Rang Rasiya 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 17th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Chachi slaps paro but rudra comes inbetween and gets the slap, he gets cut on face, chachi says you saved her 1st time but not again, she again tries to slap her but rudra holds her hand, rudra says i got your 1st salp silently because of the reason that she involved herself in your matters but 2nd time i wont aloow, remember to never do this again, he holds paro’s hadn and takes her to room, rudra shouts on her that why you involved herself in their matters. Told them that your mami raised you up, could’ve told them that you are from birpur. Paro says cant you see how your chachi insults maithili, she needs someone’s support, you cant see that. Rudra says she is not your jija, this all is rana’s drama to hide your identity, paro says but she is your bhabhi,

rudra says she not my bhabhi, i have no relation with them and remember this is not your house, paro says then tell me where is my house, i left my village, tell me where is home then? rudra says to go to sunehri’s room, he says to never scuffle with that women again, it would be good if you had got the slap then atleat you wouldnt have tried to cross you limits, paro says then why you saved, why you didnt allow her to slap me. rudra is sleeping, paro comes with cream t apply on his face, she is very nervous but touches his face, rudra get up and tucks her he spines her on bed and get on top of her, she looks at him tensed. (RR song plays). They both get aware of closeness and gets up, rudra sits on opposite side of bed. he ask what were doing here? she says you got cut on cheek so i brought cream for you which mami used to made, rudra ask you thought i will allow you to do so, she says no thats why i came when you were sleeping. Rudra says i dont feel hurt by the wounds given by women, paro is about to leave but says if you fill pain then apply it and if its itching then keep saying ‘madhumakki madhumakki’ (honey bee) you will get distracted, he ask why are you doing this, why care for me? i am same devil who killed your namesake husband, paro says you are devil that doesnt mean that i should act like devil with you too, one more thing you think that i am wearing mask of innocence but is not, its not true i can nevr go against my country, i am innocent and will always be ready for my country, she leaves, dilsher listens to this and smiles.

Scene 2
Chachi comes and says why are you smiling, dilsher says it was short lived as i saw your face, chachi says not to oversmart her she know rudra and he has come here with some purpose but to say to your son to control his would be wife, dilsher says your tongue and rudra’s ears both are sharp why dont you say it to him directly or you fear that he will add more sugar in tea infront of you, chachi says he maybe bsd officer but i am not afraid of him, dilsher leaves.,,
In sunehri’s room, she teases paro that rudra loves you alot, he saved you today, how you met him 1st, paro remember her dream, she says he used to come in my dreams, he used to disturb my sleep. Sunehri says so you dreamed about him how romantic, paro thinks to tell her truth that he used disturb my life, everything, thay lays down, paro remembers her dream of fire and rudra then remembers how rudra got slap for her.

Scene 3
In morning, smarat is not talking to maithili, he eyes paro and leave, paro comes to maithili and says jija can i help you? she says no, paro says are you angry with me, i am sorry, if you will not talk to me then who will talk to me, maithili just leave from there, rudra sees all this and comes to paro, he says see relations are like this , now why sad you are not here for long time, paro is about to leave he holds hand and says if want anything then ask me, he says worker might be coming so if you want to live here hide face, she puts veil on head and leaves silently.

Scene 4
Chachi and sumer are distributing sweets in house, sumer offers it to rudra after tasting it, rudra says i dont eat sweets, sumer says but you put alot sugar in tea. Dilsher ask chachi whats the occasion? chachi says this day was the worst day for you, how can not remember it, she says today is the birthday of my sister and wife of dilsher though she is not with us doesnt mean she is dead, she is alive but she left her son and husband and ran away, dilsher throws the sweets. Rudra shouts enough.

PRECAP- chachi says to pundit that i have one son, please take out appropriate date for his marriage, it should of next week only, names are rudra and paro. Paro listens to it and tray of tea cups falls from her hand, chachi looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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