Rang Rasiya 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
the light of rudra’s house goes off, rudra comes in hall and sees shantanu’s shadow, rudra goes behind him but shantanu hides, he comes in room and locks it, he turns and sees paro in the room, he smirks. there is blindfold on paro’s eyes, she ask where are you major saab, shantanu looks at her and points pistol on her head, rudra comesback and tries to open the room but door is locked, rudra calls out paro. shantanu hides his gun and puts hand on paro’s mouth, rudra is trying to break the door, shantanu start throwng things around, he fires at his hand and make it like someone else did this and fired at him too, rudra comes breaks the door and comes in, he takes off paro’s blindfold and ask shantanu is he alright, shantanu says sorry, he ran away.

in morning,

mohini cribs about the change of haveli and things are happening here too, aman informs rudra that there is terrorist activities at border, vk sir told me to not tell you but I am telling you, rudra says I am coming, mohini ask rudra is he going, he says yes, mohini says go. he leaves. sumer says in marriages groom comes on horse but in this marriage groom will be kidnapped, mohinis says you know what is to be done, sumer says yes, samrat will be kidnapped then his baarat will go from old qilla only.

Scene 2
rudra comes to shantanu, shantanu says I came home early yesterday, I saw someone going in your room, I tried to catch him but he fired at me, rudra says did I ask you something? he says no, rudra says he fired from very close at you, there was window there and he ran away from there only. shantanu thinks that y fate is good that paro had blindfold on her eyes and also there was a window, paro comes there with food and ask where rudra is going, rudra says don’t worry shantanu is here, he will handle so I am going, shantanu smiles.

mohini comes to samrat and ask him to go to place old qilla, there is factory there, go and meet businessman there, samrat agrees and goes from there, mohini says rudra is not at home so work will be done.
shtabdi’s father hires goons and ask them to kidnap samrat but don’t hurt him, he is my son in law.
in haveli, sumer ask you sent samrat but where is Maithili? mohini says I sent her to mandir saying to do puja for peace of house, sumer says you are great maasa.

samrat is leaving the house when Maithili comes back from mandir, she ask where are you going, he says I am going to meet a businessman, you also come with me, Maithili says no maasa will be angry, samrat says I will tell her that I picked you from mandir.

Scene 3
shantanu comes to paro in kitchen, paro says why you came, I was coming with milk shake, shantanu says I was getting bored so came here, shantanu says don’t worry nothing will happen to rudra, why you married him, what you thought? paro says what? he sys sorry, I mean that rudra is angry type, he is impatient and like a volcano which can burst anytime and you are like river, calm and comeposed.
shantanu ask paro to be careful of flame of stove, paro says I know fire is dangerous, it can burn you, it can finish you but the same fire make you see the way in dark, give us heat, give us peace, rudra is like fire, people think that his fire will kill me but his fire kept me alive, protected me like shiv and parvati are opposite but they are made for each other.paro says I made home made cream for you, apply it at your hand, your wound will be fine.

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Scene 4
Maithili and samrat comes to old qilla, samrat says maasa gave me address of here only, there is no one here around, no man is to be seen, I will go outside and see, Maithili says don’t go, this place doesn’t seem good, samrat says don’t worry, he comes out of car and sees around, sumer is seeing them hiding, he calls mohini and says I am feeling bad for samrat, he is being trapped and have to marry a girl of 31 years, mohini says that girl will give us child and money both, you just tell me whats happening here. samrat sees one car there and goes to him, the goon is sitting in car, goon says you are samrat ranawat, come we will go, samrat says you are businessman, he says yes come, samrat says no I will come in my car, I will follow you as my wife is sitting in car, samrat goes to his car, sumer tells mohini on phone that samrat is going back to his car, the goon come infront of samrat’s car. men attacks samrat at old qilla and grabs him, he tries to free himself but they put samrat in their Suzuki, Maithili comes out of car, sumer in shocked state tells mohini that Maithili is here too, mohini ask what she is doing here. Maithili tries to free samrat but they drives away with samrat, Maithili is distraught.

the goons bring samrat to isolated place and captures him there, samrat ask them to to leave him, the goon calls shtabdi’s father and ask him when we have to bring samrat, father says in a hour or two, take care of samrat, don’t let him run away. he says ok, goon comes to samrat and ask him to not try anything.

in haveli, mohini acts and says what my samrat is kidnapped, she scolds Maithili that your husband was getting kidnapped and you were standing there, you compromised your husband, you are a bad wife, you couldn’t save him, now we will not do anything, we will just wait for kidnapper’s call, now go and pray to God as I have no feelings for you.
samrat tries to free himself, goon comes to him and ask him to not try to run, he says if had kidnapped you for other thing then I would have burned your face but today your photos will be clicked so.. they say that samrat’s luck is very good, samrat is confused, one goon says that mohrat is after 30n mins, samrat think mohrat(good time for marriage)

PRCAP- Shantanu and paro’s comes where samrat is kidnapped, shantanu beats the goons and frees samrat, paro turns to leave the place when a goon comes and places gun on her head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  5. I don’t like this epi

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