RashDeep forever (chapter 1- the bitter pain of past) Part 2


We see two kids going to a park. Their eyes show that they are angry like hell and want to take revenge. Their expression shows that they are about to do something big. Their faces show that they are Mithoo and Suchi.

Suchi: Bhaiya apko dikh rahe hai vo? (bhaiya u saw him?)
Mithoo: Nahi….VO RAHE (no….HE IS THERE)
Suchi: Bhaiya dheere bolo vo sun lenge (bhaiya speak low he’ll listen)
Mithoo: Ok

They hide and take out their toy guns. They see a guy with U-R-GONE expression. The guy is nishant. They constantly hit him but he is not able to find who is it. Nishant sits on a bench and mithoo and suchi emerge from behind smiling mischieviously……

One day earlier
Decorations are of marriage. Everyone is happy. Board says RASHMI WEDS NISHANT. Malti comes to Raju

Malti: Papa ji baarat q nahi aai ab tak? (papa ji why has baarat not arrived yet?)
Raju: Pata nahi beta. Itni der se call kar raha hu lekin… (don’t know. M calling them but…)

Nishant’s parents come

Dad: Raju ji, hum tahe dil se maafi mangte h… (raju ji, we apologise from our heart)
Raju: Sambdhi ji, ye sab kya…aap maafi kyu….(sambdhi ji, whats all this…y r u apologising….)
Mom: Nishant ye shaadi nahi kar sakta (nishant cannot do this marriage)

This sentence echoes 5-6 times and we are back to present.

Randeep comes home. He sees a pic of a young girl with garland. POFB that girl laughs and gun shot.

Plz cmnt guys

Credit to: dia

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  1. hey dear loved it as i don’t know most characters so can you please tell who is playing which character really need to know if you can

  2. gr8 suspense..and i liked the idea..plzzzzzzzzz continue..and if u can plz make it a bit long…

  3. Thnq piya nd tara

    yr i update short as my exams r nearing.

    I’ll post their real names in next part

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