Rang Rasiya 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
sunehri comes and ask paro did you talk with rudra, paro says no his phone is off, do you have some work, sunehri talks about shastri sisters, she says one sister was my friend, they are going to dehli so I want to send gifts to them, rudra could help me, shantanu comes and says I can help you but tell me what you have got for them, sunehri shows that she got ranbir’s photo for one sister, boxing kit for another sister, sunehri says there is one more sister, she is lonely, she has not got love of mother, she is always silent, what should I gift her, paro brings hanuman murti and ask her to gift it, shantanu says I will courier your gifts, don’t worry, sunehri smiles.
Maithili is trying to save diya flame, she recalls her sweet moments with samrat and cries, paro comes

to her and ask her what happened, Maithili tells her how samrat was kidnapped, shantanu listens it and says this is my chance to win ranawat’s family trust, paro says to Maithili that we should inform police, Maithili says no, mohini said that kidnapper will call us, samrat life is in danger, paro says rudra will be angry, we should tell rudra but how his phone is off, shantanu goes from there so paro stops him and ask him will he help her, shantanu says your family protection is my duty so I will help you, why Maithili is crying, paro says I will tell you, just come with me, Maithili says I will come too, paro says no mohini wll be angry, trust us we will find your husband, they go from there.

Scene 2
shtabdi sit in mandap and doesn’t like the place, her father pacify her, she ask where is my groom. otherside samrat ask kidnapper to free him, they say don’t shout, we are not beating you, its your marriage today so be happy, samrat is shocked.
paro and shantanu come at old qilla, paro finds kidnapper’s wallet and finds the address where samrat is being captured.
mohini thinks in haveli that this marriage should happen peacefully, she sees Maithili talking on phone and ask where is paro? Maithili doesn’t answer her, mohini starts acting that I am sorry I scolded you a lot but please tell me where is paro, Maithili gets in her buttery talks and tells her that paro and shantanu has gone to find and free samrat, mohini is stunned.
paro and shantanu comes to the address that was in goon’s wallet. paro and shantanu sees marriage mandap and paro says that Maithili said that samrat is kidnapped but here its someone’s marriage, shantanu says its forceful marriage of samrat, shantanu ask paro to silent her phone, paro gives her phone to shantanu, he sees rudra calling and cuts his call, rudra is tensed, shantanu says that if rudra get to know about it then he will free samrat but I want to win their trust.
paro and shantanu listens to shtabdi’s father that samrat is not getting ready for marriage, father says to goon that threaten him but make him agree.
goon comes to samrat, paro and shantanu follows him and comes there too, goon ask samrat to get ready for marriage, samrat says I wont, shantanu comes there and beats the goons, he frees samrat, paro turns and someone points gun at her, she screams.

Scene 2
mohini scolds Maithili that why did she send paro there, she gets shtabdi’s father’s call and congratulates her that they are noe relativews as marriage has happened, we see groom sitting in mandap with shtabdi but his face is covered with garland cap. mohini gets happy that marriage has happened, Maithili ask what happened, mohini says sumer is bringing samrat here so get ready to welcome him ask new relation is being created, Maithili ask what you mean, mohini makes excuses and sends Maithili off to prepare for welcome.
haveli’s door bell rings and shtabdi with groom comes, mohini is happy to see them, Maithili comes and ask who are they, mohini says they are newly married, their future is bright and their past is gone now, she ask Maithili to not think much just do their aarti and welcome another wife of samrat, she lifts shtabdi’s veil, Maithili recalls their earlier meeting, mohini says I will snatch everything from Maithili and will give your husband, your life to to shtabdi, she is new wife of samrat and my DIL now, shtabdi ask her to listen to her 1st, mohini says you don’t talk much, she ask Maithili to not cry and be ready to see your husband, he accepted my wish and go married, see his glowing face now, Maithili is shocked to see the groom, mohini sees the groom and is stunned to see that its sumer instead of samrat, she ask what are you doing here, where is samrat? mohini takes off tape from his mouth and opens the rope on his hands, she ask sumer whats all this, Maithili ask where is samrat, he was coming with you. mohini shouts that he is sumer not samrat. shtabdi’s father comes there and ask sumer to say what has been done to him, sumer gets flashback of what happened, sumer was there when goon was pointing gun at paro, samrat and shantanu beats the hell out of goons, sumer was seeing all this, shantanu, samrat and paro runs from there, shtabdi’s father comes and ask sumer where is samrat? goon tells him that samrat ran away, father grabs sumer and ask him where samrat has gone, sumer says its all been done by Maithili, father ask who is Maithili? sumer says she is wife of samrat, father is shocked, sumer says I will bring back samrat, father says that my daughter is sitting in mandap, if groom doesn’t sit in mandap on time then m y daughter will become laughing stock, this marriage will happen and it will happened now only, sumer ask who is the groom? father grabs him, sumer says me? no please leave me, goon ties summer’s hands and shuts his mouth with tape and bring him to mandap and marriage happens between sumer and shtadbi. fb ends, mohini cant say a word that her plan backfired at her only, she is just too stunned( her face was worth watching).

Precap- its night, the winds are blowing heavily, paro sees a silhouette and ask who is there? the man is approaching her, she is tensed, the man comes near her and gtrabs her, he puts hand on her mouth, paro gets afraid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my god…. i cant stop laughing…..

  2. In precap.. most probably t will b our major saab…

  3. Yes most probably it will be him

  4. ya it was superb comedy scene.the face of mohini was superb.she deserve this.i miss rudra today.and in precap iam sure its major rudra partab rawanat hai.thank for update yaar.

  5. Thanks for the updates Atiba. You are doing a great job

  6. well its a nice pay back for mohini, hope that man mentioned in precap ll be rudra

  7. No matter whatever happens, the episodes are incomplete without Rudra

  8. ya its true, missing rudra @sweety

    1. Lets just hope to see our Major saab’s and Paro’s cute romance tomorrow

  9. Really comic…..
    mohini nd sumer deserves it…..
    un precap it will be Rudra….
    Paro’s major saab

  10. slot?

    TellyBuzz had earlier reported about Bigg Boss season 8 replacing Colors prime time shows Beintehaa and Rangrasiya. Well now there is some good news for all Beintehaa and Rangrasiya fans as both these shows will get a new time slot.

    With Bigg Boss getting the prime time slot of 9:00pm – 10:00pm, we shall see Beintehaa getting 10:30pm slot and Rangrasiya to get 11:00pm slot.

    With Beintehaa getting 10:30pm slot, Uttaran might either get an early time slot or channel may altogether pull of the show. Recently, we had seen Balaji Telefilms’ Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi took Uttaran’s time slot. Also, as earlier reported, Gaurav Chopra has quit the show. So now what happens with Uttaran is a wait and watch game.

    Well, the news of Rangrasiyaa and Beintehaa not going off air will surely bring smiles on the viewers faces.

  11. I missed PaRud alot today. … RR is incomplete widout dem…. i hope its major rudra pratap ranawat n his set romance wid his wife tomorrow

  12. lol… mohini n sumer are deserved to be comedy villains.

  13. Mohini and sumer deserve it

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