Rang Rasiya 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 4th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra comes to paro’s room and doesnt find her, he calls paro, he smells the glass and remembers saying to paro that i will not always save you, dilsher comes and ask where is she, rudra says her safety was my responsibility , he remembers everything that happened from the time paro cam in his life, dilsher says she is fine, look, rudra loos at paro coming, he sighs relief, dilsher says you become mad before marriage only, rudra comes to paro and ask are you alright, he check her nerves, paro says i am fine, he says wherever you should inform me, you showed you face to all and now went without telling me, he ask where were you, she says i was in washroom, rudra says you could have told me, paro says washroom again, rudra says i mean you should be in your room most of the time,

paro says you should worry about me till you are with me i am safe as i am important to make your lie a truth, rudra leaves from there.

Scene 2
sumer and chachi have kidnapped thakur’s man, chachi shows him picture of paro , he says parvati, chachi says why are you searching for her, he says thakur tejawat is searching for her, chachi says did she stole his hoes why he is finding, he says she is like hid daughter, chachi says to sumer that now we have to go to thakur. Inside maithili tells her intro to thakurain, she says i will make you meet mohini maa, she calls mohini to see someone has come, thakurain hides, mohini says i dont have special glasses to see invisible, rudra crosses thakurain but she doesn see him. Chach comes to thakurain, she says i want to meet him once, he says try to understand, things are not under control, leave from here i will make him meet you at right time, she says did you gave bangles to my bahu, he agrees, she ask rudra is fine, chacha says should i drop you home, she says i will leave. she is leaving and bumps with dilsher who falls on ground, she gives him his crutch and is about to leave, he says will you not say sorry ? she leaves from there, chachi comes ther and says are you waiting for you wife, but she has gate to leave from this home only, she has left and will not come, dilsher says enough, i remember she left 15 years back, i hurts but why it gives you pleasure she was you sister too so it s thing of your defamation too, she says it was my win not defaming that she was perfect for all, she was perfect daughter, wife mother and now all hates her, you, her son and maybe my parents too, this gives me peace and today you got fruits of what you did, you remember it.

Scene 3
thaukrain comes back, thakur comes to her and says in night, my wife went outside and you think i will be sleeping, she says dont ask me anything for sometime, he says i know where you went, you went to chandangarh, i told you to not go there to find paro but you didnt listen to me, she says i went to chandangarh its true but not for paro but to see my son, he is there, thakur is shocked.
laila says to rudra that i didnt hurt that paro, tell me one thing, i was around you from 8 year and you didnt took 8 days to go to that paro, he says what is this madness, laila says i have gone crazy for you, she will not be able to live happy life with you, just hold my hand once, rudra says you have no right on me, he says you dont know why all these ritauls are happening, just leave from here, she says her name is parvati, i promise you that rudra and parvati name will never become one, i will not forget her now.

Scene 4
Thakur says your son, she says you must remember that i had one son which i left behind, life with you was like heaven but memories were worst that i left my son, he says i am feeling guilty, tell me did you meet him? she says no, he hugs her and says we will go to him tomorrow and i will ask forgiveness from him, she says we cant meet him as he is getting married, thakur says thats good thing, she says i listened that he looks good, thakur says afterall he is your son, she says his eyes are just like me, he ask his name, she says rudra pratap ranawat, he fumes.

PRECAP- chachi is infront of thakur, she says paro is getting married but she is not interested, she is afraid of rudra, thakura ask what name, she says rudra pratap ranawat, she says i can make your weather right, i can give you girl, he ask what you want in return? she says my nephew

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice episode bt dont like precap i pray rudra and paro marriage will happen

  2. nice episode..i love this serial…

  3. Good episode but less parud scenes:-(

  4. rudra paro -chemistry superb nice pair
    Intresting episode

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