Rang Rasiya 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
paro says I got afraid for a moment but then I was relieved as I know you are with me, for my safety. they hug each other.
sumer discusses rudra with mohini, mohini says you concentrate on your work, you know where are we going, he says yes, to house of shtabdi, Maithili comes there and ask where are you going, mohini sasy to market, mathili says I will come too, I am just comeing from my room, she goes to her room, mohini and sumer flees from there. Maithili comes and sees them already gone.
mohini meets shtabdi’s father, she says so deal is final, he says why are you calling marriage a deal, mohini says its all same, father says when your son is not happy with this marriage then how will shtabdi be happy with him, mohini says just let this marriage happen then samrat

will get his son then he will make szhtabdi the queen of house, we all will take care of stabdi don’t worry, he says but how will the marriage happen, mohini ask sumer to read to the newspaper, he read ad of saree sale, mohini takes paper from him and ask father to read Bihar news, he reads about news of pakarwa marriage(don’t know the meaning), mohini says now you know how marriage will happen, we will do the marriage after 4 fours days from now, start preparing.
rudra talks to vk sir and says you wanna say that I was best officer and I am not best now, vk sir says that your this anger will destroy everything one day, vk gives him card of doctor(physiatrist) and says that this doctor is very good, paro and shantanu listens to it, shantnau says soon you will be mad rudra, vk sasy to rudra that look at yourself, you had beaten a officer, rudra says he told you this, vk says he didn’t tell me, your chacha told me this, he didn’t do any complain, if he did that then I would have thrown you out of bsd, shantanu says this game is not so easy, I will trap you in my net that you wont be able to get out of it. shantanu recalls how he changed the rudra’s gift for paro, he takes out real gift and throws it, he says innocent rudra, brought gift and what happened, he says you doubted right man but your fate is wrong, he recalls how he sent the voice message, he listens to voice and comes out.
rudra is throwing things in house, he says to paro how can I take vacations from duty, they think I cant protect my wife, paro ask him to calm down, shantanu says mission one completed, I snatched your uniform in which you killed my brother, paro hugs him, shantanu looks at them and says till now I was just threatening you but now I will snatch that thing from you which is most important in your life., the women you love the most, I will give pain to her now, the women who married my brother and then his killer, I will snatch paro from you.

Scene 2
rudra is getting ready to go to bsd, paro says where are you going, vk sir said that you should take vacations, rudra says I am not mad that I will go to doctor(physiatrist) leaving duty, I will go to bsd, paro says major saab you alwaye gulp down your problems inside you, you never share your problem, let me say something, maybe you will like talking to doctor, lets go, rudra cant believe it and leaves in anger, paro stops him and says leave it, we will go to haaneeymoon, we will spend sometime with each other, rudra ssy not now, time is not correct to go on honeymoon, we will go after sometime. paro agrees, rudra leaves.
paro comes in kitchen and ask shantanu where are all, she ask about mohini and sumer, shantanu says they have gone out, shantanu says jija also went, he says danveer and all family members have left the house, he whispers in her ears that now you are alone in house, paro looks at him, shantanu says I did it, I sent all family members out so that you can spend time with rudra, you both will feel good, paro says you did this, he says yes and leaves.

Scene 3
at night, rudra comes home and sees paro in white saree, house is decorated, rudra looks at her, she smiles, he ask where are all family members, she says all left, she says I will noa ask anything about your work today, I will not ask what you did today, we will spend time, rudra goes from there, paro goes behind him, rudra takes out hammer and ask paro to take it, paro says come with me there just for second, rudra doesn’t go, paro start dancing. paro dances on song sawaar loon, she tries to lift rudra’s mood, she and rudra chases hammer which is placed benath table, rudra and paro goes beneath table, rudra holds paro’hand and comes closer to her to kiss her, paro feels shy so he comes out from table while paro’s head strikes with table.
paro and rudra comes in hall, paro goes and brings rope, she ask rudra to pull it, he pulls but nothing happens, she ask him to pull again and pull with strength, rudra pulls and flower bucket falls on paro, rudra smiles and takes off bucket, he ask are you fine, paro says these flowers should have fell on both of us, you are laughing, I did this with a lot of hard work, I did this all to bring smile on your face, rudra says look at me, she says what if I don’t see, he says don’t look at me like this, don’t look in my eyes, paro says then what, will you bind me with rope, will blindfold me, rudra ties her hands with rope and says I will fulfill your wish, paro says threaten somebody else not me, rudra says why someone else when you are there,
shantanu sees them and says I am in house only rudra to make your honeymoon spicy.
rudra brings paro to their room and puts her on bed, she ask him to open the blindfold, shantanu closes main fuse of the house and light goes off, rudra looks on.

PRECAP- rudra goes to see the main fuse, shantanu comes in paro’s room, there is blindfold on paro’s eyes, she ask where are you major saab, shantanu looks at her and points pistol on her head, rudra comesback and tries to open the room but door is locked, rudra calls out paro.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aaaaahhhh…. this crap shanthanu z getting on my nerves. . U iddiot… rudra z smart enough to think that… f u wer not the mistry man he would hav directly called him at the moment instead of senting voice mail…. stuppid… now u will see… wat our major saab do..

  2. Fast……..

  3. Atiba why are you doing this update for. Go do the sasural simar ka one. Its not good to handle two if you cant even complete one

  4. Nooooooooooooo…m how dare he point pistol on my sweetheart head…

  5. precap is scary na

  6. I think rudra is trapping shantanu with the help of vk singh

  7. arey ap tho thoda sa romance hua tha per vishal u have spoil it.per remember major rudra partab rawanat will never leave u.but vishal iam sure u will forget ur revenge and pyar will happan to u by rudra ko behan se.iam right naa vishal.thank for update.

  8. I hope so….. ds shantanu is gettin on my nerves now….. enough if him…… laila is much bettr….. y she left d show. D cvs shud tak laila instead of shantanu…… she used bettr tricks…..

  9. Vishal vl cum to knw d reality of his brothr n vl realize dat paro is innocent. … he vl start fallin fr paro n ds vl mak rudra a bit possessive abt his wife as he dont want any1 in dre lyf….. ds vl b d twist…. ds is where cvs hav to think of sumthng so dat parud’s relation vl b soon realized by shantanu….. RR team al d best

  10. Can any1 tel me y r dey chasin hammer while romancing wid each othr….. ye kya dance me prop ka efficient use hai……??? 😉 ;-D

    1. Ya. I too ve same doubt.. Y rud picked hammer?? Is there any reason behind it?? 😛 Paru luks lyk an angel in white dress.. Love u paru..

  11. stupid shanthanu.PaRud U look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Bigg Boss Season 8 to replace Rangrasiya and Beintehaa on Colors?

    Early today TellyBuzz had reported about the very new development of Akshay Kumar hosting the new season of Bigg Boss. Well with Bigg Boss season 8 coming on air on Colors, there are high chances of Colors two prime time shows Beintehaa and Rangrasiya going off air.

    Well, this is what our sources have to say.

    “Makers of Beintehaa are considering of changing the storyline of the show. After a couple of months, they might end the track of Zain essayed by Harshad Arora by killing him in the show and the focus of the show will shift from Barkat Villa.

    The other development that we hear is that with Bigg Boss Season 8 coming on air on Colors, Beintehaa and Rangrasiya having the time slot of 9:00pm and 9:30pm respectively, will go off air. The main reason for channel to pull down the show is both the shows are not getting the TRPs as expected by the channel. On the contrary, Bigg Boss is a TRP gainer.”

    Bigg Boss have till now got the time slot of 9:00 – 10:00 pm throughout all the seasons.

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