Rang Rasiya 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 21st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra comes out of car and thinks where he can be, he sees bangle of paro and remembers how it got stuck in his sherwani, he sees Tyre patches on road and says he must went on this side.
paro throws chilly powder in thakur’s eyes and says its for my bindi, my nando sister and for all birpur, you did killing not sacrifice, and for whom grandfathers you are doing this thay must be ashamed, you took smile from a innocent who use to run before butterflies, because of you i called a man devil who only wanted to help me out. thakur’ eyes are itching, he says i will not let you live, i will do that with you that your life will think thousand times before getting another life, paro beats him with iron rod, she says you cant kill or fear me, what its itching? because even after

crushing chilly doesnt loose its power, i was with wrong from many years but from now on i am against you and with bsd, no fear of them from today, from now you will see new paro, i have strong hope and this will not make me lose, i will not kill you because then there will be no difference between us, and says to never do this again with any women because we might be less in weight then you but when women resolves to do something then nobody can stop her.

Scene 2
aman calls rudra, aman tells him that your home caught fire, your father is in serious condition. rudra reaches hospital, he comes to dilsher’s room and ask all to out, he sees dilsher unconscious, he remembers dilsher saying if i will not be with you, rudra said i dont have that good luck. rudra holds dilsher’s hand, he tries to open his fist and ask him to lose it. some paper falls down.
paro is sitting somewhere, she gets flashback of rudra saying that i lost my soldiers because of your thakur, he saying to hold his hand else thakur will kill her. paro says how i can be mistaken big time.
rudra opens paper and its picture of kid rudra with hisw mother, he remembers dilsher saying that i will pray that one time my son talk to me without bitterness, he holds dilsher’s hand and says bapusaa, he cries and caresses his forehead. he comes out, samrat says fire was only in his room, i think someone tried to kill him, rudra says who, he looks at chachi, she says i was in mela, think about the one who was not in mela and ran away. sunehri says i had seen dilsher first, rudra ask did you see anyone, she says yes, he ask who, she says parvati bhabhisaa, rudra says say after thinking correctly, sunehri says i am sure it was paro, chaha says she was in mela, chachi says she came after sometime, sunehri says she was standing at his room i bridal dress, she threw something, i called her but she ran away. rudra says you want to burn then burn after our marriage, he recalls paro saying why after marriage i will burn before marriage,rudra sees bangle of her and says she was fooling us till now but now..

Scene 3
paro sees rukmini(butterfly), she says you here, see i am not crying, not fearing, remember how was i on wedding day, smiling living life, now i will be again like that, i will set everything. i will live life again. she extends her and sees R written on her hand, she touches it and says you again protected me, RUDRA.

Scene 4
in hospital, dilsher is panicking and breathing in difficulty, rudra is tensed and angry, doctor treats him. rudra goes out. he comes in headquarte and says to aman that to seal everything , find that girl and thakur, major calls them both, aman tries to say something but couldnt.
maithili is seeing samrat’s hand and says how mad i am i couldnt see your wound, samrat says it happened when i was taking tausaa, maithili washes his hand.
chacha is parying infront of God, chachi think that if i could give you bribe then would have given you handsome amount, i hope you dont listen to my husband, if yamraj is out to take dilsher then dont call him back, sumer comes and ask you are praying for dilsher? she says dont see my hands, he say i thought thakur is geniune but he couldnt kill rudra, chachi says once dilsher is gone then we will see rudra too.

Scene 5
rudra comes to conference room, where media is present, rudra sees paro sitting there, he remembers sunehri’s words, major singh says thakur’s real intention came out in open and one such witness is paro, media ask paro did you know about his intention from before, she looks at rudra and says i was wrong, i childhood we are caught that bsd are our enemy, child thinks what he is being taught, they dont have capacity to think, but today i know that thakur is a cruel man, he do smuggling of guns, every year fake barat comes with guns and takes bride, she can be killed or will live miserable life, she remembers what how rudra killed varun, and says i would have destroyed, thanks you saved me.

PRECAP- rudra says to paro that because of your fire dilsher is in this condition, you called thakur in meal, hit me and ran with him, this you returned of his love, paro says i didnt do anything to bapusaa, rudra says dont call him bapu or i will cut you, sunehri says why are you lying, i had seen you putting fire and running bhabhisaa, maithili says dont call her bhabhi she never wanted to become ours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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