Rang Rasiya 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 27th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Paro looks at her bangles … n recollects Rudra putting them on her arm..! She is about to remove them but seeing Sunehri comes outside the room ..! She is walking in the alley and sits on the parapet ..! She removes all the bangles and cries..! Rudra is fast asleep in his room ..! Paro sings… ‘Jyot jala de..heli sun re ramji .. RangRasiya tu.. Manbasiya tu’ ..! Rudra wakes up with a start..! He is in shock and .. confused..! He gets out of the bed and walks out of his room and finds Paro singing..! He screams on her. .n she gets up with a start.. dropping all the bangles..! Rudra says this song.. where did u learn this from? Why were u singing this song? Paro says.. it gives me peace of mind and strength n reminds me of happier days..! Rudra says..

and this hurts me.. n i dun wanna remember those days.. ! He says. .u wont sing this song.. thats it..! Rudra walks away..! Paro says.. jallad..!

Rudra slams the door of his room shut and recollects his childhood .. his mom (Thakurain) singing ..it to him at bed..! How he as a kid asked her to sing the song.. for him again..and she would sing..! Rudra breaksdown..! Thakurain looks at Rudras pic and is crying..! Tejawat comes and says.. took a lot of time to come..where did u go? Thakurain says.. had some work.. had taken driver along! Tejawat says … still ur wet? What happened.. what was so urgent? He turns her around and says.. ur hiding something from me..what is it? Thakurain breaksdown and Tejawat asks the matter? She says.. will tell u later..for now..just hug me.. ! Tejawat keeps hugging her …and wonders the matter!

Part 2

Danveer ( Rudra’s uncle) knocks on Paro’s room and she opens it and says Sunehri has gone out..! Danveer says … know that..came to apologize to u for whatever is happening here.. for this marriage..and gives her gold ornaments ..that belonged to Rudras mom! Paro says already worn them before.. then why now? Danveer says..these ..she had made for her daughter in law and kept separately ..! Danveer says.. keep it without any questions ..was told to keep it for Rudra’s would be bride..! He says .. no matter what.. u will be Rudra’s wife..! He says.. dun wear it. .but keep it..! Danveer leaves from there! Paro looks at it.. its a bangle with butterfly (titli) engraved on it..! She says.. have seen a bangle like this somewhere else too..! She is unable to recall..!

All are laufing and smiling.. and Rudra comes all decked up..and wonders what is going on? Mohini says.. want all to see Paro..! Maithli offers him sharbat but he refuses! He asks Mohini what is going on and where is Paro? Mohini says.. marriage is in few days.. all this is not for u .. but for village folks..! Maithli points to Paro ..n Rudra looks up ..! BG – RangRasiya.! Sunehri helps Paro to cover her face.. n Rudra says. .am there with her..! He tells Paro quietly ..that.. ensure to keep ur face covered at all times! Mohini comes to them and says this ritual is about showing face to village folks ..! She is about to lift Paros veil when Rudra stops and says. .no one will see her face before our wedding..! All say… either she is too shy or u r too possesive..! Rudra says.. she is bride and i am groom ..so no one will see her face.. without my consent. .not even sun .. nor even sand..! Mohini walks off fuming.. n says.. let celebrations start..!

All dancers come and celebrate on ‘mari ghumar’ ..! Mohini smirks.. u can show ur… power to sun and sand. .but what about winds? When they blow … all things change..! The dancers take Paro on the dance floor and make her dance..! Mohini switches the table fan on and Paro’s veil blows off..! Rudra leaps forward and holds the veil in time and covers Paro’s face back..! Mohini grinds her teeth!

Part 3

Rudra and Paro are standing under the veil and he says.. told u not to show ur face and Paro says.. told u .. wont listen to u..! Rudra says..it was an order.. u were to follow..! Paro says wont! Sunehri comments. .that .. u prevented all to see Paro’s face but urself.. looking at her .. in front of all? All tease Rudra.. and he keeps quiet! He glares at Mohini …! Mohini changes stand and says time for jhaki ..all are waiting.. u gonna come Rudra? He says yes…! All say.. god bless this love..! Rudra says.. u culd have said no.. n Paro says.. wuld have.. and Rudra says.. its ur destiny to be with me!

Tejawats men spread all around the village to search for Paro..! Mohini introes all to PaRud and taunts how he doesnt want anyone to see Paros face.. ! One of Tejawats men ..wonders if the veiled bride is Paro? He tails PaRud ..!

Precap — An elderly lady says.. to PaRud (Paro has removed her veil) wow keeping an eye on ur soon to be groom from now itself? Laila sees PaRud and fumes..! The lady blesses PaRud saying .. may God keep u both happy forever..! Mohini is fuming.!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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