Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 3

Let’s begin….

Ragini couldn’t understand she was totally blank…

Riyan: wh..what??

Sanskar gives his signature smile ?

Ragini was shivering…. She closes the door…

Riyan:di.. Who is he???

Ragini tells him about the college incident

Riyan: why he told that…

Ragini: ab hum kya karenge… Why is he here??

Riyan: don’t worry di…
He goes to window and sees none

Riyan: he have went..

Ragini takes a sign of relief…

But this time they listened the acceleration of car

Shekar from behind: Ragini who is outside?

Rag was lacking words..its her nature that she forgets words when she is in tension

Shekhar goes to the door and opens…

He was confused seeing many men

Sanskar comes: you and your family are invited by my bade papa ji DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI for the dinner
He looks at Ragini

Ruhi comes… She goes to Ragini

Ruhi: Maheshwari…didi…woh tho fairytale wali ghar hai na..

Rag convers her mouth and nods in no

Shekar: we are not going to attend!

Sanskar:uncle ji…if you don’t come but we can take you along with us
Shekhar: yeh kya badtameezi hai..

San: badtameez tho hum the hi..par pakka iss baar humne kuch badtameezi nai dikhayi….

Shekar:Ragini take Riyan and Ruhi

Ragini nods and was about to go with Riyan and Ruhi

Sanskar: Ragini jiiii……make your father understand… We should not reject the invitation….

Ruhi:papa..hum woh fairytale wali ghar dekhne chalte hai… pleaseeeeee

San: dil chota na kare uncle… Just for the dinner… Please we will drop you back home…

Ragini:n..no dinner is ready here…we..we will come next time
She said with broken sentence

San: no problem Ragini jiiii…pack it and give it to me…i will eat it

Shekar: ok we will come

Sanskar smiles widely

Shekar: Ragini let’s go…

After sometime…

Ragini Riyan and Ruhi were seated in back and Shekhar was seated in passenger seat and Sanskar in driving seat..

Sanskar was having the glimpse of Ragini through mirror

Within few minutes they reach

They gets down the car…

Dp takes in Shekhar… Shekhar was frustrated he didn’t do anything because at first is his first day of job here and secondly he thought may be they are loss of manners but they are the head of this place and he calmed himself by saying some or the other reasons…

Riyan and Ruhi follows them…

Ragini was following them from behind

Sanskar comes in middle… And stands infront of her…
She looks at him

Sanskar: i want to make you meet someone if you don’t will you come??

Sushaan felt his ears growing and will burst in any moment.. He was rubbing his ears… Sanskar being formal!? Is it possible?

Ragini: but papa…

Sanskar: don’t worry we are in the house only.. We just have to go this side of the house..
He points to the direction

Ragini thinks and hesitatingly nods…

They moves

Riyan comes out searching for Ragini

He sees sushaan…
Riyan: did you see my di?
Sushaan comes out his lost world: she went in

Riyan: went in…

Sushaan: she just went in the other direction…i will call her..u go in

Sushaan goes..

Riyan was confused

Sanskar takes inside…

Where there was 2 ladies…

And they are revealed to be ap and sujatha

They sees Ragini and smiles

Ap goes to her and removes her bangles and she takes Ragini’s hand and was about to make her wear

Rag: aunty aunty…aap yeh kya kar rai hai…
She slowly pulls her hand…

Ap looks at sanskar…

Sanskar: if she is giving something you should accept it.. We should not reject someone’s gift

Rag: no…i don’t want….

Sanskar takes the bangles from ap and he pulls Ragini’s and and makes her wear it… He looks at her lovingly… While she was protesting..

Ap and suji admires them….

Rag was about to remove

San with strict tone: khabardaar…agar tumne use nikalo tho

Rag gets scared

Sushaan was getting mad…

Sushaan himself:badi ma used to say those bangles are for bhaai’s bride…yeh bhaai aakhir karna kya chahte hai?


Sanskar looks at him….

Sushaan:woh shekar uncle ji asking f…for

San:tu jaa hum aate hai
he nods his head and goes

San:ma ..badi maa hum ab..

Suji:teekh hai beta…

She kisses Ragini’s forehead and hugs her

Ap too hugs her..

Sujatha gives her one box

Rag: i….

San: of you protest…. Then……

Rag immediately takes it


Riyan: di where were you??
Rag: woh mein….

Dp:shekar is she your daughter…

Shek nods

Do smiles at Ragini: won’t you take blessings from me beta….

Ragini moves to him and takes his blessings…
He blesses her and then her eyes falls on big photo frame ..flower was hanged in it.. Her eyes was widened seeing the person in it

Dp looks at her direction

Dp: he was my son… Died 7 years ago

She was shocked…

Dp then invites then for dinner….

Ragini was having the food being lost…. She felt something and she looks at her right and sees Sanskar having dinner sitting next to her seat..

Sanskar looks at her…

Ragini immediately turns…

Rag herself: even after having these many chairs in this dining table.. Why have he sat next to me…!!

Dp:tho hum yeh rishta pakka samjhe

Shekar confused: about what you are talking?

Dp:arey ha..we haven’t talk about the important thing only

Sushaan knew where the torpic is moving he was scared for them….

Dp:we have decided our son Sanskar’s and your daughter Ragini’s marriage after 10 days

Shekhar stands shocked: what???

Ragini gets Shocked.. She was about to stand but sanskar holds her hand

She was trying to pull back her hand but he tightens her grip

Shekar:yeh kya badtameezi hai…kisse poochkar aapne yeh sab kiya hai..


To be continued….

So what will happen next!

Take a quick glimpse of upcoming episodes…

“If someone can save you than it’s on Akshay bhaiyya”said sushaan to hiding Ragini

A girl was was Running and was screaming for help…
She was knocking the doors no body was opening it..

Some people closes the door after seeing her…..

And the girl is revealed to RAGINI

After running and running… Find were about to hold her…

She dashes to someone’s back

She folds her hand: plz save me….

And the guy turns and revealed to be SANSKAR

Rag was scared….

She moves back…..

He smiles… He held her hand

“Plzz leave me…”she cries

“Bhaiyya ji..kill her”said a goon

He takes out a gun and points to Ragini….but shoots that goon…

Rag was scared….

“I have loved you love you and will love you… Even if you respond or not… And after 5 days it’s our marriage..”

And he was about to drag her but a hand stops her….

“Akshay Sir”she said with a lost hope..after seeing the person….

To know more stay tune and keep guessing until then bye….

my exams have finished!!! Finally ?

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