u r right Saya ?

    2. guys iss show mein vo negative nahi he..usne ek interview mein kaha ki show mein vo koi negative role nahi kar raha he…par yeh jo bhi ho ra hai make us think so…lets wait and watch guyss..

  3. and i’m also an admirer of his acting

  4. I didn’t watch vatsal before eht…so dont know any his positive looks….but just loves his negativity….I never admired any villain before shaurya…
    but this show has so many antagonists….

    1. Nishaanth Nishu

      Thats wat am olso saying
      Am olso 1st time seen him in Ek Haseena Thi then I bcame a big fan of vatsal seth
      So in Ek Haseena Thi I have seen him as a villain so nw i wanna see him as a hero dats wat am saying ?

      1. vatsal Seth is really unique…frankly saying ,I don’t have any objections watching him to be villain again…bcs he is always superb?

    2. Nishaanth Nishu

      Haha ok ok ??

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