Rang Rasiya 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 14th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
chachi says i want to talk to thakur, she ask who are you, thakurin says i am his wife, wh are you, thakur says ket me talk, mohini says i have prepared everything, i will send you girl but you have to kill rudra otherwise he will make our life hell, he says i know how to fulfill my promise, she cancels phone, thakurian, ask everything okay? he says i will make it okay.

In haveli, sunehri brings paro for haldi, she places curtain between paro and rudra says its because they cant see each other, rudra’s sleeve get stuck in curtain, he tries to take it out, paro comes there, she says careful else curtain will be torn, she helps him, they look at each other through curtain (RR song plays). haldi ceremony starts, chachi applies haldi to rudra snd says congrats. sunehri

applies to paro, dilsher applies to rudra and ask why so stubborn, he says its in blood. chachi applies it to paro, sumer tries to applies haldi to rudra but he stops, some lady in veil comes there and applies haldi on rudra, he tries to see her but samrat comes and applies haldi to him lady comes in hall, she is laila, she mixes some powder in haldi and says ranwat you doubted me because of her when i didnt do anything but from now on there will be only scares on your moon(paro). she goes inside, sits infront of paro, takes off her veil, paro sees her. maithili says you are same, laila says yes i danced in sangeet, i do drama and came to do drama. today i will apply haldi to her and dont stop me as our prayers set home and also destroyes them, paro thinks i have seen her, laial applies haldi on her cheeks, neck, arms, and says be happy, paro says i have seen you, laila says you have good memory, paro remembers her that she came in her 1st wedding, she whisper in paro ‘s ears that you must remember my advise, paro remember her saying that 3rd type of man are animal, laila applies haldi on her back and says how can you forget that, she starts leaving rudra stops her and ask what are doing here, she says i cam to give blessing, rudra says i dont believe you, he sees haldi in her hand, she says dont touch, it is.. rudra sees paro has applied haldi, maithili says i will bring food for you, rudra comes to her and ask her to come outside, he takes her out, and throws water on her, paro protests, he grabs her and puts water pipe on her, she says dont touch me or i will die, rudra says you will die for sure as there is poison in haldi, paro says i dont believe, it starts itching at her back, rudra ask what its itching? she nods, he starts wiping haldi and is concerned for her, he comes closer to her to remove from her cheeck, they gets drenched in water, he looks at her(RR song plays). he is wiping haldi from her back, laila comes there and says i have other way to kill her, she pushes rudra and tries to attack paro with knife, she shouts rudra, rudra holds her hand and pushes her, she gets hurt at head, she says you hurt me for her, rudra says laila, she says dont tell her my name, she says tell her full truth, who am i, she is your would be wife and i.. rudra says enough, talk with respect infront of her, she says no secret will be hidden today, he says laila, she says 1st tell me why you said to be in limits infront of her, you were animal then how you became human, she says you to paro, rudra blocks her way to paro, she says you are not allowing me to even look in her eyes, what you think that i will cast evil eye on her, she says you cant look in my eyes today, how can you forget that in 8 years you only allowed me to look in your eyes, shoed me your wounds, tell her i am, rudra says enough. he takes dupatta, drapes around paro and takes her from there, he ask her to go in sunehri’s room. laila looks on.

Scene 2
rudra comes to laila, she says 8 weeks old is important fro then 8 years girl. rudra says i told you not to come, she says i dont know anything, what i am not beauthiful? not intelligent? she says dont deny my love, rudra says what love, where love between us, i never said that i loved you, she says sun doesnt rise after saying, he says i never promised you my love, i left you in chandangarh but you came here behind me. he says you know i dont believe in love, i hate love, she says lie you say you hate love then whats there between you and her? rudra looks on.

PRECAP- chachi says to girl that you decorated room nicely with diyas, go wear bridal dress. beema calls thakur and says everything is set, we see guns are being packed to be smuggled. chachi says paro rudra’s love will be removed by thakur and dilsher will burn here, all problem will vanish in one go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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