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Scene 1
sumer says that they forced me and made me married, mohini says how dare you, father says that now marriage is done, mohini says you cheated us, father says you cheated us samrat is married already and you didn’t tell me, mohini says I will call police, father says that dirt will come on your family only, so accept this marriage, father says don’t try to hurt my daughter otherwise ranawat family wont be saved, he leaves, Maithili ask sumer where is samrat, samrat paro and shantanu comes there, Maithili is relieved and says you are fine, samrat lookst at mohini and ask am I your real son or you took me from orphanage, what you did, you forcefully made me see the girl, you kidnapped me and was making me marry forcefully, mohini says son, samrat says you have lost the right to

call me son, Maithili did a lot for you, she served you, she used to listen to all your taunts but from now on you have lost the right to say any word in our life, he goes to sumer and is about to slap him, sumer says don’t do that as I am already raped, samrat ask Maithili to come with him, samrat congrats mohini on marriage of sumer and leaves, shtabdi says oh Maithili is not a cow but wife of samrat, she says now sumer is my husband, she says I will introduce myself to family, she says moihini is my MIL, she ask paro who is she and who is shantanu, she ask who is this girl afraid kind of? mohini says dare you talk about my daughter sunehri, paro says I am parvati, major rudra’s wife, shatbdi says my grah parvesh is not done? paro says we will do the ritual, sunerhi brings aarti plate, paro says to mohini that that had to happen has happened, now leave it aside, the marriage has done, so do the ritual, mohini jerks away the plate and leaves, paro ask sumer to stand with shtabdi, they stand together, paro does their aarti, shtabdi says do I have touch you feet too? paro says no need, shantanu thinks what a family drama but along with shtabdi, paro Maithili and samrat are now on my side, he leaves, mohini calls sumer so he leaves too, shtabdi ask paro from how many days she is here? paro says some months, shtabdi ask what about that cow? paro says don’t say that, Maithili is very good person, I call her m7y sister, she has been in this house for 3 years, shtabdi says this means she has been bearing this old angry lady(mohini) for so long, paro says don’t say that as she is your MILnow, shtabdi says that I think you should learn to say “don’t say like this” when you talk with me till I am here, what do you think till what days I will be here, paro says I know sumer is lil weird but every person has goodness in him and if you find his goodness then you will stay with him, shtabdi thinks that all are fine in this house but I have to take care of that old fat lady.

Scene 2
mohini says to sumer that they threw their mad daughter in our house, mohini says her father cant do anything, he is like gun without bullet, go and beat shtabdi that she will run from here. sumer says ok and goes to shatbdi’s room, he comes in his room with belt to beat shtabdi, he ask where are you shtabdi? shtabdi comes out from washroom, she closes door and snatches belt from sumer, she says that your mom said and you came here to beat me but now I will tell you how to beat, she shows belt in her hand to sumer who is stunned. sumer ask what are you doing, how dare you threaten me, shtabdi says you will spend your marriage night with me like this? she opens the door and mohini is lingering on door, shtabdi says let me tell you that I am not a goat but lioness, don’t probe me, mohini says ayyi larki.. shatbdi hurts summer’s feet with belt, he shouts, mohini says how dare you, shtabdi says he is my husband, I can beat him, she ask mohini to leave, sumer says maasa I am coming with you, shtabdi says sumer bring milk for me, they leave from there.

Scene 3
sumer and mohini si called by danveer, he says that what drama they have done? they were trapping samrat and now my younger son brought wife, sumer says father please save me from maasa, she changed whole weather of my life, danveer says stop your drama, he is about to slap him when dilsher stops him, paro ask all to be calm, paro says sorry for interrupting but I want to tell you that marriage has happened now and shtabdi is from a good house so we should give her time, mohini says its all happening because of you paro, if you wouldn’t have gone there then something else would be happening in house, paro says sorry but I saved pure relation by going there, thank god I and shantanu went there and saved samrat, I know you are feeling bad as what happened was not according to your will but now we should accept what has happened, dilsher says paro is right, danveer thanks paro and shantanu and leaves from there. sumer says to mohini that shtabdi was asking for milk, they go to kitchen while paro is in hall only.

