Rang Rasiya 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 19th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
thakur comes in mela, he greets all and is evilly smiling. rudra paro are doing puja, aman is keeping eye on things, he sees cross mark on one basket, thakur’s man deliberately throws that basket, aman sees gun in, man runs from there. puja is going on, aman calls rudra and says i got guns in aprsad baskets, rudra goes to see it, paro is tensed. chachi thinks thakur call rudra but where is he, when will he take paro away. rudra is searching aman, thakur sees him. rudra doesnt see him, thakur thinks now your game finished. chacha gets sunehri’s call, she informs that home has got fire, it is not extinguishing, chacha says i will come, he tells samrat and says we have to go there, dont tell anybody here. he ask to take out care. paro prays to maa to free her from this man or give

her strength to jump in fire like her, she prays to show her some path, thakur comes there, chachi smiles. paro opens her eyes and sees thakur infront of him, he smiles, paro is tensed, chachi nods him to take her, paro says thakur saa.

Scene 2
chacha and samrat comes in haveli, sunehri hugs them, samrat ask whether dilsher was in room, they go in his room to find him, samrat finds him, chacha says to take him to hospital.
rudra meets aman, aman shows him gun, rudra says there should be money as they wanted to send money across border, rudra sees gun and says its not orignal, amam says so it was plan but why, rudra says paro, he runs towards her. there thakur extends his to paro and ask her to come, she walks towards him, maithili tries to stop him but chachi says let her go, she came to leave, lets leave from here. rudra is running towards paro, he shouts paro, thakur comes infront of him, he ask where is paro? he says if you give any sctrach to her then i will cut you in pieces, where is she, thakur says where she should be, he shows paro standing behind him, rudra is stunned, he ask whether he hurt you, thakur stands in her way, rudra says come here to me, dont worry i will not let anyone do anything, come hold my hand, paro says why, why should i come so that yu can destroy my life, rudra says they will kill you, paro no only you know how to kill, destroy houses, i prayed to God and he sent raja thakur for me, rudra says only i can protect you, he extend his hand and ask her to come. thakur says rudra pratap ranawat paro told you her decsion, rudra says this time i will not let you win, i will not let you take paro, thakur points to beema, he points gun at rudra, paro sees it and shouts rudra, rudra ducks down, beema shoots, paro ask rudra are you fine, he looks at her being concerned, they start shooting, thakur takes paro away, people start running here and there, rudra orders aman to find thakur and to not shoot as innocent people are there, chachi ask maithili lets leave, she ask about paro, chachi says she is at her right place.

Scene 2
aman is running behind thakur’s men, he sees basket of money, sumer calls samrat, he informs chachi that they all are at home, chachi and sumer are tensed. thakur ask paro to hide in basket, paro sits in basket, he puts cap on it, thakur says i need you alive till i know what you have told to bsd, rudra puts gun on his head and ask him where is paro, thakur sees basket and says no i will not let anything happen to paro, i have come as her savior, her raja thakur, he says i dont know how she is alive till now when she was with you, paro was just way to me, you wanted to kill me because i know what bsd do, you just kill people, you just do gun business, rudra says stop this else..thakur says what else, kill me, rudra says i will count till three tell me about paro or i will kill you, he counts 1 2 and thr.. paro attacks rudra on head with iron rod, he turns and is shocked to its paro, paro is tensed, rudra falls on ground.

PRECAP- paro has turned her face from tejawat and says ii am so thankful to you that you came saved me like God, tejawat takes out his gun and points at paro, he says i am also thankful to God that he gave me chance to finish this story, it was game written and acted by me, paro now your game is finished, paro turns and is shocked to see gun pointed at her by tejawat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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