Rang Rasiya 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 24th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro says truth is that i am alive because he is dead, my husband wanted to kill me so he was being fired, paro looks bsd log and says i am sorry today, you lost your soldiers as they were fighting for good but i was on wrong side, siding wrong man but now i will stand for right, major singh says tejawat wanted to kill her but she fought with him, she is brave and we are proud of her, journalist ask about paro’s security major says we are taking care of her security, conference ends, all goes out. paro says to rudra that i was waiting for you, you were not there with me but you.. rudar says stop.. brave girl, ran from clutches of thakur, helping bsd. when i was saying that thakur is wrong man you didnt believe me but when he tried to kill you then you came to know about it, paro

says because he accepted his crimes today, he put on my gun.. rudra says enough i have no concern with that, i am only concerned what you did before that for which i wanted to kill you today, paro ask i did, he takes her with him.

Scene 2
in hospital, mohini says i am going home, chacha ask how can we go leaving my brother, mohini says you are caring for him and his own son is not here, she sees rudra coming with paro, she is stunned, rudra takes paro inside the room of dilsher, apro ask what happened to him? rudra takes her out and says dont act so innocent that you dont know anything, rudra says to paro that because of your fire dilsher is in this condition, you called thakur in mela, hit me, i would have left you for your mistakes but what you did with him, he took you you as daughter fought with me to save you from my anger. this you returned of his love, paro says i didnt do anything to bapusaa, rudra says dont call him bapu or i will cut you, your tears will not melt me, enemy dont do this what you did, paro says i swear on bhole nath, mohini says dont lie sunehri had seen you, sunehri says why are you lying, i had seen you putting fire and running bhabhisaa, maithili says dont call her bhabhi she never wanted to become ours. she plotted against us, sunehri says i called you but you ran from there, paro says i was not.. sunehri says you were standing in bridal dress, threw something in room and ran from there, paro says you must be having some confusion, she says to rudra i will die here if i ma lying.

Scene 3
thakur comes in haveli, he says to thakurain that there is some problem we have to go from here, pack your luggage, she ask why? thakur says bsd officers asre coming to arrest me lets leave.
in hospital, paro says i dint do anything like this, paro is about to go to dulsher, she says before going he wished to me that nobody from us looses, he says in return of his wish you tried to made him loose, made his belief loose, he says go from here, paro says i will not go i didnt do anything, rudra says why you want to stay here to see him dying, he drags her, chacha says she was staying with us can you think she can do this, rudra says what my mother did 15 years back, could anybody thought that she could do something like that but she broke my father and today this girl tried to take his life, difference is today his body was tried to burn, he forgot his lesson that beautiful women are not worth to trust.

Scene 4
thakur is packing things, thakurain says i cant go, today is rudra’s marriage, i dreamt of this day of seeing him on horse, but i dont know he looks, how his bride looks, i didnt tell you but when paro was child i always thought to find someone like paro for rudra who hhas golden heart, thakur is about to put medicine on her mouth but she turns to him and says i will go with you, just let me see rudra, i wanna see how he looks, i know you will let me meet him, thaur says sorry and put cloth on her mouth, she gets unconscious, thakur says how you thought that i will let you meet that RUDRA, never.

Scene 5
in headqauter, paro says to rudra to listen to me but he ignores her, pro says to aman that can you believe that i can do this, i can swear on anyone that i didnt do anything with bapusaa, rudra says dont call him bapu, she says believe me i didnt know that thakur was coming in mela and why would put in his room, rudra says i dont know, your real face has comes infront, paro says i dont have dual face, my tears are real, my regretion, my truth all are real, believe me, rudra pins her and says i would have believed you but remember how i was saying you in mela to belivee me but you attacked me, paro says i was wrong, i thought you will kill me, rudra says thakur is your god then why came here, paro says because i came to know about his truth, rudra says enough, you attacked me, ran from thakur, burned bapu it wa not you mistake, it is just that you are women, a beautiful women, you cant be of anyone, you ask my life but dont ask my belief because i dont have it nor i will give you. major comes there, he says this is arrest warrant of thakur, rudra says okay we will go and about paro she can go with other officer, paro says no i will
be with you, major says we will decide, aman rudra goes, major says i want to make you meet someone, paro’s mami comes there, paro is emotional, they hug each other.

Scene 6
rudra comes to haveli of thakur, they searches. rudra is standing, its dark, on wall thakur and thakurain’s painting is hanging but rudra doesnt see it, he switches on light. Rudra says tejawat’s punishment is confirmed now its just the time that has to be decided. We need to find out where he is hidden. Look upstairs and I will look here. Aman sees a photo of thakurain and thakur. He says yeah I found her Suddenly they her a scream from a room they go there and check everywhere. Rudra sees and long masket type box. When he opens it there are machine guns and other ammunition inside. He shoes it to aman. They come out of the room. The house is dark. Rudra burns a candle and starts moving towards the picture of thakur and thakurain which is still a bit dark. He shows it the candel and suddenly all the lights glow. His is dazed and bewildered.

Precap-Paro is serving the food in plate. Rudra asks what are you doing ? She says you haven’t eaten anything since morning. He says what are you thinking you couldn’t kill my dad, he is alive so you are planning on killing me. How have you mixed the poison.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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