Rangon ke sur….. Ep 1


Haiee frndz Vaishnavi here with the first episode of rangon ke sur…. Lets start.
A women is sitting on the couch with a photo in her hand. She is ishwari dixit. She was holding photo of her son dev dixit. Her eyes were full of tears thinking about their past. Her husband’s death, dev taking the responsibility on his shoulders, studying day and night, setting up his own business, making it big and famous, etc…….
Suddenly she felt someone touching her feet. He was none other than dev dixit. Ishwari places her hand on his head and smiles.
Ishwari : khush raho beta…. (Be happy my son.. )
Dev : maa tu kaisi hai? Tere pair me dard kaisa hai? (Mom how are you? How is the pain in your)
Ishwari : theek hoon beta… Jis maa ke paas tere jaisa beta ho dard apne aap bhaag jaata hai. (I am fine.. Pain will run away from mothen when she is has a son luke you.)
Dev smiles. He goes to office.

Another man touches ishwari’s feet but ishwari walks from there without caring.
He is shravan dixit.
Shravan : maa…. Main nahi janta ki aapki misunderstanding kab door ho jayegi. Par itna zaroor janta hoon ki jab aapko sacchai pata chalegi sabse pehale mere paas aap ayegi. Aashirwaad dene. (Mom.. I dont know when your misunderstandings are going to clear but i know that when you will know the truth you will be the first person to bless me.)
He goes from there.
A beautiful girl is talking to someone on phone. She is sonakshi.
Sona : Dr. Chakraborthy… I want the reports by evening.
Dr. Chakraborthy : sure Miss. Banerjee..
Sona : thanks doctor.

She goes to kitchen to drink water. A beautiful girl is cooking. She is suman.
Sona : kya bana rahi hai?
Suman : soup…
Sona : woow..
Suman : for maa.
Sona : hmm… Chal.
Suman : ok di.
Suman and sona went upstairs. They went inside her mother’s room. Their mother is in coma from past 2 yrs. Suman gives soup to the nurse.
Suman : plz take care of maa.
Nurse : sure ma’am..
Sona and suman touch feet of asha and leave. They go in their respective cars.
Sona’s car..
Tears roll down from sona’s eyes.
Asha : bejoy……. We are getting late…
Bejoy : coming aasha…
Asha : ok fast.
They sit in car.
Asha : we are going to that temple after ma y months right…
Bejoy : yaa. I want to see god as soon as possible.
After 15 mins
Sona gets a call.
Sona : hello…
She is hell shocked and drops her mobile.
Sumo : di… What hapoened?
Sona starts crying.
Sona : maa baba….. Accident….
Suman : what?
They both go to hospital. After some time
Doctor : sorry miss banerjee we couldn’t save your father. He is no more. Your mother is in coma because of severe brain injury.
Sona and suman are hell shocked and sarted crying badly.

After some days sona comes to know that it was a murder not accident. She goes to police station.
Inspector : Miss banerjee kisi ne breaks ke saath ched chad kiya. Yeh ek accident nahi murder hai.
Sona : who did that?
Inspector : we will try our best to find out.

Fb ends.
Sona wipes her tears and goes inside office.
Who failed the breaks of bejoy’s car and why? Why do dixits hate shravan? To know read rangon ke sur by vaishnavi
So frndz….. How is it? Did i bore you all? Plz leave your comments below. Negative and pisitive comments are accepted.
I will end shraman’s track when they will be united.

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