Rang Rasiya 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 18th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Chahci says he is ready you should leave. Cars are there outside. Rudra asks where is Paro ? She says Paro is getting ready. The bride and groom don’t leave for the wedding together. Sumer, Samrat and Matheli will bring her. Ranavat is there too. She Paro will come with him. He says okay, Rudra you should leave I will bring Paro. Ranavt says atleast look at your dad once. After years I have tears of joy in my years. Rudra says which joy ? Of my destruction ? Ranavat says I will pray that I drink poison once again and this time in name of my son. SO that at least for once you will talk to me with love. Rudra leaves.

Scene 2
Maithili says to Paro you marriage is so different one. No bride ever sew her own bridal dress. Chachi comes and says Maithili samrat is waiting

for you outside. She says what about Parvati? Chachi says there is no more jungle you can leave alone. As soon as she leaves chahchi says to Paro go and bring bhai sah he must have love to give you. Paro leaves. She goes to ranavat and says I am here to bring you. Everyone is ready for the wedding. He says and what about you ? She bows down to touch his feet. He says what should I pray for you? Paro says you can just come and that’s enough. He says I pray you go through all of this easily. He says my prayers are always with you. Chachi is listening to their conversation.

Sunehri comes in looking for her ear ring. Chachi says where is your turban I placed it on the table ? Your son won’t get married again. It will look good. He goes to look for it. She says to Paro go and sit in the car. She comes in the corridor and says and says you know devianai what to do ? She says yes to put the room on ablaze. They should not see your face. Chachi goes out to the car and says to Paro he will come late I think you should leave alone. SHe asks the driver to take her to the hall. Sumer says why did you sent her alone ? She slaps him and says you are so dumb. If someone had gone with her he would have been the witness. Now she has left alone so we can say that she left in the end and she is the one who put the room on fire. He says but she will reach there. She says no I have asked the driver to take her from the long route.

Scene 3
Deviani goes to the room of Ranavat and put the lighter there. Sunehri has seen her from the back. She wonders what was paro doing there ? Ranavat also thinks it Paro. Suddenly he sees his carpet on fire. He tries to go escape from the room but there is no way. Sunehri tries to call chacha but the number is off. She screams for help.

scene 4
Rudra asks aman could he see anyone ? He says no our men are everywhere. Tejawat won’t escape today. You should go towards the hall. He asks where is parvati ? Rudra says she is coming with ranavat.
Ranavat’s room is on fire he is trying to save the picture of rudra’s childhood. Sunehri has called some people. They ask where is your family ? She says I tried to call but my dad’s phone is off. Ranavat saves the picture but is coughing very bad. He falls on the ground and faints. People open the door and go to look for water.

Scene 4
Thakurain asks thakour where were you ? He says I know you are fasting but I know that this is not good. You look weak. Drink this juice and please don’t say no. You said you won’t deny anything I say. She takes the glass and says just for you. She drinks it, he says thank you. She suddenly feels numb. He says forgive me thaurain. She says what for and faints. He takes her to the bed and says thaurain I am really repentant over what I did. How can I make you believ that I love but there is one thing that I love more than you and that’s the name and ritual of my family. Pardon me. To keep this name high I have to kill your son rudra and paro.

Scene 5
Aman comes to rudra and says paro should have come by now. Everyone has arrived. Suddenly a car stops by and Paro comes out. Aman says she is here. Rudra turns and their theme song plays. She starts moving forward. Maithili says you look good paro. Chachi comes, rudra asks where is ranavat ?all workers in haveli try to extinguish fire. at madap, chachi says i asked them to come but they didnt, dilsher will come, maithili ask about sunehri, she says she went to bring her friends. rudra takes paro’s hand and starts moving, he i can sense your nerve, you dont want thinks to move from here, you still have time, paro says i can see sweat on your head too, you also dont want things to move, you still have time, rudra says will see whose truth and believe will win. chachi calls thakur and says i have brought your gift come and take her, thakur says good, she say rudra is with paro like they are separable.

pundit ask paro and rudra to do the puja that you will remain together, he gives them aarti , they look at each other, chachi says how will you take paro, thakur says i know my work, paro rudra do the puja. thakur says to his men you know work, he says yes we have to show some guns to bsd, rudra will come her, thakur says then i will take paro away. thakur says its time for decision.

PRECAP- rudra is finding paro, thakur comes infront, rudra ask where is apro, he says where she should be, he shows paro standing behind thakur, rudra is shocked and hurt too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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