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Scene 1
samrat says I am married, mohini says with that girl, who cant give you child, who is unlucky to you, sumer says maasa is right, bhabhi is good but.. samrat says don’t talk inbetween, you are younger, samrat says mohini she is your DIL, you cant say like this and happiness is that when you are being respected and loved by your wife, I am happy with Maithili and this will not happen and can this new girl give you certificate that she will give me child and too a boy, he leaves, sumer says he has got the point.
paro and Maithili are waiting fro their husbands, sunehri says I am feeling hungry, when will they come, Maithili ask her to go and does the puja and eat then, paro says dilsher said that stove will not lit today so they all went to eat outside. sunehri and all comes in

madir and does puja, sunehri prays that god give me husband in uniform, Maithili says she has only one wish to get husband in uniform. they have a laugh.
all women comes in hall, sunehri eats and sit on swing, she ask all to sit on swing, light goes off, paro sit on swing and sunehri falls, all laughs, Maithili and sunehri goes to see light. paro says I will also go, mala says no, you are hurt so stay here, are you afraid? paro says I wil be afraid when I will have to ask rudra to break the fast, sunehri falls outside, paro says I will go and see, mala says no, paro says you are saying that I cant go in my house anywhere, mala says ok I will go and see. paro is sitting on swing, its dark in hall and diyas are all around the house, paro is waiting fro rudra, the mysterious man comes from behind, paro thinks its rudra and says you came, where is my gift, he puts hand on her shoulder, paro feels weird but smiles, paro ask why are you not saying anything, did you get to know that I had fast, man whispers in paro’ ears that happy 1st teej paro, may GOd give long life to your husband, paro turns to sees his face, when rudra opens the gate and comes there, he says paro, paro turns and looks at him, paro runs to rudra and hugs him. the mysterious man(look like in uniform) looks at them. mala comes there, rudra sees the man and runs behind him, all comeback, danveer is about to go behind rudra but dilsher says that rudra will see him, don’t go. rudra is running behind the man but man throws color in rudra’s eyes and runs, rudra grabs the man again but is sumer now, sumer says I came now, rudra says that man ran away.

Scene 2
in hall, all are present, rudra thanks mala for taking care of paro, he ask paro are you fine, she nods, he ask paro to tell whole thing, paro tells that I was sitting on swing, mala went outside to see sunehri then that man came from behind and whispered in my ears that happy teej, rudra ask paro to come in room, mala says sorry, rudra you believed me and gave me the responsibility but I went out leaving her alone, It was my fault, I am really sorry. rudra says I shouldn’t have any hope from you, dilsher ask him to shut, rudra says he was very clever, he dodged me and ran away so how she could handle him, it was my fault to leave paro alone, he takes paro inside the room.
paro and rudra comes in room, apro ask him to bring first aid, rudr asyas you said that you are fine, paro says bring it, rudra brings, paro does his aid, paro says you seem so worried, what it is tell me, I promise I will not panic but tell me, I am feeling restless, tell me. rudra tells him about doll and how he got the call, he says when you were attacked with acid, it was not random but you were the target of that, paro hugs him, rudra says you said that you will not panic, paro says I am not afraid, you don’t get tension, fear and you cant be together, if you are with me then I have no fear, so don’t take tension, outside mohini ask can anybody tell me who came in haveli, paro says rudra you should talk to family, they are our family and they are worried so you should go and assure them, Maithili comes and says I am with paro here, you go out and talk with family, rudra goes out.

Scene 3
rudra comes in hall and informs all that don’t worry, nothing happened, that man is behind us mainly on paro but I will catch that man, mohini says wow we are afraid here and you are saying to relax, the man can attack my children too why are you not catching him, rudra say oh I forget to ask you, rudra says mohini you had problem with me and my wife since start so you or your son(sumer) can be behind it. mohini says you are doubting me, rudra says not only you but on sumer too, rudra says think the person who entered here knew everything about haveli so this means a family member is supporting him and you both are suspect only, mohini ask danveer to say something he is alleging me, rudra says what he will say when all fingers are pointed to you, danveer says its not the time to fight with each other, mohini says I didn’t o anything, she is about to swear on sumer but he ask her to not do so but she forcefully swear on sumer that she didn’t do anything, rudra says I have placed guards outside but be careful and remember don’t let this news go out of house, nobody should know what happened here, dilsher ask about paro, rudra says she is fine, I didn’t expect her to be strong enough but she is bravely facing everything. dilsher ask rudra to go to paro, he goes.

Scene 4
samrat is thinking about mohini’s words that Maithili can never give you child, Maithili comes there and ask him why is he silent, you came late and not saying anything, samrat ask him to do the puja, she does his aarti and touches his feet, samrat makes her eat but Maithili ask him to eat 1st as you have fast too, you do fast every year for me, samrat says no and makes her eat 1st then eats,samrat says to Maithili we will live our life with each other, we don’t need any third person with us, not even child, Maithili kisses his hand and says its complete for me, I don’t need any 3rd person, you are with me but why are you saying this, samrat says I just wanted to say, they hug, sumer comes there and says wow samrat you came home very fast, tell me which train runs very fast, ok I will tell you, shandhami express(sorry don’t know the meaning).

PRECAP- samrat tells Maithili that I have grudge of hiding one thing from you, yesterday mohini didn’t take me for some business but she made me meet one girl for my second marriage, Maithili is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Plz. ….faaaaast

  3. It’s “shatabdi express” . the girl that he went to see, her name was “shatabadi” which is also a train.
    it would be great if the director focuses on some social issues at hand, like Paro’s cousin who was sold accross the border. That would be interesting to watch.

  4. it was good but it may more good too.plz con more on paro rudra.thank for update

  5. The new negative role (played by vishal karwal ) is a psychotic stalker who is after rudra and paro. He is paro’s first (fake) husband’s brother and he has come to avenge his brother’s death. He will be waiting for a chance to take revenge from rudra and paro.

  6. Later samrat will agree for his second marriage. ( maybe maithili asks him to do so )

  7. samrat should stand up to his massa she is wrong in what she is doing with him – no second marriage let maithili and paro fall pregnant that will shut up massa she is wicked – her husband is week not standing up to her either dont spoil the storlines like all other serials where there is no sense to storlines at least here you see start and finish episode – it does not drag on and on with one story track unlike sattiya

  8. Plzzz update fast it’s too long

  9. paro was nice and she was gorgeous.

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