Rang Rasiya 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 28th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra comes to his father, his father says so you came, you remembered me, your old father, rudra throws his drinks and packs hi stuffs. His father says i brought you u rudra says by making me eat poison and burnt potatoes. His father ask did you find your mother? tell me she must have welcomed you saying my son my son. Rudra says lets go home, father says i will not go there, i will not. Rudra says i am not that bad and you are not that good, i will take you by force if you will not come on your own, ranawat says i am your father, rudra says give me chance to prove that i can be good son too.
In haveli, chacha ask chachi to be calm and he is son without mother so be polite, chachi says i didnt let her mother run, she says let my sons then they will crush him.

her room, paro sees a mirror which have illusion and shows many faces, she looks at it and smiles then remembers her miseries and her smile fades.
Outside, chachi’s son summit and samrat comeback, summit shouts where is he, he made our house border line. chachi says he took your room too, summit says how dare he, i will see hi. He picks stick and start breaking the lock of his room, chacha tries to stop him but he doesnt, he opens the lock of paro’s room and is about to open the door but rudra stops him and says stay away from my room, summit says its my room. Rudra remembers how in school summit use to taunt him and they use to fight, summit says our talk remained unfinished in childhood i use to feel bad, he says what you still remembers my taunts. Rudra grabs him by collar, he throws him in hall, chacha says to summit he is your brother, summit says my only brother is samrat, i dont believe in fake relations. they start to fight while all family members tries to stop them. chacha stops them and says he is son of my brother so your brother too, he must have some reason that he came here. summit says yes when his mother ran away.. chacha slaps him hard, summit is shocked. Rudra goes and locks paro’s room, chacha says to rudra lets eat something, chachi says kitchen isnt on his side. Rudra tells chacha ranawat is outside. They goes out. Outside ranawat says i will not go inside. chacha comes and says i waited for you a long time, lets come inside, tou are ram. ranawat says i am not ram, chacha says my ram is you only. rana gets out and fall..scold..hug..nt remember.. kaan

Scene 2
In haveli, summit says to chachi why will we be silent, smarat says we built this house so its ours. Chachi says he is in BSD, samrat says our father is in BSD too, chachi says he is common officer while Rudra seems to be major and this haveli is on rana’s name and we should find why he came back. Rana and rudra comes. Chachi greets him and says so you came atlast, as you and rudra remain together whether its going or coming back, she ask her sons to take blessing, rana says no need. Chachi says no you are elder to us, she touches his feet and his crutches and says your crutches didnt change. She ask her sons to take blessings. They do so. Chachi says he is your taya and KHALU too but dont ask about your KHALA as she doesnt live with him for long time now. She ask rudra where will rana live on your side or on our? rudra fumes. He holds rana to provide support but rana jerks away his hand, rudra forcefully takes him and goes. Chachi says to chacha why are you angry i didnt call dilsher and took blessing too. She says i will put milk on their feet, so tomoroow come with 5 kilo milk, 2 for rudra,s feet, 2 for rana’s feet and 1 for rana’s crutch. she ask him to not slap again his son

Scene 3
Rudra comes in his room with rana and couldnt find paro, rana says whats that? rudra looks and sees paro sitting on roof of cupboard, he ask why are you sitting there? get down, rana says you didnt invite me in your marriage too? rudra and paro looks at him. Rudra ask her why is she sitting there, paro says there was mouse in this room . Rudra ask her to get down, she starts to get down, rudra comes to help her but paro says i will come down myself. Rudra grabs her and takes her down, she is rudra’s arms and they look at each other(RR songp plays).

PRECAP- Rudra says to paro Sorry i couldnt find any proof that you were involved in all this so you are free to go, he gives her food. Paro sits to eat, rudra sits and make her eat with his hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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