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Scene 1
paro ask everything alright, Maithili says rudra awas asking tea, I told him that paro have to fast for this teej but rudra said that paro will not fsat, paro says but whu, rudr says no you will not fast, go inside, paro sadly goes.
rudra is calling aman and ask him to search everywhere, he sees paro standing and ask her to sit, she says you are not going on work or you are fasting? he says neither me nor you are fasting, he makes her sit and does her bandage, she says you know maa parvati had to pray for years to get united with shiv so this fast.. rudra says keep your lectures with you, I have accepted you so you don’t need to do this fast, paro says I know but women do this fast so they get married life like maa parvati and shiv which have love and peace, paro sees table and

ask where is my doll, I have to make her ready too, paro goes to cupboard and says where is my doll, did you see it, rudra thinks that I have to do something to divert her intension from doll, rudra comes to her and holds her, he hugs her from back and ask what you were saying, what all women do in marriage, paro says where is my doll, rudra turns her and says I have to pray too to go to honeymoon with you, paro says don’t joke about fast, rudra kisses her cheek, paro sees rudra’s phone ringing and tells him and says should I say anything or not, rudra checks her phone, paro says maa parvati had to wait 108 years so you have to wait for honeymoon too.
samrat is getting ready, Maithili says I am going my home and you are going to work, he says I have to go to check my new business, if you say then I will not go, Maithili says no, you go, I am happy that mohini is taking to new work, you go, sumer comes and ask samrat to come, samrat ask sumer do you know where maassa is taking us, sumer says I don’t know, they come in hall, Maithili stops mohini, sumer and samrat, she says I know its not good to stop like this but I want to do aarti as you are going fro new business, mohini says why not, do aarti, Maithili does aarti of samrat, sumer jokes with mohini that she is doing aarti for own destruction only. Maithili tells samrat that I know you will come before fast breaking time, he smiles and goes.
paro is making laddo’s rudra comes there and ask her to rest, mala comes and says she is fine, make laddos, I will make garlands, paro says why, I will make garlands too, you rest, rudra says if more people will work together then work will finish fast, paro and mala smiles.

Scene 2
samrat, sumer and mohini comes to some house, samrat ask why we are here, sumer says you just have to choose, mohini says he means that you have to select good for our new business. a women and man comes and greets them, man ask who is groo.. sumer says I am not the one, I am very young. women ask her daughter to come, she comes with juice, she offers to mohini, mohini says no, girl says I have mixed ice in it so take it, mohini says good but I have fast today, she offers samrat but he says I am fasting too, sumer says I will take it, man ask samrat do you belive in fasting and all this, samrat actually my wif.. mohini cuts him and says he is very innocent and mannered kid so he do these kind of things, girl’s mother says good, my daughter is also like this, she is fasting too as mother stops her daughter from drinking juice. mother ask samrat to go and talk with girl, samrat ask mohini we came here for business so why I have to go with her, mohini says so you can check the embroidery, go with her, he goes.
rudra comes to paro, paro says you told me to not fast so I am sitting on swing idle, she offers rudra laddo, he breaks laddo in two and offers one piece to her. her, paro gets tensed. Maithili comes there and says to mala that rudra will know that paro is fasting, she stops rudra and says this is for god so paro cant eat, I mean you cant eat it either, paro says rudra will you not place swing for mr, Maithili says why not, he will place it for you. rudra goes to get swing, paro says Maithili you saved me today, they have a laugh, rudra comes there and ask why are laughing, paros says all are not like you to put balloon in mouth, Maithili laughs, paro is making garlands and teases rudra that I am putting 108 flowers in it like maa pavati had to wait long to unite with shiv, you have to wait too. rudra smiles.

Scene 3
samrat checks embroidery, he says its fine, girl says its not fine, she drinks juice infront of samrat, she says I cant do this fast and all so bear it, samrat says why will I have object, I just want to see few more embroidery samples, she says only this sample took 6 months, I cant do more embroidery, samrat says what, you don’t know embroidery but its important for this deal, she says okay I will learn, he says but how can we proceed when this is deal that you must know embroidery, she says okay you are that type of guy who want that along with marriage your wife should know everything, samrat ays what marriage? he understands mohini’s act and comes down, he says to mohini that I am going, he goes out of house, mohini says to family that I will call you. sumer comes out and ask what happened samrat, did you not like the girl, mohini shouts samrat, he stops. mohini ask what is this, samrat says this girl thinks that we came for marriage here, whats happening here, mohini says so what, she is just asking for marriage, I brought you here for this only, samrat says what, I am married, mohini says that marriage is nothing, she cant even give you a child, she is unlucky for you.

Scene 4
rudra is putting flowers on wall, paro taunts that bsd major is doing work like this, rudra ask did you had breakfast, she says yes, he ask when, she says when you went to take swing, she ask what you are gifting me on teej, rudra sweetly ask what you want, she says what you want to give, you have think what I will like.
the mystery man is seeing intimate pictures of rudra and paro.
paro shows rudra his, rudra sees aman’s call, aman tells him that we got some information, you come here, rudra says ok, rudra tells paro to take out his uniform, he has to go, paro says ok. she goes in room, mala sitting in hall, calls paro and ask her to give flower bucket, rudra sees bucket and gives it to mala, he doesn’t look at her, he tells Maithili to take care of paro, mala says we all are with her, nothing will happen to her, rudra says thanks, mala looks at him.

PRECAP- paro is sitting on swing, its dark in hall and diyas are all around the house, paro is waiting fro rudra, the mysterious man comes from behind and whispers in paro’ ears that happy 1st teej paro, may GOd give long life to your husband, paro turns to sees his face, when rudra opens the gate and comes there, he says paro, paro turns and looks at him, the mysterious man(look like in uniform) looks at them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. today also they didn’t show him……….waiting to see who was that man??

  2. it was so cute and sweet of rudra.major rudra partab ranwant is working for paro wow its was awesome.there closeness r superb yaar.and mohnini idoit typical saas.plz someone help samart for maithilis sake.and thank for update.

  3. I have heard that after today’s precap scene that mystery man will escape from rudra. Rudra takes paro to market hoping that the man will attack again. Just when the man is going to do so rudra catches him. Interesting……….

  4. Vishal karwal is that mysterious man.

  5. Yes, Vishal karwal is a mysterious man

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