Rang Rasiya 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 6th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
aman calls rudra and says we got information about the person with whom tejawat deals for guns, rudra is leaving home, dilsher says how can you leave now,dilsher says his job is weird he is gone at night. rudra goes anyway. chacha says he will come tomorrow, sumer says i thins God is with me thats why this animal has gone for one day, now this is my chance. dilsher says he doesnt see anything infront of bsd, chacha says this case has become big, look in rudra’s eyes he is tensed. dilsher says i can see paro’s eyes too, she is pained,chacha says they both are right but are aginst each other, you know this gun smuggling is done this area from many years but rudra stopped all this, he says paro have to open her brain, she have to see what rudra is doing, he has becomes her savior

and he is serving this country but is being called as betrayed, devul, dilsher ask him to go and sleep.
chachi is sleeping in room, sumer comes there sneakingly, he sees her sleeping. she coughs he gets afraid, he sees her phone and stealthily takes it from under pillow, he gets out and bumps with chacha he hides phone and says i am angry with maasa so sitting outisde her room, chacha says to not disturb her else he will bite you, sumer goes from there.

Scene 2
dilsher is seeing rudra’s childhood pics and toys and letters, he remembers chacha’s words, paro comes there, he ask you didnt sleep till yet? she gives him asthma pump saying you might need it, he takes it, she ask you seems worried everything fine? he nods and leaves from there, paro sees rudra’s letter. she takes it from ground and reads. it says maa you will return tomorrow, i know you left because i teased you but now i will be good boy, i drank full glass of milk, i slept at right time, ate spicy food but how you will get to know as dont know your address how i will send this letter, other letter reads that never come again i hate you, she reads other which says i got angry but i dont hate you i love you alot, please come back its been one month, bapu want to leave from here but i will not go from here because how we will meet, you must have forgetten me so i am sending picture, she remembers rudra’s words that his mother left him, she is about to see rudra’s childhood picture. but sunehri comes and takes her from there, they come in sunehri’s room which id decorated for paro, maithili says we are sisters, she says we thought you are away from your house so we will be your sisters and we will enjoy tonight, paro says its God grace that i got you as sister, sunehri says me too, paro agree, sunehri says lets enjoy the night.

Scene 3
Tajawat is fuming that this women is doing dealings with me, people dont talk infront of me and she is dealing with me, mohini calls him but he says why is she calling me at night, cut the call, its sumer who made the call, his man says we are trying to do something. tejawat says what you will do, will you take paro from mohini’s house? you are of no use.
In room, sunehri says i buttered God to give me good groom, she says he must have intense eyes, maithili says he must be wearing uniform, watchman will be okay with you, sunehri makes face, maithili says he will keep a watch in everyone and will be your savior, sunehri says like rudra, he saves apro from everything and stand beside her everytime, dont you remember how he rejected to make all see paro’s face on jhanki day that nobody can see his dool. paro is silent.

Scene 4
tejawat calls mohini, sumer takes it, tejawat says i dont attend call, i make calls when i need it, think it as my attitude or rule, he says to never call him. sumer says its me his son, tejawat says why you took call, he says my mother made deal with you, she do good deals but she is women and can do kitchen politics, he says i am man, tejawat says what you want? sumer says you did weak deal with my mother, what is the guarantee that after killing rudra you will get paro? i will get paro to you, thakur says if you are that much talented then why did your mother asked you to remain out of room when she was dealing with me, sumer says she is women but i am a man and capable of doing things, my deal is that i will give you paro for 5 lacs, thakur says you dont know how to deal, he says if you bring her here in 3 hours take 10 lacs, if you bring her in 2 hours take 15 lacs if you bring her in 1 hour take 20 lacs from me, he ask him to get on work.

Scene 5
maithili and sunehri are sleeping, paro sees them and says Go give me such loving people, at one side is maithili and sunehri. and otherside is that devil. sumer sees her and says if she can give me 20 lac then i will fly this butterfly of rudra to thakur at any cost.

PRCAP- sumer books car to take paro, he sneakingly comes in sunehri’s room, where all three ladies are sleeping, he hides paro in bed sheet, he takes her out in his arms, he brings her to thakur and says here is your paro, thakur smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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