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Scene 1
paro says to rudra that shantanu is in bsd only then why are you rude to him, rudra says I don’t trust him, there is something which I don’t know about him, paro says this is not right that you don’t trust anyone, he is very innocent guy, rudra like tejawat was innocent for you, like Laila was innocent fro you, paro sasy and you, you didn’t even trust me earlier, rudra ask what you want to say, paro says I know I was wrong but that doesn’t mean you are always right by not trusting anyone, rudra leaves angrily.
shantanu comes to sunehri and says sorry, the photo was of my elder brother so I got upset, I know I shouldn’t shout on you, sunerhi says I am sorry, also don’t take rudra’s scolding seriously, he is angry from outside but soft

from inside, actually after mala returned he is tensed. shantanu ask what you mean by she returned, she says mala cameback after 15 years, she ran away with tejawat earlier, she then changes topic and says I talk a lot, he says its ok, he says so we are friends, sunehri slips, shantanu holds her, mohini sees shantanu holding sunehri and taunts sunehri that if you don’t wanna sleep then I will give sell your bed, sunehri leaves, mohini sasy to shantanu that we don’t like that our girls laughs with strangers, you know what I am saying, he looks at mohini, she ask what? he sasy now I know from where sunerhi’s beauty comes as her mother is so beautiful mohini is confused and leaves from there.
its morning, rudra wakes up and calls paro, paro’s mood is off , rudra ask you are still angry, she says your tea is placed at bedside table, rudra burns his hand with tea, paro quickly comes to him and ask are you fine, she then understand and leaves from there, after sometime paro brings breakfast, rudra says my button of uniform broke, she says attack it yourself but then agrees to tie it on his shirt, she ties the button, rudra holds her hand but she jerks it away, he says you are so much angry, rudra hides scissor, paro looks for it but cut the thread, rudra says cut it with your teeth by coming close, paro takes scissor with his hands and cuts the thread, paro says come outside, rudra says listen, paro says n, rudra leaves from there angrily and doesn’t eat breakfast, paro is tensed, shantanu smirks seeing them.

Scene 2
in kitchen, Maithili ask paro did you fight with rudra or he fought with you? paro says who cares, in end only he gets angry, paro says he didn’t even ate breakfast but I will make him eat.
soldier brings food for rudra in bsd, he calls home and ask for paro, paro says I will not talk, Maithili sasy I will answer his call, Maithili talks to rudra on phone, he says I know paro doesn’t want to talk to me, he says thanks for food, Maithili sasy bring gift for paro, Maithili says these things bring smile on girl’s face, he ends call stating I have some work, Maithili comes in kitchen and tells paro to leave anger, sunehri calls them, they goes to see.
Maithili and paro comes to sunehri, she tells them that shantanu know s hand reading(palmistry), Maithili sits 1st, shantanu looks at her hand and sasy your husband loves you a lot, he cares for you but you have one tension in life, she always taunts you, sunehri sasy yes maasa, all laughs, he then sees hand of sunehri and says you didn wrong with one man, you made him your lover, he is a bsd officer, sunehri blushes and says paro next, paro comes, shantanu holds her hand and says I want to say sorry 1st as because of me, rudra and you had a fight, paro says its ok, he looks at paro’s hand and sasy one major incident came in your life, it was bad accident, paro says everone has bad pahse in life, shantanu says then came love in your life, paro blushes, sunehri says yes my brother. he says but again the love is in danger, once again, paro ask what, rudra comes there, shantanu says once again everything will be finished, everything will be burnt in fire, paro is tensed, sunehri says yes I feel that veggies are burning in kitchen, paro says yes I forgot veggies on stove, shantanu says look I told you something will burn, nothing is bad then veggies burning, she goes in kitchen, rudra comes to shantanu and says sorry for earlier. shantanu says wow you brought gift for me? rudra looks at him, shantanu says just joking, he leaves, Maithili comes there, rudra says as you told I brought gift, Maithili sasy ok I will call paro, rudra says no I will place it in room, she will be happy to see it, shantanu listens it.

Scene 3
paro comes in room and looks at gift, she is about to open it, rudra comes and back hugs her, he says sorry till when you will be angry, paro says no I will not forgive you, rudra says even if am asking sorry, paro says no, rudra says you doesn’t look good when you become angry and makes bad face, you know I don’t have interest in music and guitars, also you know about my singing, paro smiles and turns towards him, she says so what, you have these moustache and this pricking beard, she hugs him and sasy you also this smile like kids, you sometime do things like kids, she ask whats in gift? rudr says saree, paro gets happy, rudra turns and says wear it I will see, paro open the gift box and is shocked to see, paro says to rudra that this dress widows wear only, you brought this for me? rudra says no I brought blues saree for you, paro says throw it away, I don’t wanna see, rudra says don’t be worried, rudra says I knew it, my doubt is not wrong, he recalls how shantanu joked about the gift, he comes in hall and beats shantanu, he says only he saw the gift so he did this, he beats shantanu, all stops him, sumer sees voice mail on rudra’s phone and plays it, mail says that rudra I didn’t know it was so easy, look I gifted your wife and you are again doubting wrong man, you are beating him as you cant catch me rudra, what will you do now major, mail ends, rudra angrily leaves from there, sumer says wow he was threatening rudra on voice mail. dnaveer says shut up, paro comes to shantanu and says sorry for rudra’s behavior, shantanu sasy its ok, you go to rudra he needs you, paro thanks him and leaves, shantanu smirks.

PRECAP- rudra is throwing thing here and there in anger, he is super angry, paro comes to him and ask him to stop, rudra says I have gone mad, he says they think that I will go on bordor leaving my wife, I cant protect her, paro hugs him, shantanu looks at them and says till now I just snatched your unifrom but now I will snatch that thing from you which is most important in your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. are wow bus aaj tho rudra paro r superb.but vishal becareful yaar.thank for update.

  2. Hug from back was good…….
    rudra and paro got mad in love

  3. Oh god…. niw ds is too much…. wen parud r dere y to spoil d moment evrytym….

  4. too good

  5. Plz make paru to realise abt villain … Se is very innocent love u paru.. U both rocks…. Rudra be patience..

  6. What the hell is the matter with you @tellyupdates?
    Do you even get these articles proofread before publishing?
    Even a matriculate passed student would write better, which I suspect the writer of this article hasn’t. I am very disappointed because I had assumed that this website is renowned and upto the mark.
    If nothing, hire writers from freelancing websites and get them to summarize in PROPER GRAMMAR, USING PROPER PUNCTUATION.
    Spare readers like me from reading such horribly conjured texts.

  7. If u have so much problem with reading these updates which r not upto your standards,then plz DON’T WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME.It can affect your standards.the writer is updating the review within half an hour of the show,so mistakes r quite natural to occur with.Even the matriculation passed students could understand it.First of all learn to appreciate others works.AND PUNCTUATION, Is this a university exam to care abt such things.IF YOU R SO MUCH CONCERNED ,then why don’t you take the chance of writing a grammatically superb update fur us???????

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