Rang Rasiya 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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SCene 1
rudra comes home after getting call, its all dark in house, all family members come and sings bday song for him, rudra is still confused. rudra looks back and its paro is standing with cake, all smiles, rudra comes to her, paro says happy bday, he says this is your drama, paro says yes actually.. rudra says I will se afterwards, paro ask what you mean, he says means tonight you will feel my beard pricking you, paro blushes, dilsher calls them, they comes in hall, paro tells rudra that we all did the preparations and that mischief was my idea, rudra ask about call, samrat says I called you, paro says its not his fault, I told him to do so, rudra ask about bday song, paro says sunehri made us learn, Maithili ask rudra to make a wish, rudra looks at paro, he closes eyes and makes a wish, he

cuts cake, all claps for him, rudra is about to make paro eat the cake, paro says 1st bapu and maasa, rudra makes dilehr eat the cake, dilsher blesses him, rudra slowly goes to mala, mala takes cake from his hand and makes him eat the cake, rudra eats and looks at her, rudra touches her feet, mala makes him get up and cups his face, she says sorry rudra, I hurt you a lot, please forgive me, rudra emotionally looks at her, rudra holds her hand and says forget whatever happened maasa, mala gets really and gifts him something, rudra goes to paro and wipes his tears, he makes paro eat the cake lovingly, aman says happy bday sir, rudra goes to him and says you are a family come here, he looks back and ask where is paro, sunehri says paro’s lover, maithili says our major saab, mohini says he is anger ball but wants to protect family, danveer says he still plays with gun, dilsher says don’t make rudra angry danveer, he will fight with all, mala says don’t tease my son, he maybe hard from outside but very soft from inside, (they all say these lines as poetry). paro comes there in getup of rudra, he/paro in disguise of rudra calls paro, Maithili comes and acts as paro, Maithili as paro ask why you always act like angry young man? paro as rudra says because I am major rudra, paro pulls Maithili towards her like rudra pulls paro, rudra says enough, paro and Maithili gets afraid and stops the act, rudra comes to paro, paro ask did you not like our act? rudra acts like paro and shyly says I am sorry major saab, forgive me as I love you, all laughs at rudra’s act, paro runs from there being shy.

Scene 2
vk sir’s wife comes and gifts rudra tickets of Jaipur hotel, rudra ask why this, geeta says as you didn’t take paro on honeymoon so you go with her, happy bday and you are going on honeymoon says don’t take your jeep, takes vk’s car, comes outside with paro, rudra goes.
rudra is dragging paro out(paro is wearing dress like rudra still), paro ask where are we going, rudra says vk sir has called me to Jaipur so come with me, paro says let me take out this moustache I am looking like doobro(mad), rudra says you mean I look doobro in moustache, paro says okay I will come, wait a minute, paro brings gift for rudra, he is opening is slowly and neatly, paro takes it from and torn the wrapper, its vest coat for rudra with small mirrors placed on it, rudra is stunned to see it, paro says remember I saw you 1st in mirror, they recall how they saw their face in mirror, rudra says when I came to birpur, I wore this vest coat, rudra says isn’t it much sharp colored, paro ask did you not like it, rudra says no, actually before you my life was colorless but now life is colored so I can wear this color, paro hugs him, paro says I will come after changing dress, rudra says no, come with me.

Scene 3
the mystery man is whistling dhoom song and is working on swing machine, the cooker is placed on stove, the cooker makes noise, man says look like something (cooker) wants to compete with my whistle, he whistles loudly and looses his concentration from swing, his hand gets hurt so he throws screw driver on cooker in anger, he comes in kitchen and fills his plate with food, he comes infront of his brother’s pic, he says its been 6 months after your death but I feel like you are alive, don’t worry brother, I will take revenge of your death, I will give them pain, his brother is none other than varun(paro’s 1st husband),flashback show how rudra killed him at border.he sees rudra’s and paro’s pic, he says paro your widow is shameless person, she married your killer, they think they are living happy life but I will make their life hell, I will give them pain as much as they gave you, I promise I will hurt them a lot, they will plead me, they will beg me for pardon but I will not forgive them, they have to ask forgiveness from you Bhai. I will make them beg infront of your picture.

PRECAP-the mystery man(varun’s brother) comes in paro’s room, he points pistol at paro who is asleep, he says one should fulfill two things in life, one love and 2nd hatred, he fires bullet..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. U mystry darling …. feel pittu for u…. rudra will tear u in to pieces….. ha ha…

  2. major saheb ur bday is like doom yaar and the way rudra act like paro is just really fabulous.rudra ur stunning.vishal is villan. when did a chocolate boy became villan.this is not fair yaar.thank for update

  3. even i agree vishal becareful major rudra partab rawanat will do anything for paro.tho acha ho tum bas dont go near him.it will be really better for u dear.

  4. If the bullet really hits her i am sure she will loose her memory including 1 with rudra.in short she’ll forget him.

  5. precap looks stunning

  6. Honeymoon ko kya hogaya yaar……
    is they went to Jaipur for honeymoon or not??….
    koyi hoga…..

  7. Mystery man better run for your life cause Rudra won’t spear you is you hurt his Paro ( keep running ooo)

  8. Nothin vl happn to paro. Now rudra vl tak d whole family out frm haveli to sum othr house fr d safty purpose. n ds villian vl cum to knw dat paro is innocent n eventually vl fall in luv wid her. Ds vl mak rudra a bit possessive abt his life cum wifey paro

  9. Ds precap is not fr tomorrow but fr Wednesday…. its bemisaal budhvaar along wid beintehaa

  10. Major saab will smash your head mystery man.

  11. super episode Paru U R Soooo CUTE

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