Rang Rasiya 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
mystery man makes guard unconscious who was with paro, rudra sees it and runs towards mandir. the mystery man comes in mandir where paro is busy doing puja, rudra comes there, man approaches paro, rudra is tensed. man is about to put hand on paro’s shoulder but rudra grabs his hand, puts hand on his mouth and takes him from there, puja is finished, mala ask where is guard, paro says maybe outside, they see rudra with man out of mandir, paro ask what are you doing rudra, rudra says he is the one who tried to put acid on you paro, who dare you to attack my paro.
in bsd, aman tells rudra that this man was in jail and he was released few days back, rudra says bastrad he was taking revenge from my wife, rudra goes home.

Scene 2
shtabdi comes to ranawat haveli, samrat

comes to her and ask her what are you doing here, she says I came to meet you, sumer comes there too, samrat ask sumer to ask her to go from here, I don’t want Maithili to see her and gets upset, mohini comes to Maithili in room and ask her to go in hall and see the pickle.
shtabdi ask who is Maithili, sumer says she is cow, she is very close to samrat, she is possesive about samrat, shtabdi says I will kick her out once I com in this house,
samrat comes to mohini and ask what shtabdi is doing here, mohini ask what? I didn’t call her here, samrat says I told you to say no to them but why did you call her here, mohini says I didn’t and also I asked Maithili to go in hall, mohini rushes to hall.
Maithili comes in hall, shtabdi ask sumer who is she, he ask Maithili to to inside, Maithili says but mohini asked me to come in hall, sumer is tensed, shatbdi ask rates about pickle, Maithili says I sell one bucket for 500rs , , mohini comes there and ask Maithili to go inside, samrat calls Maithili and Maithili answers that she is coming, she goes inside, shtabdi ask why this girl answered when Maithili(thinking cow) is called, sumer says to mohini that shtabdi got to know about Maithili, mohini beats him, sumer says she got to know Maithili is cow of this house, mohini controls her laugh, shtabdi says I will throw this cow out when I get married to samrat, mohini says I also want same and ask shtabdi to go from here, they send her from house and have a laugh that Maithili is cow, mohini calls shtabdi’s father and ask him to control his daughter, she cant come here like this. Maithili and samrat comes in hall, Maithili says I brought pickle bucket for that lady, where she gone? shtabdi comes back and says I forgot to take pickle, she takes pickle from Maithili and says papa will pay money, Maithili ask who papa? mohini acts like cow is coming so shtabdi runs from there.

SCene 2
mala, rudra and paro comes back to home, rudra says don’t worry, I have locked him up, paro says you don’t need to say that, I know when you are with me, nothing can happen to me, you will always protect me, she leaves, mala says she is right, every mother wants her son to be big person, to be strong person and when I see you today, I feel proud, I am happy that I gave birth to a child who doesn’t do anything wrong and cant do anything wrong, she is about to caress his face but doesn’t, she says today a mother is proud, very proud that you are my son, she leaves, rudra is tensed.
at night, paro comes to mala and ask you are awake and why are doing embroidery, mala says I have to gift this to rudra tomorrow, paro ask why tomorrow? mala says you don’t know? paro laughs and says dilsher told me that tomorrow is rudra’s birthday, mala says rudra used to be anexious about his birthday in childhood, paros says we should do something different this time for rudra, mala ask why your eyes are naughty, paro tells mala her plan.

Scene 3
paro comes in room, rudra gets birthday greeting message, paro ask whose call is this at night? rudra says its message from my friend, its 12 O’clock, paro says so what, paro says oh he must be congratulating you as you captured a goon today, rudra says its not about that, actually today is my.. paro doesn’t give attention to him, rudra says leave it, paro smiles. rudra says dilsher didn’t told you about tomorrow, paro ask what about tomorrow, rudra says don’t do drama, you went to market to but cloths for tomorrow, paro says I went to market to but your cloths as your cloths are old, also I am nt the wife to splurge on things, she lies down to sleep, rudra thinks did she forget about my birthday, paro calss him, rudra gets happy that she will wish him, paro says please turn off the lights, rudra just cant handle it, paro smiles broadly.

SCene 4
in morning, maithili gives aarti to rudra, rudra says you remember about today, she says obviously, you captured a goon so all are happy today. dilsher ask rudra whats date today, rudra says see in newspaper, dilsher says oh its 4th july, year is passing quickly, rudra is frustrated that he doesn’t remember his Bday too, paro comes there and says you came, I have made your favourite food, rudra says thank god you remember it, he is about to take food but paro says its for danveer, danveer ask rudra if you want you can take some food, rudra leaves from there, paro goes behind him and ask him to come home early, rudra ask why, she says I know yur 1st wife is your work but please come early today, ok if you don’t want then don’t come, rudra says ok I will come, he leaves, paro and all laughs.
rudra comes in bsd and ask where is aman, soldier says aman took leave today, rudra thinks that nobody is remembering my birthday, I am not asking to make me cut the cake but atleast they can wish me and even paro doesn’t remember it, aman comes to him, rudra says you were on leave today, aman says we have to go to border as my bike is there, rudra residengly agrees to go with him, they are leaving bsd when rudra gets call from real mystery man, man says you didn’t see your wife today, she is busy making food for you, I can see your wife as I am in your house, your wife is making food but maybe she will not be able to complete it.

PRECAP- the real mystery comes in paro’s room, his face is shown now, he points pistol at paro who is asleep, he says one should fulfill two things in life, one love and 2nd hatred, he fires bullet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. Oh my god .I love rudra and paro verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much.

  5. it was quit awesome yaar.paro u should not act like this.first u did this with arnav and now rudra .oh no this is not fair yaar.plz do something big for his birthday.and who is mystery man.really it is vishal or someond else.egar to c him.and thank for update.

  6. Paroo is gorgeous…….
    she has got some blessings from god….
    first she do magic with Arnav singh raizadha as kushi kumari guptha singh raizadha………
    now with rudhra prathap raanawath as paroo Rudra……….
    she is smthng magical…..

  7. hey ava yarunu kamigapaa twist vachu bore panatheega
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