Rang Rasiya 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 26th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra is sleeping in paro’s lap, he blabbers in sleep that dont leave me maa, i am good boy, dont leave. paro consoles him that its just a dream, calm down, she caresses is forehead (music plays), she sleeps too. chachi comes house and says i get peace in home, she says to samrat that what was the need to stay in hospital, samrat ask sunehri you were in mela why did you came back, she says i forgot my earrings so came back and saw it all. maithili says i amo not understanding things, hey were about to come together but paro came alone and this happened with dilsher, mohini says she sent us did that with dilsher and came to mela, we were busy in things, samrat says tejawat came in mela, mohini says i knew it that she will not marry rudra, wasted our money, samrat says hope dilsher

life’s is safe.

Scene 2
in morning, rudra wakes up and sees himself in paro’s lap, she too wakes up, he gets up and ask what is she doing here? paro says you got wound in hand, he says leave it, paro says you were in bad state last night, he says stay away from me, paro says you said me to stay here last night, rudra looks at her, he calls aman and says to look for tejawat, i dont have anything to do with his wife but arrest him, paro says i know thakur is wrong but thakurain maasa is innocent, she is not involved in all this, she doesnt do anything wrong believe me, thakur said this to me that she doesnt know anything, rudra looks at paro, he ask why are you calling her maasa, paro says she is like my mother, she made learn all things, how to love, how to be with truth, how to do puja of bhole nath, rudra says enough, he ask peon to bring tea, he is restless, paro looks at him, he is seeing files, peon gives him tea, he cant concentrate and gets up tea falls and cup breaks, paro says not to take it you got wound i will pick glasses. rudra opens his bandage and start picking up pieces, paro says will you not go to hospital, rudra calls peon and says to take her to different room give her food but take her away.

Scene 3
rudra is sleeping, paro comes with food, rudra says whats all this, paro says you havnt eaten anything since morning, he says stop this, you were not able to kill my father so you thought to kill this devil 1st, did you mix poison, she says niether i put poison nor fire, she eats food and says now you believe me, now you can eat, she goes out, aman comes and says tejawat’s man said that thakur writes everything in diray we have to search for it, he says if you dont want to go then.. rudra says i will go to his haveli, aman says i think paro is not involved in what happened to your father.

Scene 4
paro comes to mandir, she says to bhole nath that the one who protected me from everything believes that i am culprit, how to make him believe that i didnt do anything, pundit ask whats problem, she says he thinks i tried to kill his father, i cant do like this, i can die for someone but cant kill anybody, i cant do this in dream, what should i do, pundit says bhole nath know answer of every question, pundit says bhole nath is innocent but he has anger when somebody evils come then see his anger and his avatar is called rudra, once he became angry with parvati ji, paro says parvati? pundit says she did a mistake shiv became angry then parvati followed him everywhere, she kept asking forgives, kept begging him, kept pleading her innocence, paro ask did he forgave her?
in headquarter rudra says you dont know these beautiful ladies, when we were trainee we were given lesson to stay away from beautiful flowers same is with beautuful ladies, they are poison, they doesnt care about anybody, they just know how to hurt, what she did with me and my father i cant forgive her, never.
paro says he didnt forgave parvati, pundit says bhole was very angry, how much parvati tried he became more angry but in end, paro ask what, he says he may have anger but he is innocent too, by parvati’s care he became soft, paro ask did bhole forgave parvati, pundit says he cant be angry with her whole life, paro says yes he cant be, he ask paro to tie this bell, shiv will listen to you, you will be forgiven

scene 5
rudra and aman comes to thakur’s haveli, he ask aman to go, he looks at thakurain’s pic and thinks why i came here, he says i am not waiting for you, i came here to tell you that i am not afraid to come infront of you, to come here where you lived so many days, i wanted to see what you became after leaving your son , i am not afraid.
he comes in their aman is checking cupboard and throws cloth, rudra gets thakurain’s saree he caresses it and recalls past, how he was sleeping and called maa, she says my king wake up, she says i will bring milk for you, he says i will not drink, she says i will leave then, she leaves the room, he runs after her calling maa, flashbacks ends, rudra sits down being emotional, he takes album and sees thakur thakurain’s pictures, he in enraged, he see one pic of paro and thakurain together and remembers paro saying that she made her learn everything and she is like mother. he crushes picture, aman says i got the diary, it will help us in case, rudra says lets leave then

Scene 6
chach is dilsher in house, samrat says why you bruoght him here, he says he will get fed up of medicine’s smell, samrat says we will take care of him, he ask about rudra, chacha says he went to mandir to bring parsad. paro in mandir prays that to make rudra forgive her, make him believe that i didnt do anything with his father, she prays to show her path, there is heavy wind, she turns and sees rudra coming in mandir, she is surprised. paro gets happy and starts running, she comes to him, she is about to fall but rudra holds her, she in in his arms and pputs hand around his shoulder, they hug, she breaks hug, they look at each other and have an eye lock.

PRECAP- paro says believe me i didnt do anything with your father, rudra says your pleads will not affect me, he leaves mandir, paro says i will make you and your father believe that i am innocent even if i looses my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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