Rang Rasiya 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 31st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra shouts on paro to go, he says its not your house, how dare you come in kitchen, i told you clearly that i dont wanna see your shadow even paro says i told you clearly that i will not go, rudra says look at me and say again, she looks in his eyes and says i will not go, he is stunned, rudra says if i want then i will hold your hand and throw you out, paro extends her hand, rudra is stunned.. he goes out fuming. in night, paro comes to dilsher, rudra is sitting there, she sit near dilsher’s feet, rudra looks at rukraksh in paro’s hand and says its mine, how you got it? paro says when you held it in mela trying to stop me from going with tejawat, your ruraksh got attached with me, then you were not with me but your rudraksh helped me saving my life, i will not give it you

till you forgive me, he is about to go, paro says i made herbal remedy, she applies it on dilsher’s feet and says it makes man stand on his feet. i didnt mix poison in it, he sits infront of her and says politely what are you doing, i shouted on you, i asked you to leave, i warned you but you didnt listen to me, why are you doing this, and this rudraksh thing that you will not give till i not forgive you, why this forgiveness matters to you alot? he makes her stand. paro says i want forgiveness but its eating me inside that you think that i did that with bapu, believe me i cant do this, rudra says why you want me to believe? who i am to you? why you want forgiveness from this devil paro says dont say like this, you are my savior i was wrong saying you devil, it matters to me, how you can ask what you are to me, you are my… she stops and looks at him, he is stunned, (rr music plays). he goes out and thinks about her words. paro thinks he was right what is he to me, whats happening to me, please answer me God.

Scene 2
in morning, rudra comes to dilsher and sees paro sleeping in his feet, he goes to cupboard, paro wakes up. rudra packs money, maithili comes to dilsher, paro ask about rudra, she stops her and says can your believe that i put fire in his room, mailthili says no, the girl who put her life in danger, who understood my pain, i have questions but sunehri herself saw you, she cant lie about you, i know her, why she will lie, she made realtion with you as sister, she saw you on bridal dress, i wish my convince me but my mind cant ignore reality, she goes out.
sumer comes mohini and says i want money she says i have placed tree of money in hall take from it in evening, he says i will earn it, she alughs and says you never did anything, tau is alive and that girl is also in house, you did nothing, she fumes and says never talk to me like this, danveer gives them parsad and goes, she says before taunting me go and earn some money, he says you also before taunting me do something which i can look upto.

Scene 3
paro is with dilsher, prudra comes there with bag and says last night i thought alot about your words, i believe that you have regretion and i have place in your life, paro says you have, rudra says have to see how much you can go to reach to my forgiveness, paro says i can go to any length but just give me forgiveness, he takes her to hall where all are present, he says you all know that paro wants forgivenness from me i am ready to give it but she has to do something only then i will believe her, she herself said that she will do whatever i say, paro says yes, he says now you all are witness, he goes infront of lord and takes sindoor box, he opens it infront of paro, mohini murmurs whats this new drama, rudra says will you marry me? paro is stunned, he says what ? you said only that you will accept my any demand, answer me, will you marry… sumer. all are shocked. he ask yes or no? mohini says what joke is this, my sumer will say no, rudra ask sumer to open bag, he opens and sees money in it, rudra says its 3lakhs, i will give you 10lakhs more, you wanna go jaipur then go but just take that girl from here, mohini says you cant buy him he is not vegetable, sumer says when i have to marry? rudra smiles and says today only, sumer says i am ready. rudra says will give more money after marriage, he gives him sindoor box, rudra says groom is ready, he ask paro are you ready? he says should i take your silence as no? what about that regretion, what about that thing which was eating you inside, what about fire inside you because of my doubt? paro is in tears.

PRECAP- paro is crying, sumer says i geniunely want to marry you dont cry i am here, he is abput to wipe her tears but rudra holds his hand and ask what are you doing? sumer says was wiping tears of my would be wife, rudra says she didnt says yes till now, you go. paro looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor paro..hw can he do dis 2 her…

  2. wht a surprising episode pls rudra marry with paro instead sumer

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