Rang Rasiya 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 24th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Chachi takes paro inside and says i was right, you dont want to marry him, paro says yes i am afraid of him, chachi says i will make you run tomorrow, just tell me the name of your village, paro says he was right about you, there is saying that between two loins, deer gets benfit, she says if i have to choose between you both then why should i not hold his hand who took slap of my disrespect, why should i choose the person who tried to slap me, chachi takes paro out, paro says now only God is taking decision of my life, chahchi says you didnt do right, now i will take decision of your life and that enemy friend who saves you all time will not be able to anything.

Scene 2
Rudra is with laila, he says what she thinks of herself, she challenged me, she looks innocent

with slim body but she is clever, laial says her slim back is dong magic on you, he says nothing like that, i want to teach her a lessen that she will remember all life, laila tries to flirt with him but he throws her away, she again puts her hands around his shoulder, he caresses her face and leaves, she keeps calling him.
In haveli, maithili gives parsad to chachi who taunts her, a amn comes and says blue or red? chachi ask what? he says marriage decoration theme should be blue or red? rudra comes and says blue, curtains should be blue like water is blue, sky is blue and after poison everything is blue blue, he gives money to man and says i will not give much as my chachi will not like it, he says now everything will be done by my chachi otherwise she will feel bad as she want to do my marriage afterall she is my chachi and mami, he leaves, chachi fumes.

Scene 3
In haveli, tejawat says to hi men that paro is still alive but where she must be, his man(beema) says should we call that man again who had seen her at bus stand, thakur says i know she is alive and in chandangarh, search every home here and find her, he says next time you come to me with paro only otherwise..
Sumer is sleeping somewhere, chachi calls her and ask did you find anything about her? he say no, she says if you dont find about her then you will not have home to comeback. Sumer’s friends come and tell about some men finding about the girl but you sais she is deepika as you were drunk, sumer ask who she was they say dont know, sumer thinks maybe they were finding about paro, he leaves.

Scene 4
Haveli is decorated with blue color, sunehri says its same like your butterfly friend, paor says yes its same color like rukmini, paro sees rudra seeing her, sunehri says rudra cant take his eyes of you, maithili says go to him, take this tea, paro is hesitant, but they insist, paro goes. Paro has come in rudra’s room with tea, he grabs her and turns her in his arms, paro ask what is this, leave me, he says i am behaving like good husband, he says is it same like your dream marriage?, is it loving? he looks in her eyes and says PARO, he touches her cheeks and caresses it, paro is stunned. both share an eyelock, paro throws him away, rudra becomes tensed because of proximity, he says i asked you question did you like this kind of marriage, paro says when i talked about marriage i didnt mean that and i know you dont want to marry me, you hate me. its same punishment for you like me. Rudra says its punishment for me but not same as of you, for you its like poison, fire, pain, that will be in your life after this marriage but for me its nothing new, they are in my life before, your friend is that butterfly but for me these are my friends, paro leaves.

Scene 5
Chachi ask who was that girl? he says dont remember, chachi say look at the arrangements, its being done for their marriage, she says paro challenged me that she will do this marriage, the goat has chosen hunter not us, and you are not of any use, sumer says to chachi that i will find about her till evening, he turns to leave and is about to bump in with paro but stops, photo of paro( which beema gave him) falls from his pocket on plant pot. sumer says to chachi who throws his son like this, he leaves, chachi says to paro cant you see man infront of you, she ask him to go and get ready for puja. Photo falls on floor.

PRECAP- rudra and paro do the puja together, dilsher shows necklace to paro and says its of my wife now its yours, chachi says i am happy to see that you have her jewelry uptill now, she ask rudra to put it around paro’s neck, he makes her wear it. paro is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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