Rang Rasiya 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 7th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro is sad, she lays on bed and sleeps, sumer sees the, he says these three are sleeping together how will i get her out, he orders for car to birpur.
thakurain gets bangle from floor, she shows it to thakur, he says one women camt to meet me, it was her, she says who was she? he says she had some property issues so came here, you go sleep, she says i cant sleep, i just think of of rudra, what will i say to him when i meet him, can we call him here with his bride, he says will he come here? she says why not, he says nothing.
In haveli, sunehri is snoring, maithili gets distrbed, paro says you sleep on my side, i will sleep on floor, maithili says you will catch cold, you will sneeze taking pheras, paro says nothing will happen, she sleeps on floor.,,,

comes to haveli, he ask his man to tell thakur that i have brought paro, bring 15 lacs, he says thakur is sleeping, sumer says i brought this girl in two hours i need my money, he gives 20,000 to sumer, sumer says i am not mad to take it, he says thakur will see the girl in morning then he will give you money,so leave from here now. he says to not look at him, i will not give you money and you are three whereas thakur have 30 people which will cut them, sumer says ok i will come in morning.

Scene 2
at dining table, chachi says where is my phone, dilsher jokes with her. she calls from chacha’s phone, her phone rings from sumer’s room, he says maasa, she says no i am yanraj’s wife, she says i will come to you, dilsher says your wife changes weather wherever she goes, they laughs. chachi comes and ask sumer what my phone is doing with you? he says dont know, she says phone didnt tell you? she ask him to give it to me, she takes it from him, she checks call being done to tejawat, she ask why did you call him? he says i did deal with him, he gave me 20,000 as token, he will give me 15 lacs, she beats him and says how can you do so stupid thing, she says i did a great deal and you gave her just for money, he says what will we get if rudra dies? she says till rudra is alive we cant reach to paro, he says i reached to her and gave her to tejawat, she says now rudra will design in my head with his gun, he will arrest us, he says what will we do now? she says lets go to table else all will doubt us.

Scene 3
at dining table, sunehri comes and greets dilsher, sumer and chachi comes there,dilsher says i dont know where is paro, i havent seen her today, i will check, sumer says she must be sleeping, dont worry she wil come. chchi calls maithili to bring breakfast, dilsher here she is, paro comes there, sumer is shocked. sunehri says i thought maithili bhabhi was in kitchen, paro says she was not there in kitchen, samrat says i will check, chachi and sumer are tensed. chachi takes sumer aside, she beats him and says cant you see that she was maithili, sumer says they were sleeping beside each other. paro and all are finding her, paro says when i got up in morning she was missing from room, chachi says they will get to know that maithili is not here, think of something now. thakur’s man removes sheet from face to see paro but they see maithili instead of paro and are shocked.

PRECAP- samrat says to paro that she didnt came in my room after going to your room, chachi says to tensed samrat that maithili must have gone to mandir, samrat says she never goes without telling, chachi says she went this time without telling, dont worry she will come, all ladies are not like your tayi that she run away, paro thinks that chachi was pacifying samrat but she herself seems tensed whats happening

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today episode superb but i miss rudra aka ashish sharma get well soon i will pray to god

  2. rudra come back fast.

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