Rang Rasiya 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 21st February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
He ask sumer have you seen her anywhere, sumer sees the photo but it appears blur to him, he says i have seen her, they are delighted, sumer says i know her well, she is depika padokune. Man try to beat sumer but his friends shouts how dare he, man leaves from there, sumer says they forget deepika’s photo here.
Rudra comes in room and sees papers being not signed, he is angry, dilsher comes and ask how can you marry her, you know she is.. rudra says and what she is doing is right, because of her silence my job everything is at stake, what about the soldiers who gave their lives, dilsher says is this the way, rudra says i dont know anything, dilsher says its my wish to see sehra on your head but this is not the way by pressurizing a innocent girl, he says relations

are made by heart not by force, marriage doesnt mean.. rudra says what it means, tell me what it meant in your marriage? Rudra says you dont tell me about marriage, dilsher says i always lost to love but this doesnt mean you will have same fate, your father is handicapped but not you, Different devil made me from you, maybe he your devil has softcorner for you, he leave.

Scene 2
Sunehri is excited about marriage and shows dress to paro who is not interested.
chachi comes paro and says parvati is your real name? or it is also mystery, she says dont know whats truth whats false, she says whenever i ask about you, your life, your face face has weird fear on it and the same fear comes on your face listening to his name, you want to run away from her, from this marriage, this engagement and all because all this is a lie, its clear bride cries at time of marriage not on listening to the talks about it, she says i want to throw them out and i think you want same, if you tell me truth i will free you from this rudra. She says i have big sources and i promise if you tell me truth, rudra wont be able to find you in his seven lives.She says tell me truth i will throw him with his handicapped father out of here, She says its better to shake hands with visible enemy that too when he is extending her hand, she says i am giving you time till tomorrow morning come to me and say truth, let me help you and myself, she leaves from there. paro is tensed.

Scene 3
Chachi comes to rudra and ask him what should i make in dinner as its marriage house and things should be made according to groom, paro comes there, rudra looks at her, chachi says you eyes are stuck only on her, if you see her fullest before then what both you will do on terrace after marriage. paro goes from there, chachi says to rudra that we are from sides groom’s and bride’s so have double work.
Paro comes in kitchen and remembers rudra’s words that she can kill herself but he will burn birpur, she remembers chachi’s offer that she can help her if she say truth to her, paro says she said she can take me out of here so should i tell her truth.

Scene 4
Samrat comes to maithili, she tells him about rudra paro marriage. he says you told her everything about us, she says no i just told her that we didnt now each other before marriage. samrat says there are much problems, i am tensed, maithili ask him to not take tension.
Paro comes rudra’s room with food and stands at door, he says why this hesitation in coming in my room, Rudra says after 4 days we will live in this room only, she comes inside, he says you didnt sign the papers that means… congrats for marriage, he is about to leave, paro says Rudra Pratap ranawat which type of girl you like you must have dreamt someone like you or different for marriage, the one who speak less or the one who speak very much? big eyes or small? big smile or less? she says you must have some criteria then why marrying the girl you hate, Rudra says what rubbish is this, you said every man had evil and good side, but my good has dead. she says you cant destroy your life marrying me, he says then sign, paro says and bring problems fro my village people, i cant stand wrong, he says then stand with me after 4 days in mandap, and kill your dream of getting free, she says my dreams are being buried there on border, the parvati who use to dream is dead, the dream to 2 kids and all, She says to rudra that i am ready to do this marriage, if this is my fate, if God wants that then i am ready, rudra is stunned. but will you be happy? and what about your father, he says enough, he throws her out of room and is tensed.

Scene 5
Maithili says to chachi that list for guest is left, chachi calls paro who is going Paro comes to chachi, she says your jija is excited about your marriage. chachi says what about your mami who made you so big that you can catch eagles. Chachi says when is your mami coming, she says i will gift you mirror and bed in your marriage, she ask maithili to go and order, she goes. Chachi stops paro and says in this who has no one, i am with her, she ask her to come, she says what have thought for tomorrow? will you see new life or will it be heel? Chachi says answer is not that difficult

PRECAP- Paro has come inrudra’s room with tea, he grabs her and turns her in his arms, he looks in her eyes and says PARO you wanted to marry a guy who loves you like good husband, he touches her cheeks and caresses it, pao is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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