Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 5

Let’s begin…

Sanskar :woh aise kaise chodke jaa sakti hai (how can she go leaving)
He breaks the things angrily

Dp:sanskar relax

Sanskar :i want her…

Dp:don’t worry our people are searching her

Sanskar :i dont trust anyone in this matter….. He goes out…

Sanskar shouts:sushaan

Sushaan stumbled….without wasting a second he goes out

Sanskar:gaadi nikaal…

Sushaan goes to the car… He was shivering he couldn’t hold the key.. But somehow managed….
Sanskar sits in the car….

Sushaan was so scared that…he couldn’t start the car

Sanskar :agar 5 second mein gaadi nahi chali tho gaadi ke saath tum bhi ud jaana….

Sushaan somehow started…

Sushaan was scared :bh.. Bh… Bhaiyya…

Sanskar glares him

Sushaan looks at him

Sanskar:humko aankhe dikha raha be

Sushaan nods in no?

Sanskar:bhahar nikal…. Abhi ke abhi bahar nikal(get down… Now itself get down)


Sanskar pulls his hair angrily

Sushaan :where to go?

Sanskar angrily :smashaan(grave)

Sushaan just looks at him being scared:bus stop ya railway station… Ab nikal nahi tho..

Sushaan drives in 180 speed…


He glares him

Sushaan :kuch nahi…

Here Ragini has left the place.. But she was scared for her father and siblings

She can’t be selfish by pushing her dad and siblings in danger….. She remembered her father’s promise

Here sanskar was looking out


Sushaan stops the car….

Sanskar gets down the car…. He looks around….

He was about to go back.. But again turns

And he moves near a tree.. Where behind ruhi was sobbing by covering her mouth…

Sanskar moves behind it and sees ruhi

Ruhi gets scared seeing him

Sanskar calmly.. Actually he felt bad seeing ruhi:what are you doing alone here?

She was sobbing.. She has fisted her both palms placed near her chest

Sanskar :daro mat!! Where is your dad…?

Ruhi cries:papa and bhaiyyu…. Your bad mens took him.. They will take me too

Sanskar was shocked…..

Here bus stops….

Ragini gets scared……

Ajith enters bus with his goons…

A goon points towards ragini :there she is…

Ragini gets scared

Ajith goes to her:dekh chori.. Hamare saath chal

Seeing no response

He held her hand and drags

Ragini screams for the help.. But no one was dared help her against Rajath

He drags her out…

Ragini :please please… Leave me

Ajith:don’t worry.. You are in the safe place…. Your dad and your brother is with us.. Dont worry i will protect you from sanskar.. You can trust me

Ragini :who are you?

Ajith gives her a water:take don’t worry

Ragini:my sister..

Ajith:don’t worry we will find her soon..

Ragini:my ruhi

Ajith:don’t worry.. We will find her

Ragini:who are you?

Ajith:unfortunately i am Sanskar’s cousin.. You don’t worry.. Sanskar can’t harm you or your family… And will reach your sister soon

Ragini folds her hands infront of him being grateful :thankyou

in the car…

Ragini sits in the car

While ajith smirks!

Here balwaan:listen shekar ji… Dont worry you are safe

Shekar:my daughter….

Balwaan:don’t worry.. Your both daughter’s would be here… Shekar nods

While riyan nods in no to shekar.. Which shekar didn’t notice

He was about to stop him.. When someone from behind covered his mouth and took him from there…

Shekar was tensed he didn’t notice riyan

Shekar looks around :riyan

Balwan:he was sleepy.. So i sent him

Shekar looks at him suspiciously

Here sanskar in call:aisi harkath kisine bhi kiya ho tho.. Mein use zindaa ghaad doonga(if someone did this then.. I would dig them alive)

He looks at ruhi who standing scared

Sanskar looks around… He now very well knew who is behind all this

Sanskar to sushaan:take her to home.. And tell chowka to entertain her…

Sushaan nods

Sanskar:dhyan rahe.. Chahe kuch bhi ho jaye.. Tu gaadi nahi rokega

Sushaan:ji bhaai…….

Sushaan takes ruhi with him

Sanskar:bandar ki toli bahar niklo… Humko tho sab pata hai kaun kaun.. Kahan chupa hua hai….

Many goons comes out of hide out!

Here ajith was looking at Ragini with lust!!! He was eyeing on her…

Suddenly he stops the car in an isolated place.. Where even single ray of light is not present

Ragini:why did you stop the car here

Ajith smirks

He gets down the car and pulls her out

Ragini gets scared

He looks at her with lust filled eyes

Here sushaan sees a group of goons following the car…

He drives fast..

He gets the call… He sees the caller id

He picks the call:please bhaiyya come here

Caller:i will reach soon!!!

To be continued…….

So how was the episode?

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