Rang Rasiya 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 28th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro looks at rudra and dilsher sleeping, she comes to rudra and places cushion under his head, she looks at him sleeping peacefully, she checks dilsher and says he has fever, she goes to check pan, rudra comes in kitchen, she takes on her veil and whats is he doing here, she starts washing dishes, rudra looks at her and goes to fridge, she thinks he must have not eaten anything, he didnt eat from yesterday, she goes to him, she takes some vegetables, rudra says i am not hungry but paro points to wait for a while. paro starts making food, she points that it will take 3 minutes then food will be ready, rudra thanks her, paro smiles. mohini comes to dilsher’s room, she says i am not sinner but sometimes it is important to do sin and you are lying straight on bed so whats the need

to live, she is about to take of his oxygen mask, paro comes there, she hides behind side table, paro places wet cloth n his head. rudra is making rotis in kitchen, mailthili comes there and says i will make it, she says you make good sabzi rudra says that maid made it. paro is with dilsher, mohini is fuming. she goes out. rudra is eating qiuckly, mparo comes there, maithili says seems like you make good food, he is enjoying it, paro smiles. rudra is about to take bowl of sabzi, paro takes it and serves him food, rudra sees R written on her hand with mehndi, he holds her hand, maithili looks on. paro tries to take it.

Scene 2
mohini gets up to do her work but her dupatta get stuck in table. rudra takes off veil of paro, he is shocked to see its paro, he says what are you doing here, he says bapusa, he runs to his room, mohini is about to take his mask but rudra comes in running and ask is bapu alright, mohini says yes, he ask about her? she says i came to check as girl was not here, rudra murmurs paro, he goes out in hall, paro ask bapu alright, he says i told you to not cpme, you came to kill him, chacha says she came to take care of him, chachi says you have got guts, you did a big sin and came here again, rudra turns and says i not allowed you to talk, he is my bapu and i can finish all his problem you saty out, he ask paro to go out, chacha says think about her, rudra says you are taking her side, he says you are with her or me, chacha is silent, rudra says to paro that i am feeling suffocated with your presence, i cant bear just go from here, paro doesnt budge, he says you will not understand, he takes her hand and comes to gate, paro says enough i know i was wrong i thought you are wrong, i did mistakes but how can i hurt a man who was with me every time he said me daughter, think there must be some reason that i came back stated infront of world about tejawat, i accepted my mistake, how can i hurt.. i accept that hurt you, i attacked you from behind, i am very sorry for that, i am living with guilt that i hurt that man who was my savior, i am here only to prove that i am sorry about what i did, she folds her hand and says to forgive me, please take this weight from heart, i was not willing to come in this house but bapu said that your and mine relation is a lie but i made real relations with that fake relation, she goes to maithili and says jija maithili samrat, i am sorry to all of you, believe me i didnt do anything, rudra says stop doing drama, you know my anger best, before i am out of control go out, she looks at everyone and starts leaving, she sits on gate and says i will not leave till you forgive, rudra says go, paro says kill me, throw me but i will find ways to come here and you know how stubborn i am, rudra says parooooo, he gets call and leaves hall, mohini says weather is weird of this house, sumer says her weather will not be good, he says go out else.. chacha stops him and says to not do drama bhai health is not good, mohini says what about her? chacha says we all listened to her decision, chachi says this is not an orphanage, chaca says its my brother’s house, she will not leave will stay here, he ask maithili samrat sumer and sunehri to go in their room, he ask mohini lets go in room.

Scene 3
in night, rudra comes to dilsher and says singh sir called me and said that i am free from all charges and i am going to get medal for this mission, remember when i was thrown out of school, you came to meet teacher, she said that i am of on use, always fighting, you said that to tell something new, teacher said that your son will do nothing, you looked at her angrily and said you cant predict future, one day my son will someday do something that i will be proud and you will be shut, you were right that day came bapu, you were right, i did something, a lost man became winner, tomorrow when governor will come to put medal on my chest then you have to see me with proud face, i dont want any scuffle just get up.

Scene 4
paro is sitting at gate, danveer comes there and gives her blanket, he blesses her and leaves. paro is in kitchen, rudra comes there and ask what are you doing here, why didnt you go? what are you making? paro is not answering, he throws utensil and says go from here, paro is doing her work, he shouts what you think its a game, go from here.

PRECAP- rudra says to paro that its not your house, i told you clearly to leave, paro says i also said clearly that i will not leave, rudra says if i want then i will hold your hand and throw you out, paro extends her hand, rudra is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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