Rang Rasiya 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 5th March 2014 Written Update

thakur is angry, thakurain says maybe i have hurt you by telling about my past, he says it was surprise for me so thats why reacted that, servant says someone came to meet you, he says to tell him to meet me tomorrow.
chachi calls chacha and says i didnt hide, i came to doctor, he says why, chachi says i said to my health to not get worse today but she didnt listen to me, she cancels the phone, sumer says you lie beautifully, servant comes and says thakur rejected to meet you,chachi says do work with right hand or left? she says when thakur will know that you stopped some important news coming to him then he will cut you working hand.

Scene 2
Maihili is crying, samrat ask what happened, she says every women comes and taunts me that i am not mother, they always ask me

when will i become mother, i feel like to say lie that i am going to be mother, she says there has been 5 years since marriage, she says maybe maa was right, i am not a good mother, samrat says no, ask me how much motherly love you have n heart, he hugs her.
mohini meets thakur, he says your meeting should have big reason to meet me, if you doesnt have then i will throw you out, she shows picture and says is this enough to meet you, he is stunned, and ask her to sit, he says how do you know her, she says if you want to get girl then dont count mangoes, he says how can i believe that she is with you, mohini says she is in my house, her name is parvati, she says she is from jaipur but her accent and embroidery belongs to here. thakur says what she is doing at your house, she says this time she must be sleeping but in three days she is getting married but she is not interested, she is afraid of rudra, thakura ask what name, she says rudra pratap ranawat, thakur remembers thakurain saying same name and his meeting with rudra, he ask does he work for bsd, she says yes? she says this marriage seems fake but she says i can make your weather right, i can give you girl, he ask what you want in return? she says my nephew, my right, kill him, he ask why? she says i hate him even if he is my nephew, from my family, you will see how much i will cry, she ask so deal? he says you are stone hearted. she says its good for all weathers, he ask when will i get girl, she says you do my work i will give you peace, he says you know to whom you are talking, she says yes who wants help, he says i dont need help to find paro, she says i know you are trying to find her since long but you couldnt because rudra is between her and you, thats why its important to remove him. he says ok, she says before any relation he cares for her alot so you have only two days, she passes by thakurain, she comes to thakur, he says sorry for talking to you in loud tone, she says when there is love then there is no need to sorry for anything, he says i have some work, he says remember you said that for anything i dont need any sorry.
outside chachi says now this girl and that snake(rudra) will leave our lives, he says what about dilsher, she says will see him also. sumer says we can sell this havli and shifts to jaipur, she says you are not grown up but just taking more space in this world as you talk stupidly. she says its difficult to work in big cities, big city will eat us, you cant do work here without my name, what will you do there, he says i can do anything, chachi says what are thinking now, seeing how much lac weight? she laughs on him and leaves, sumer looks on thinking something.

Scene 3
samrat comes maithili who is thinking something, he ask her what? she says i was remembering time before our marrigae, he says you were afraid, she says you didnt even smiled looking at me so i was afraid, he says my friend told me to not smile as it look more manly, she laughs, she says rudra thinks same i think, paro is afraid of him, i had my sisters with me but she doesnt have any, he says to go and meet her, she happily goes.
Samrat goes to sumer who is drinking, he says i talked to maa to seel this haveli, samrat ask what? he says this haveli will sale in crores, samrat ask him to go and sleep, sumer says why you dont want to move ahead in life, maa doesnt wanna leave this haveli, how will you sell this haveli you are not able to become father, samrat grabs him by collar, he leaves from there, dealer calls sumer and says you took 5 lacs as token for this haveli but didnt show me even papers, sumer says marriage is going in house thats why, he says i dont know anything, i want my money back or else i will come to your mother. sumer sits tensed.

PRECAp- aman calls rudra and says we got information about the person with whom tejawat deals for guns, rudra is leaving home, dilsher says how can you leave now, rudra gors anyway. chacha says he will come tomorrow, sumer says i thins God is with me thata why this animal has gone for one day, now this is my chance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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