Rang Rasiya 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rana says to rudra she knows you weel, make good food, you should marry her. You killed her husband, she is not going, you are not letting her go so marry her, only rope will be changed. Rudra says sleep. Rana says if she will be there your life will be cut easily, rudra says enough you told me something about girls, he leaves.
In haveli, thakur gets to know that paro is alive, he doesnt believe, thakurain listens and ask she is alive? ervant says she is alive, thakurain says parvati bai is alive, where did you see her? he says she was in bus going to chandangarh in early morning. thakurain ask why was she going to cahndangarh, thakurain gets emotional and pleads to thakur to bring paro back alive. Thakur says listen to me, i want to believe this news too, but

that bomb blast in which paro and you also know about it, i confirmed postmortem report. Truth is bitter and you have to accept it, she ask about that man, thakur says people will come and say rubbish to get money. He ask her to understand, thakurain looks down and says i will get water for you, thakur is in thoughts.

Scene 2
Rudra comes to paro’s room, they look at each other, he closes the door and comes inside. HE opens cupboard and gives paro bedsheet and pillow to sleep, he takes out his shirt, paro hesitatingly ask what are you doing? and turns her back being shy, he changes uniform and wears kurta, he takes knife in his hand and looks at paro. Rudra comes closer to paro and shows her knife, paro says i am not afraid of you, he holds her hands and cut the rope, he ask dont you understand? you have started knowing everything so know this too. He goes on bed and sleeps while paro stands confused. She ask will you sleep in same room? rudra says you will go to hell so i am training you. you will regret coming back. she ask where i will sleep? he says you can sleep anywhere, you challenged me, accepted this room so its your right to sleep anywhere. Paro places bedsheet at one corner of room, rudra looks on. Paro looks at her cloths and opens cupboard. rudra stops her and ask what are doing? paro says i cant carry this dress anymore as its bridal dress and i am widow. Rudra gives her pant shirt. Paro tries to look in his cupboard rudra says i didnt permit you to touch my clothes. Paro says i cant wear this, he says my cupboard will not contain ghagra, he ask her to change this only. paro sits, rudra’s phone rings, he goes out to attend the call.

Scene 3
Chachi says tha in business one need to be clever and if he is not then he will fail. Smarat says i know, chachi says then why pardoned chuahan, sumer says you gave him things for 3 lakhs which is of worth 5 lakh. Samrat says chauhan has done many things for us so i need to br cooperative with him, chachi says its all your father’s fault. Sumer says i will train my nephew, chachi says its all dreams and they dnt have ability to give birth to child or raise him up, if two melons were together for this much time they would have gave a small melon but these two. DIL listens and bowl falls from her hands, samrat gives her back, chachi ask from where we will get these 2 lakhs, sumer says dont worry. He thinks once i sale this haveli then i will go to big city.

Scene 4
Paro is not able to sleep and goes, she comes after changing her clothes. rana
comes and is chocking, paro gives him inhaler, he looks at paro and smiles and ask her to sleep. he goes out. Paro falls on bedsheet and smiles, she looks at illuminating mirror and sees her funny car-tonic face, she makes faces and smiles, she looks at loose sleeves in mirror(such a cute scene, sanaya’s smile <3 ) Scene 5 rudra is eating food while laila is moving hand fan, she ask him to eat slowly i am here only, he goes away, she comes and says i keep waiting for you and you never attend my call and comes like a storm, she puts hands around his neck. He says i want clothes, girls cloth, she gets angry and ask for whom? rudra say not to question. she says 8 years i never looked on another man because and you are asking for clothes for some girl and if you talk about some girl than i have to question you and you have to answer me, she says to never try to love someone else else this dancing girl will convert in biting girl. PRECAP- In rana’s home its dark, someone is sneaking out, rudra comes home. someone falls on other and they both scream.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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