Rang Rasiya 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra is driving with paro, paro says we didn’t tell anyone at home, rudr asy vk sir will handle it, paro says you didn’t let me take my cloths, rudra says there are many shops in Jaipur and its only days visit, mystery man is also around their car, paro says you didn’t allow me change my getup, rudra sasy I will help you, he cutely takes off her moustache, he syas I am feeling cold, please give me jacket, paro takes off her jacket and give to paro, he throws it on back seat and loost at paro in t-shirt, he sasy now its good, the mystery man comes on road from where paro and rudra is about to go, he has giant hammer in his hands and he stands in middle of road. in car, paro plays the song in car and its banjara song playing, paro and rudra looks at each other, paro lies

her head on rudra’s shoulder, she ask what you wished when you prayed at time of cake cutting, rudra says I wished you. paro looks at him, paro says there is someone on road, its mystery man with giant hammer in his hand, rudra looks at man and stops the car, he ask are you mad, the man starts going back, paro is afraid, the man suddenly starts running towards their car, he stand on their car’s bonnet and starts breaking car with hammer, paro screams in fear, rudra says don’t worry, rudra comes out of car and starts beating him, the man runs from there, rudra fires at him, rudra gets the call from man, he says happy birthday ranawat, you captured wrong man, rudra says you are the real culprit, come infront of me if you have guts, man says It was just a birthday present, you have to wait to meet me, I just wanted to gift you and your wife the fear of some moments.
mohini calls shtabdi’s father, her father says that my daughter’s age is little more, she is about 30years old but you promised that you will make her marry with samrat, also I am giving you 1 lac per month in return of this marriage, Maithili is approaching mohini so mohini ask sumer to stop her from listening her conversation, sumer stops Maithili and ask her to give him tea, Maithili says okay but let me ask mohini about spices in pickle, sumer says no mohini have checked it and she is expert in making pickle so you go from here, Maithili leaves, mohini tells her father that I will take 32 lacs per year, father agrees, mohini says then you don’t worry about marriage.

Scene 2
rudra comes in bsd, he says to vk sir that how dare that man to threaten paro, vk sasy don’t be angry, we don’t know anything about him but he is stalking you, I think that you should take paro from here for somedays, rudra says you think that I am not able to protect my wife, you are asking me to run from here, vk says your family is in danger, its better if you take them somewhere, paro says vk sir is right, rudra says you also think that I am not capable of protecting you? vk sir you have seen me fighting on border, I have never disappointed you, vk says try and understand, its not about your strength, we are not doubting your capabilities but that man know everything about you and your wife, he even knows that from which route you go, he has on revenge from you, its better to be defensive to attack afterwards, if you go from here then we will be able to work against him more conveniently, also you used to say that loin takes two steps backward before taking a big step to attack someone, rudra thinks

Scene 3
samrat says that yesterday was good day for rudra’s bday, he loves paro a lot, he doesn’t show it but he loves her but he cant love paro more then I love you, he ask Maithili why is she tensed, Maithili says I didn’t tell you but I feel like mohini is cooking something, samrat ask did she say anything to you, Maithili says no but she was talking on phone hiding, samrat says let her do what she wants to do but she will not be successful as I am not with her, I will not let bad weather come in our life, Maithili says you are acting like mohini.
all are in hall, mohini denies to leave the haveli,danveer says think about yesterday’s attack on paro, her life is in danger so we should leave, samrat and Maithili too says same, mohini says no, the time they came in our haveli, my eyes were blinking and all bad things happened then, my eyes would burst seeing it, I have served this haveli alone, nobody was there but I made this haveli a house, I don’t know about my sister but I have learnt from my parents that the house where you go after marrying, your deadbody should also go from that house. rudra says okay you wait here to attacked by acid or bullet.rudra saya when you get tired of danger then stick to walls of this house, those who want to come with me pack their stuff. he leaves, danveer says listen to him, rudra is not wrong, mohini says you became very good husband but now you have to write letters to me, your address is going to change but not mine. she leaves, dilsher ask danveer to not be tensed.

Scene 3
all are packing their stuffs, Maithili says to samrat that how mohini will stay here, samrat says don’t worry, sumer will be here with her, smarat says we will come in two three days but after maasa’s wish to make me marry I feel like to go away from here, he ask Maithili to pack important stuff, Maithili sasy you are most important to me, where should is pack you? samrat says in your heart, they hug each other.
sumer and mohini sees them, sumer says they are becoming too much sugary, what will you do, what if we stay here and they go from here, mohini says that this haveli have much poison, I have to make samrat marry again at any cost so even if I have to go to some other house.
paro says to mala that its all because of me that all family members have to leave the house, what if mohini doesn’t come with us, mala says don’t worry, danveer will make her agree, rudra comes and says that I have asked mohini and also danveer will try so don’t worry abut mohini. mala says rudra is right, rudra says you also pack your bag maasa, he sees the shawl which mala gifted him on birthday and says to paro to pack it too, paro and mala smiles.

PRECAP-the mystery man(varun’s brother) comes in paro’s room, he points pistol at paro who is asleep, he says one should fulfill two things in life, one love and 2nd hatred, he fires bullet..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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