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SCene 1
all family members comes in new house, they do the grah parvash puja, priest says that I pray this house remains blissful, he ask paro to take diya and put it near gate, paro take it and diya is about to blow off but rudra and paor puts hand around it and saves it from blowing off, they take it to gate, paro says thanks for bringing us here, for me you did it, rudra says not for you, I did it for myself, I cant lose you, I will leave now, paro says come early from work, rudra says I will not leave, after garah parvesh ther should be welcome, he comes closer, paro pushes him and ask him to go.
paro gives him flying kiss, rudra leaves smiling. the mystery man(shantanu) is approaching the new house, he looks at paro doing household chores, paro feels someone’s presence and ask who

is there, paro turns and flowers plate falls from her hands, she sees its jija not anyone else, she says you, I got afraid, Maithili ask what you were singing, these days you are throwing love at rudra(flying kiss). paro says you saw it, Maithili says I have eyes too, you are seeing films these days a lot.
the mystery man comes to rudra’s old house, he ask a man that where this family has gone? man says they left the house today only, shantanu says bastard what you think that you will be safe from me, no, wherever you are I will find you, he sees one diary there and sees chandangarh written on it, he smiles.
Maithili ask paro where is sunehri, paro says I don’t know, she was with me when I was making rangoli, maybe she is inside, they comes inside house and calls out for sunehri, mohini comes and says why are you shouting, did someone threw acid today also, Maithili says no sunehri is not to be seen, mohini says what have you lost your eye sight, maithii says I mean she is not to be seen in house, sumer says why are making them worry maasa, actually sunehri has gone to get admission in new college here, paro says I f you knew maasa then why you didn’t tell us, mohini says sumer have you seen a monkey doing dance after eating spice, its such pleasant thing to watch(taunting paro and Maithili), mohini leaves, paro says to Maithili leave it, atleast we got to know about sunehri.

Scene 2
rudra says to vk sir that why didn’t you tell me this, vk says I know there are riots on border but I didn’t want to post you there, not because I doubt your capabilities but when your family is in danger then a clever soldier can do mistake too, anyways I am giving you responsibilities now, rudra says then why did you call a officer from Kashmir. vk says he is very brilliant and he knows about you, he respects you and he is in chandangarh only, he wants to meet you, we can post him here, rudra says you are ordering me? vk says I think you as my own but now I am ordering you, rudra nods.
sunehri is trying to find auto, shantanu sees her from car and comes to her, he ask where is mira baag, sunehri tells him, he says I will forget it and also I am new to this city, he ask where are you going? she says I am going towards there too, he says fantastic you come with me, I will drop you and will go to my destination, sunehri says I don’t know you, he says I don’t know you too, maybe if you come with me then we will be friends and if I leave from here then you will have to do the friendship with rain. now you decide if you want friendship with rain or with with me, come inside please, sunehri sit inside the car, he says I felt that something of yours fell down out of car, please check, sunehri comes outside to see it, he sees address of house in sunehri’s phone. sunehri says there is nothing, he says ok, maybe I was mistaken come inside, sunehri sits again, they leave.

Scene 3
mohini is angry, samrat ask what happened, mohini says our business is going to be finished, samrat says don’t worry, we will get new customers here, mohini says there is something in rudra that my son got tongue to argue with elders, rudra started only, mala, rudra and paro comes there, she says its not rudra’s fault as his mother wasn’t there to give him manners, mala comes there and says his mother wasnt there but he became mature and strong, he gets to know when his family needs him and for protection of them he can do anything, he is very good son and human, I am guilty for what I did but I am proud of him, rudra says I told it clearly that who wants to come can come and if you think business will not work then go from here and about manners, sumer is always with you and it will be good if we don’t talk about his manners, Maithili comes and says sunehri hasn’t come back, mohini says its all because of rudra, rudra says enough not now, he ask where did she went, paro says to college, smarat says I will go and check, rudra says you go to highway, I will go in city and paro ask sumer to check in college, paro you call her friends, mohini cries.

Scene 3
sunehri is with shantanu, she says I get new designs of dupattas, he sasy let me guess your favorite color is yellow, she ask how you know? he says I care for everyone, she sasy stop, my house came, shantanu sees the house and sasy now my destination is here only, sunehri ask what you mean, he asy I felt good meeting you, sunehri says come inside, he says maybe some other time, he leaves, rudra and samrat comes, sunehri sasy he gave me lift, rudra ask who was he in car, tell me whole thing.
they come in hall, rudra scolds sunehri that you will sit with strange person and come, paro says we were worried for you, samrat sasy you know what happened earlier, mohini says will you make her slim with your taunts only, the one whose life is in danger(paro) she is roaming freely, rudra says kaki, mohini says she is my child and all people doesn’t have guns like you, thank god the good man left her here, and you don’t know about good people, the one you went to kill(paro) you got married to her. she ask sunehri to come, sunehri goes to rudra and says sorry, I did mistake, I will not do this again, rudra says don’t worry, take care, we were worried, she leaves.
at night, shantnau comes in house with gun, there are heavy winds, paro comes to save diya flame, shantanu sees her and points gun at her.

shantnau is pointing pistol at paro who is saving diya, he says one should fulfill two things in life, one love and 2nd hatred, he loads gun, paro listens the noise and looks around.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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