Rang Rasiya 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
shantanu sees bullet in rudra’s hand, rudra recalls all attacks and how paro was afraid, rudra thinks.
at night, rudra vrings paro to some hut, rudra says i brought you here to make you remember that life is still beautiful, he closes her eyes and makes her. rudra brings gift, paro opens eyes and says gift, paro opens it and its beautiful saree, he says its your favorite color, i bought same that day, she finds imli too, she eats it happily and makes rudra eat but he makes bad face, paro sees their pic in frame, she laughs that you are making me afraid in pic too, rudra leaves from there, she ask where are you, rudra comes in red vest coat that paro bought it for him, paro says you wore it, he says yes, you said that mirror is important aspect in our relation, he ask how am

i looking, paro says its like you have come from moon directly, rudra ask paro to turn on other side, he turns her back, rudra takes out mouth organ, paro says are you going to sing, rudra says you know i cant sing but i am trying this for many days, he plays mouth organ but in bad tone, paro laughs. paro says you will sing fro me, paro ask rudra to sing, he says no i don’t know how to sing, she says please, rudra says ok but you have to dance with me, he takes her hand and pulls her closer, they do couple dance, rudra sing tum pas aye, the instrumental music of song plays as they dance with each, other, paro being shy tries to run away but rudra holds her, they come on deck made by leaves, rudra ask paro to sing, paro sings tum pas aye.. rudra comes closer, paro sings sapn.. sapnain dikhaye, she fumbles as rudra touches her, rudra takes out her jewelry, she sings jaage ne sota hai.. kia.. Karun kuch… kuch hota hai, rudra tires to kiss her but paro moves awaya, paro lies down, rudra lies down too, they hold hand, rudra comes closer to kiss her but paro gets up, rudra gets up and open her blouse’s string from back, he touches her, he makes her lie down and touches her belly, rudra takes out her kamarbandh, rangrez song plays, paro turns, rudra lies on paro nad tries to kiss her, rain starts pouring down, rudra holds paro in arms and they make love.
its morning, rudra is sleeping bare body, paro is sleeping on him, wearing his vest coat, she wakes up and caresses his hairs, she ask where is my earring, he says i will not give it, she ask where is my bangles,he says 1st give me vest coat, paro blushes. they hug each other and sleep.

Scene 2
shtabdi is sleeping, she gets up and says that why did sumer open the window, i don’t like it, sumer in washroom mix something water and says now take bath shtabdi then you will keep scratching your body in function, she knocks on bathroom door, sumer comes out and ask what happened, i am going to take bath, shtabdi says i will take 1st, she throws him out and goes, sumer smirks and says that she does wrong to her herself trying to take revenge from me, shtabdi takes bath, it starts itching her body, sumer says you wanted to take my room and wanted to make me afraid but look i mixed powder in water, Maithili calls shtabdi.
Maithili ask paro about mala, she says that she went to doctor with dilsher, Maithili says whats the matter you are glowing, paro blushes, Maithili says this ceremony is for shtabdi not for you, why are you blushin, shtabdi and sumer come down,shtabdi has veil on her face, paro ask what happened, shtabdi sasy i applied itching powder on face, mohini comes and says what people will say that i brought such not good looking DIL, paro says that you will get peace when you apply powder on it, she ask sunehri to go and bring ti, shantanu stops sunehri and ask can i help you? sunehri blushes and goes, paro sees it and gets tensed, shantanu smirks.
Maithili applies powder on shtabdi’s face, guests comes and sees shtabdi’s face, they ask what happened to her face, paro says allergy, some ladies and paro identifies them as their birpur relatives, she ask you here, they says they came to relative house here, she ask paro about her life, paro says i am very happy here, Maithili meets them. ladies ask paro about shantanu, paro says he is bsd officer, one lady says I have seen him in birpur. paro says but he .. sunehri comes and interrupts her saying to give her juice to serve, paro goes with her. paro comes back and gives juice to shantanu, paro ask did you ever come to rajhistan, he says no its 1st time posting here. paro ask him did he go to any village? he says no, she ask did he go to any city other thank chandan garh, he says no. paro thinks and recalls ladies words that they had seen shantanu in birpur. all ladies leave after ceremony, Maithili ask sunehri to take shtabdi to her room, sunheri is with shtantanu, he doesn’t allow her to go, she says i have many work, let me go, paro sees their closeness and is tensed.

PRECAP- sunehri says sorry to shantanu on terrace, he says you have to prove if you really sorry, she ask how, he points to his cheek(hinting to kiss him), she says oowh no, paro comes there and says sunehri, she looks at them together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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