Rangrasiya : now its psychological (episode 1)


When bullet shot paro she did not die, Rudra saved her.
Paro went in coma for nearly three years. When she wakes up from coma she asks where is Myrah. Everyone gets confused.
Myrah was just a part of paro’s dream when she was in coma.

Firing at border area. Rudra in action shooting at enemy.
Situation brought under control. Rudra returns to bsd headquarters.
Aman informs him that they have traced tejawat and they discuss some issues.
Rudra’mother calls him. Rudra recieves the call.
Rudra: ha maasa boliye.
Maasa: pata hai na rudra aaj dhruv ka janmdin hai.
Rudra: ha pata hai maasa. Aajauga waqt rahte. Saari tayyariya ho gayi.
Maasa: haan ho gayi. Hum kuch der baad ghar se wahan jaane ke liye nikal jayenge. Maithli wahan pohoch gayi hain.

All other family members are introduced.
Rudra: thik hain me bhabhisa se baat karlunga.
Call ended.
Rudra calls maithili.
Maithili: han devarji sa kahiye.
Rudra: saari tayyari hogayi.
Maithili: ji devarji sa. Sab ho gayi.
Rudra: toh aap meri jara meri patni se baat karwa dengi.
Maithili: par woh toh.
Rudra: haan pata hain mujhse baat nahi karegi. Par sun toh legi na. Bas aap speaker pe daal dijiye.

Maithili: thik hai.laga diya.
Rudra: khush hain na tu. aaj hamare bete ka janamdin hai. Saari tayyariya tere pasand ke hisaab se ki hai. Haan pata hai baat nahi karegi mujhse. Main jald hi pohoch jaunga. Gussa mat hona. Haan thik hai ab rakhta hoon phone.
Call ended.
Rudra calls aman

Aman comes.
Rudra: lets go aman we have to leave now. its Dhruv’s birthday and yo are coming with me. otherwise you bhabhi will get angry .
At birthday location.
Rudra opens the door. The room is decorated. All family members are present.
reply yes or no.

Rudra takes the child from maasa – janamdin ki dher saari subhkamnaye DHRUV. our son is now three years old. you saw PARO.
rudra turns towards the bed and paro is seen unconcious on the bed. Screen freezed.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    surprised 2 c a RR FF.thank god Paro didnt die after getting shot.but in coma.sad.But y is she seeing myruh in her dream?how is myruh related 2 her?waiting 4 druv’s b’day celebration.paro unconscious.OMG!R u there on IF?Bcz i feel more parud readers r on IF

  2. Jasminerahul

    why no updates

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