Scene 4
mohini and sumer are in kitchen, sumer says I need milk too, mohini pours milk in glass and put red chili powder in it, sumer says it is for her? mohini says no for you, ofcourse for her, be careful and give this glass to her, he leaves with milk, mohini says that if you are hot iron shtabdi then I am no less, you will know now.
its night, the winds are blowing heavily,paro is going to her room when she feels someone’s presence, she ask who is there, paro sees a silhouette and ask who is there? the man is approaching her, she is tensed, the man comes near her and grabs her, he puts hand on her mouth, paro gets afraid. it turns out to be rudra, she says major saab you.
sumer gives milk to shtabdi, she ask sumer to close the window, he goes to close it and she changes her glass with him, he comes back and shtabdi says do cheers, they do it and drinks milk.
paro pulls rudra away but then hugs him, she ask don’t make me afraid again, he says you are my small rat, paro says no, he says ok you are my angry wife who cancelled my call 2 times, paro says me? sumer shouts shtabdi, what you did, you made me drink this spicy milk. rudra ask whats happening, paro tells him that sumer has got married today, rudra says what? shtabid says to sumer that if you are soft coconut then I am hard rock, don’t try to play games with me, go to your mom now and cry there.
rudra says I cant understand mohini, paro says today very bad was going to happen, mohini was forcefully marrying samrat, rudra says why you didn’t tell me then? paro says that you were on border and your phone was switched off so shantanu helped, he freed samrat and saved me from goons too. rudra looks on.

PRECAP- mala says to mohini that let bygones be bygones and accept shtabdi as your DIL as marriage is done, mohini says oh now you will give me lectures on marriage, snake is saying that avoid poison, paro says you cant talk to her like this, mohini says who are you to talk to me like this, paro says I am wife of elder son of this this house and DIL of mala, mala and danveer smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very very boring that’s why low trip 0.85 lowest in colors plz colors end this serial I hate this worst jodi paru and that monkey rudra

    1. If u don’t love this jodi then y r u here??In jealous??Dont show ur jealous here.Who want ur f**k comment.This fellow s purposely comment here without watching.RR has haters as it liked by more viewers.Trp s correpted so only RR trp is so low.Mind ur language go & see some saas bahu drama.If a person does not like parud then they surely love aunty kodies only.Who s ur fav aunty jodi i don’t know.Before ppl throw tomatoes on u go out first jealous fellow!!!

    2. I dont know why this jealous ppl purposely comment here.I think he waited for this.Just go out.As jaya said before ppl throw cheppals on u go out.Watch some saas-bahu drama and enjoy some f**k jodies.U r blind i think so only u don’t like parud.Better consult a eye specialist..I hate u.U r cheap…cheaper..cheapest fellow n this world.Go & watch some world worst jodi.From this comment itself it s clear that u like a very worst jodi in this world..

    3. Worst person in the world s u.Don’t u have any privacy.If u don’t love a pair just leave ,don’t comment.U r comment shows that u r the world wost & most jealous fellow.Who s ur fav worst jodi.I m damn sure ur fav jodi s the worst jodi n this world.Go to hell if u don’t love parud.Blind IDIOT fellow.

    4. Are u even a human? U don’t like serial, no one is forcing you to watch it. Stay away, and learn some manners. Do not act like low class villain. And have some respect for those who loves this show. There are millions of us!!! Just because u have internet doesn’t mean u can leave ur poison everywhere u go. May God give u wisdom!

    5. you monkey

    6. 3 dislikes so 3+1 monkey

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  6. Really funnny sumer…….
    small butcsweet romance of rudra nd paro……..
    luv u rudra nd paro

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  10. i m happy to u ppls who support our parud i hate such a crap ppls like this

  11. arey wow it was superb.there was only one scene of paro rudra but it was amazing.and mohini and sumer deserve it more.rudra is best.

  12. shiny and sharan r same

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