Rang Rasiya 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 17th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Laila ask what is there between you both, rudra says there is nothing between us, laila says us, you both are us, we were separate ‘me and you’ but you have joined yourself with her, rudra says stop this shit, laila says i will not let this happen, rudra is only mine, rudra says i am not of anyone, laila says what about her, she says you were worried for her that day when i came, you were restless for her, i have seen that in your eyes, rudra remembers warning laila that what have you done with paro i will not leave you, she says you feel for her, the way you touch her, see her, you worry for her, you have given her right, i have seen same kind of restlessness in your eyes for paro that was for your mother, only that was the women to give you restlessness but now paro is there

in your life, he says go from here, everything is finished between us, laila says not for me, he says go from here paro, he is stunned to take paro’s name, laila says i am not paro but laila, she leaves, rudra thinks about her words that he has given her right in his life, he worries for. he is tensed.

Scene 2
chachi gives bridal dress to one girl and says dont look at me like this, nothing will happen, just do what i say, maithili comes there and sees bridal dress in chachi’s hand. chachi gives dress to girl, she leaves. maithili says it was paro’s dress, chachi says you will come in room like this, she says leave about dress, see the bride, go, maithili leaves.

Scene 3
beema calls thakur and says everything is being set, he says hats off to you for thinking this idea of putting guns in parsad’s baskets, he says bsd will not be able to check these baskets else people will kill them, he says i know what to put in last basket, he says to man to put gun in last basket which will remain here, he says bsd will come here and check, they will think that they have got guns but we would have smuggled guns by then,.
In dilsher’s room, girl puts oil on dilser’s room furniture, dilsher comes and says room is shining today, chachi says chacha called you, he leaves. chachi says to girl that you decorated room nicely with diyas, go wear bridal dress. chachi says paro rudra’s love will be removed by thakur and dilsher will burn here, all problem will vanish in one go.. sumer says i have a fear that whole haveli will be caught in fire but chachi says it will be in control dont worry.

Scene 4
rudra sees his bsd uniform, he touches it and feels sad. he remembers going on bike wearing uniform, going to bsd office, he remembers major saying that if he will not prove himself right then he will be court marshalled, rudra cries hugging uniform, he remembers waving flag at border after stopping gun smuggle by barat. dilsher comes with chacha, rura wipes his tears, dilser says this uniform today also, rudra says i was not wearing it, chacha gives him groom’s dress and says i am samll in rank but i know that this is not the last time you are wearing this uniform, you will wear it again, sun rises after setting.
paro gets ready for marriage, she remembers thakurain saying to decorate her room wiht memories of life, she remembers her marriage with varun and how rudra killed him, mami deny of knowing paro, she says where my life has taken me. rudra says i will not step back, if she will not sign papers then i will marry her.. but she said that she will not sign them then what will she do. paro thinks that she will die, give up her life but will not let this happen.

Scene 5
paro is tensed in her room, rukmini comes there, paro says you always come when some storm comes in my life, she says from today you will not meet your friend because after today your paro will die and new paro will be born who will have no connection with old paro so never come to make me remeber old life. she sees rudra at door, he closes door and comes to paro, she pushes him and says how dare you to close door, are you trying to fear me, she pushes him again but her jewlry gets stuck in his sherwani, he holds her hand and takes jewelry out. he says i am asking you last time to sign the papers, paro says no i will never sign them, rudra says your life will drastic turn after three hours. paro says or maybe my life will end after three hours, God will protect me. rudra goes out and calls aman and says i am coming in mela, chachi smiles seeing rudra, he is confused.
maithili says to paro that you are looking like fairy, she says lets go, chachi comes and says whats the hurry, pundit will not run, we know him, she says paro you are looking so beautiful that not people but God will cast eye on you, paro is about to get up but chachi puts foot on her dupatta, paro gets up and dupatta tears. chachi says oh its torn, this is not a good omen, maithili says its okay its very little, chachii says what people will says that bride is wearing torn dupatta, she says paro is expert in stitching, she ask apro to stitch it, she thinks now paro will be busy here and rudra will go in mela where he will be killed.

PRECAP- the hired girl in paro’s bridal dress throws fire in dilsher’s room, he says paro. he sees room being caught in fire, outside room sunehri comes there and sees girl running, she thinks its paro and calls her. she sees fire in dilhser’s room and is stunned.

Update Credit to: sumana13

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