Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 6

Let’s begin…

Ragini was scared.she absolutely not having the good vibes

Ragini: why did you brought me here?
She was scared to hell…

Ajith:chill baby…i was thinking how could i not see you before sanskar..finally i got you…give yourself to me …i will keep you as a queen…

Ragini was shocked

(Ek khalnayak tho dusra Maha khalnayak ..nai??if you were stuck in Ragini’s position what would you do?)

Ragini:wh..what are you saying?
She was moving back with shivering legs

Ajith:the truth…if you come to me by yourself then…ok but if not i know my ways….

He moves to her..

Ragini was about to run..where would she run in this darkness..where even moon light isn’t helping too

He held her

Ragini cries:chodo mujhe please..chodo..meine aapka kya bhigada hai…

Ajith laughs

Ragini cries:please..mujhe chod dijiye

A strong force pulls ajith..Ragini stumbled in his hold..
She couldnt see but there was another person who pulled ajith..

Her vision were also blurr due swollen eyes which is filled with hot tears

She just runs from there finding herself free from ajith’s clutches…

Ajith: who is it? Who dared to do this with ajith chathurvedi

Ajith gets a strong punch on his face..he screams in pain

Ajith couldn’t see who was the person
He touches his nose and he could feel the wetness

Manly voice:now you would have remembered this punch….

Ajith widens his eyes

Here sanskar was fighting with ajith’s goon…

Sanskar held a goon’s throat:bata meri Ragini kaha hai..bata meri Ragini ke parivaar kaha hai…bata nahi tho..

He was about to punch the goon on his face

Goon:bata tha hoon..bata tha hoon..Ragini ji ke parivaar..hukum ke paas hai..aur Ragini ji humko nahi pata

Here sushaan was not understanding

Ruhi: bhaiyya..mujhe darr lagraha hai..

Sushaan was driving fastly: beta don’t worry.. aapko kuch nahi hoga…

He gets the call

He picks it immediately seeing the calker id: Akshay bhaiyya…aap kahan hai..why did you reach till now…please help me….

Here Ragini was scared she was not understanding where to go where to not!whom to trust whom to not?why it is so unimaginable for her…

Even Sanskar haven’t saw her in that way..he didn’t talk anything by crossing his limit..yes he did..but not to this extent

Here shekar:ok tell me where is my son?
Balwan:why are you tensed?
Shekar:tell me…where is my son Riyan

Balwan:calm down calm down..i told you he us sleeping

Shekar goes from there to check over the rooms just to find Riyan

But riyan was no where…

Shekar to balwan:where is my son?

Balwan:i told you….he smirks

Shekar’s breath was held..he widens his eyes…he touch his right side of the stomach..he looks at balwan

Balwan who stabbed on shekar:i told you shekar ji you should listen to me..but no problem this will be more easy to us…

Blawan was twisting the knife..shekar winces in pain

With strong force..he pushes balwan..

That balwan (jackfruit ?) fell down..and it was hard for him get up

Shekar had one thing in his mind:safety of his kids….

Here Ragini falls
She was scared

She sees houses near by

Ragini screams for help…
She was knocking the doors no body was opening it..

Some people closes the door after seeing her…..

After running and running… she sees few goons who were chazing her

She dashes to someone’s back

She folds her hand: plz save me….

And the guy turns and revealed to be SANSKAR

Rag was scared….

She moves back…..

He smiles… He held her hand

Ragini cries and folds her hand:Plzz leave me…

A men:Bhaiyya ji..kill her..you will get line’s of girls… Why her?! When she don’t value you..killing her is the best option

Sanskar: yes you are right

He takes out a gun and pulls her close and points to Ragini….
Ragini closes her eyes..

Gun shot is heard

Ragini opens her eyes

Sanskar shot on that man’s hand…he was wincing in pain

Rag was scared….

Sanskar:how dare you to say those to my Ragini…

Ragini: please..please leave me..please

Sanskar looks at her:I..I cant…i will not..i will never…i will die without you

Ragini:i do….

Sanskar interrupts:I have loved you love you and will love you… Even if you respond or not… And after 5 days it’s our marriage.. that’s final

Ragini cries for her helplessness

And he was about to drag her but a hand stops him..

Someone held his hand

Ragini sees the person shocked..more than her Sanskar was shocked

Ragini:Akshay Sir

she said with a lost hope..after seeing the person….

Guy: Chod usse….i told you leave her

Sanskar tightens his grip on Ragini’s wrist

He frees Ragini from Sanskar..

Sanskar angrily glares him

And the person is revealed to be….

To be continue……

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